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TR 220 - Money Trail Leads to Death

Following the flow of funding that is advancing a sickening agenda.

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Follow the money.

The number of people under the age of 50 who have cancer is skyrocketing globally. Many point to the unsustainable and sedentary western lifestyle as the culprit and catalyst of this unfortunate phenomenon, but there’s another angle to consider:

Studies are showing Covid mRNA vaccines may increase the risk of cancer. The studies are brutal to read, but essentially the connection is this:

  1. Injected mRNA affects your DNA.

  2. This impairs your DNA’s ability to repair itself.

  3. Which causes all kinds of problems—including cancer:

“We also identify potential profound disturbances in regulatory control of protein synthesis and cancer surveillance. These disturbances potentially have a causal link to neurodegenerative disease, myocarditis, immune thrombocytopenia, Bell's palsy, liver disease, impaired adaptive immunity, impaired DNA damage response and tumorigenesis. We show evidence from the VAERS database supporting our hypothesis.

That’s major news.

You’d think this sounds like something that might be worth looking into, right?

The Biden administration just extended the covid emergency, again, which will unleash one billion free tests to effectively drive up the number of cases all across the country and kickoff the next wave of mass hysteria and statistical fraud.

Here’s how it happens:

The herd spooks into a panic over the skyrocketing case counts, the CDC website shows communities all across the country pegged in red “high transmission”—especially in the Alaskan tundra and the deserts of the South West, mark my words—which will put pressure on state health departments to declare emergencies also, so that county health departments and local hospitals get their fill of emergency funding—who must revere the red statistics as gospel and enact protective policies as preemptive measures to protect public health and safety and save lives.

Because what could be more important than saving lives, right? Keep in mind that the templates for these policies are drafted by the global cabal and disseminated through the World Health Organization and their NGO and university cronies. That is precisely what global governance is: Top down control of local public policies.

This sequence of thought will be used to promote the next round of boosters. They might even start pressuring companies to pressure their employees to vaxx up. Masking up might become mandatory. Christmas might get canceled—unless you’ve got the latest jab. There might even be whispers of lockdown, though I don’t think they’ll be so bold. But the point is this: In every case, the solution will always be more vaccinations, greater surveillance, and more trampling of basic human rights.

Connecting the dots:

It would appear we’ve been set up to suffer under an endless cycle of pandemics, each cycle driving up corporate profits and government revenues, while we the peasants suffer under successive waves of oppression. But fear not friends, because Big Pharma has just what we need to address this urgent issue:

It’s incredibly timely—almost like they must have been actually developing these products prior to the statistical increase in heart attacks and cancer associated with the roll out of their last lethal concoction. Create the problem, provide the solution?

It’s a brilliant business strategy, as their billion dollar profits attest to.

But is there really a connection between these vaccines affecting the DNA’s repair function and various types of cancer? Is this just wild speculation not actually supported by The Science? What do we know for sure? In a wordy explanation on how all this works, Science.org puts it relatively straight forward:

“Now, there is no doubt that real problems with DNA repair enzymes raise the risk of various types of cancer. In the order given above, defective BER pathways have been associated with some types of breast cancer and other solid tumors, NER defects are associated with several rare conditions, one of which (xeroderma pigmentosum) raises the risk of some types of skin cancer, and MMR defects are particularly prominent in colorectal cancer. Meanwhile, HR pathway defects are associated with breast and ovarian cancer, and given its importance, there are surely other connections yet to be uncovered.”

Breast cancer, ovarian cancer, colon cancer, skin cancer, other “various types of cancer,” and other connections that are “yet to be uncovered”—all because of “problems with DNA repair enzymes” that are known to be caused by mRNA injections that the government is actively coercing people to take. Meanwhile, the pharmaceutical companies are raking in billions of dollars in taxpayer money and using the profits to lobby politicians for legal immunity and more massive contracts.

Follow the money!

There is profit in pandemics. Small businesses get crushed by so-called “risk mitigation” and safety measures, while multinational billion dollar corporations (aka big box stores) get labeled as “essential” by the bureaucracy. Public health and safety becomes the supreme moral imperative overnight. The rights of the individual are quickly displaced by collective fear. Public-Private-Partnerships consolidate power.

They’ve got it dialed. Embedded in their strategy is the assumption that most people will obey when they are scared for their lives of an invisible enemy—say a bio-weapon, modified virus, nuclear Armageddon, radical extremists, whatever. Fear, chaos, and confusion heighten suggestibility and create a form of fixation where people are more focused on the state sanctioned propaganda.

There is an instinctual urge to know more about any impending threat.

These are the predictable patterns that are being prompted by, and exploited by, the elite partnerships that comprise the global cabal. These international NGOs and Public-Private-Partnerships are farming the global peasants for labor and power—and right now they appear to be culling the herd in the process.

Don’t forget:

In their collective minds they just don’t need the majority of the human population.

At the root of their intent is depopulation and total control, never lose sight of that.

The new MIC

You’ve probably heard people mention the new Medical Industrial Complex—a spinoff of the old Military Industrial Complex. While both undoubtedly exist, don’t think for a second that the original MIC—the OG MIC, shall we say—is very much alive and thriving in the midst of geopolitical events. As the U.S. sends billions of dollars in military toys to Ukraine, the stockpile will need to be replenished.

Thinking about war through the lens of depopulation and total control, it clearly advances both agendas—which could be coincidence, but probably is not. Either way, there is incentive in war much the same as there is incentive in pandemics.

Consider that when you hear about NATO’s Nuclear War Games that start today or the wave of kamikaze drones that Russia just launched against Kiev. Is it too far fetched to think that these kamikaze drones could be equipped with nuclear warheads, or perhaps worse yet, some new modified virus or bio-weapon?

Wouldn’t that be the ultimate convergence of capacity and intent? Now that would really advance the agenda and accelerate progress toward a sustainable future—and it would check off all the boxes in the process. Let’s hope it never happens.

Friends, the potential for evil is immense. Their justification is clearly established. When we follow the money, we find the ultimate threat—which is more crimes against humanity. As I’ve pointed out, they’ve been planning it for months:

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The recent extension of the covid emergency confirms that this chaos is far from over. Following the money leads to a trail of death and indicates it’s all part of the plan.

Stay vigilant friends!

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