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TR 458 - COVID, Blood Clots, & Cancer

TR 458 - COVID, Blood Clots, & Cancer

Pulling together some facts that desperately need to be put on the table.

(Note: my editor is at the salon, so please forgive any typos!)

I’ve noticed something: there are a lot of people who are suddenly, unexpectedly, just out of the blue having chest pains, headaches, dizziness, and even numbness in their arms. Hospitals and doctors are telling these people they were probably having a panic attack, or that they have outrageously high blood pressure and need to get on blood thinners to keep from having a heart attack.

Perhaps you know someone who has recently suffered in a similar way?

Also, have you noticed how in the last year or two there have been a lot more people suddenly being diagnosed with all sorts of different cancers?

Many of these cancer patients are young people who have suddenly developed long term cancers—say like 25 year olds coming down with colon cancer—which is a disturbingly similar trend as the young healthy people having insanely high blood pressure and heart attacks because their arteries are clogged like an 80 year old.

These are odd symptoms, and many doctors and morticians have taken notice.

Obviously something has to be causing these concerning discoveries. Why are so many otherwise healthy people suddenly dealing with these issues? Could it have anything to do with why there are so many athletes and high profile fitness gurus dying in the prime of their lives?

I realize that for much of the audience, these might seem like rhetorical questions. Those who have remained curious enough to question the narrative throughout the pandemic already know the answers.

But there are many, many others who have yet to wake up.

They are our loved ones, our family and friends, those who know someone who has experienced something similar—some bizarre and sudden health issue seemingly coming out of nowhere—but they have no rational explanation as to why.

Why is this happening?

Friends, whatever is going on, I suspect we are about to see a whole lot more of it.

They’re doing it again.

Last week, the Biden administration announced they will once again start using taxpayer dollars to produce and ship free covid tests all across the country. Each family once again gets up to four free tests, delivered to their home by mail, starting today (Monday September 25th, 2023).

Of course, the news of this is everywhere:


First, let’s read a passage from the propaganda:

“The Department of Health and Human Services says orders can be placed at starting Sept. 25, and that no-cost tests will be delivered for free by the United States Postal Service.

Twelve manufacturers that employ hundreds of people in seven states from California to Maryland have been awarded funding and will produce 200 million over-the-counter tests to replenish federal stockpiles for government use, in addition to producing enough tests to meet demand for tests ordered online, the department said.”

What will injecting 200 million new tests into the public market do to the number of cases? We’ve all heard the warnings about the winter wave, almost ad nauseam. Could it be that this new batch of tests is actually being used to CREATE that wave?

That’s another rhetorical question. Of course it will.

An astronomical increase in testing will drive an astronomical increase in cases.

It’s not rocket science, it’s just important that we see what’s going on here. Cases drive headlines, which drive public perception, which is used to justify government response. It’s the same exact playbook as last time—and it looks like the CDC is already modeling the trend as being even more severe than expected:

Personally, I take their stats with a grain of salt. It’s all just modeling, and the modeling is being used to support an agenda, and that agenda starts with spooking the public, running up the numbers, and sticking a needle in as many arms as possible.

That’s their strategyhowever the ultimate aim of the agenda is nothing less than depopulation. They’ve said as much out loud, repeatedly, for decades. I’ve covered this sinister agenda of the global cabal in detail in several reports, so rather than rehashing the eugenicists depopulation agenda here, I simply want to pull in a fresh primary source that will likely blow your mind, if you were to take the time to read it:

Population Control: The Receipts

Two things I want to emphasize:

  1. The global population reduction efforts are being directed by the Deep State, in cahoots with the UN, WHO, WEF, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, et al.

  2. Proof of this is so utterly prolific, any attempts to deny this reality should be laughed out the door: ONLY FOOLS WILL FAIL TO FACE THESE FACTS.

With that in mind, let’s return to the covid testing, the coming surge in cases, and the only state-sanction, which is coercing millions of people to undergo another round of highly questionable, entirely unreliable, experimental injections. Indeed, the FDA announced in June—long before there was any evidence that COVID was making a coming back—that these new experimental injections would be coming this fall.

Now that fall is officially here, the FDA has followed through on “approving and authorizing for emergency use updated COVID-19 vaccines,” per their September 11th announcement—an announcement that pretty much no one paid attention to.

Some people may question how the FDA can authorize an “Emergency Use Authorization” since the Biden administration officially ended the Public Health Emergency back on May 11th, 2023—and the FDA has a whole page dedicated to answering, in dense legalese, exactly how they could work around this potential roadblock.

They update this page, full of legal work-arounds, on May 12th—the day after the official ending of the pandemic as a Public Health Emergency—to boldly and unabashedly declare that there is STILL a public health emergency.

They just have to tweak some things and amend their declarations to fall under Section 564, instead of the previous authorization under Section 319, and then back date it. In other words, they just had to change the rules a little, and do it in a discreet fashion that allowed Biden to save face and end the pandemic, while secretly extending the pandemic ad infinitum. Section 564 authorization never expires.

They did this at the end of Q1 (March 2023), setting the stage for the Q2 updates (alleging the end of the pandemic May 11th, updating the website May 12th), before announcing the pre-approval of the current crop of experimental injections back in June, prior to any indication that the millions of prior so-called “covid vaccines” and natural immunity were going to be worthless against the new fall variant.

Following along with the timeline brings us to the end of Q3 announcing the new EUA experimental injections (Sept. 11th, a day no one is paying attention), and here we are today—the first day of Q4—watching them flood the market with free at-home tests that are inevitably going to drive up cases, along with the hysterical calls for everyone to line up for the next round of jabs approved back in June.

It’s like clock work. It’s almost like they’ve had this planned all along, isn’t it?

Of course they have.

Let’s zoom out.

IF covid were being used to drive a depopulation agenda, THEN there should be some evidence of that right? If covid itself is not that lethal and only knocks off the elderly and unhealthy, that wouldn’t put much of a dent in the population. Trying to see this through the eyes of a rabid eugenicist or radical environmentalist, that would only reduce the burden on society and generate enough headlines to get people scared.

Scared people are more susceptible to gas lighting and propaganda, which is why scared people are going to line up for their 4th, 5th, or 6th shot — despite the fact that none of the prior injections have proven to work to keep people from getting sick, going to the hospital, or dying from a bout with the ‘Rona.

And here’s where the long term plan comes into focus.

With every round of injections, more people are dying from blood clots and cancer than ever before. Blood clots and cancer aren’t caused by covid—those are not listed as symptoms of the disease—but they are listed as side-effects of the so-called vaccines, as noted in the government’s own database tracking adverse reactions.

Trying to wrap the head around this fact can be difficult, so perhaps this visualization of all the adverse vaccine reactions over the last thirty years will help:

Note the post-pandemic mass vaccination campaign spike.

Compare that with the prior trend from thirty years of data.

Consider that they’re all set to push another round of EUA injections.

Remember that blood clots and cancer are not included in this data — this chart only reflects people who got their covid “vaccines” and fell over dead shortly thereafter.

And, per the government’s own admission, this likely only accounts for about 1% of cases, because it’s difficult to determine causation — meaning the link between the vaccines and this shocking rise in deaths and adverse reactions is being intentionally obscured.

Now why might that be?

If you want a crash course on history, read this well-written essay on the Kissinger Report — named in reference to Henry Kissinger, author of the book “World Order” and one of the main proponents of world population control.

If you want to see the white string blood clots caused by these nasty injections, check this out:

Embalmers Have Been Finding Numerous Long, Fibrous Clots That Lack Post-Mortem Characteristics

This is not small phenomenon. According to the report, between 50 - 70% of bodies that have undergone autopsies since the start of the covid vaccines have these nasty fibrous clots. For those who want the morbid detail, check out this video interview with an embalmer who has been absolutely mortified by what he’s been seeing.

Just to be clear, when there are clots like that in the bloodstream, it restricts the flow of blood, drives up blood pressure, may cause dizziness, numbness, and other signs of stroke. This clotting is being caused by the so-called “spike protein” production induced by the experimental injections — and yes, the government knows this.

From the National Institutes for Health:

Relationship between blood clots and COVID-19 vaccines: A literature review

And while the liberal media is starting to acknowledge the startling rise in cancers among young people, they are still scratching their heads as to why:

Cancer rates are climbing among young people. It’s not clear why.

One might speculate this has much to do with the GMOs in the food supply, but just to stick with the theme for today, there are people much smarter than me who can explain exactly how these experimental covid injections are causing the rise in cancer.

For those with their heads buried in the sand, the jury is still out.

For those who are willing and brave enough to face the truth, the connections between blood clots, cancer, and COVID are abundantly clear. With all of this information fresh in the mind, we can see exactly what they are doing, and we know exactly why.

Please share this with someone who’s still in the dark!


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