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TR 504 - Pain is All Part of the Plan

TR 504 - Pain is All Part of the Plan

What you don't know just might kill you, here's the irrefutable proof.

Given the globalists’ cult-like adherence to the radical environmental agenda, their abject denial of fundamentally sound science, and the rate at which this fanatical Climate Cult is implementing its strategies to reduce the human population at large—in order to save the planet of course—today I’d like to start with a 30,000-foot overview of what’s happening at this year’s Conference of Parties, COP28.

There are so many moving parts that are interrelated, it’s difficult to keep track of everything. From the World Health Organization’s merging of public health with planetary health, to the United Nation’s linking climate change with human rights, to the World Economic Forum’s Alliance of CEO Climate Leaders telling governments around the world what to do, it seems most appropriate to simply start by laying out the source material.

The following links provide a brief overview of this week’s events:

Believe it or not, there’s even more out there—much more—as all the various organs of the global cabal stretch out their tentacles to snatch a piece of the proverbial pie. Those are just the front page links of the UN, WHO, and WEF, and straight out of the gate we can see where all of this is heading: we’re heading straight for a living hell.

Perhaps that’s why the Pope is attending his first-ever COP, blessing the Climate Cult convention with the first appearance of any pontiff, and he is praying for their success because in his twisted mind, “time is running out to save the planet.”

Also making their debut at the event, is a horde of “subnational leaders” like mayors and governors, who are being brought into the COP “program and process” via the COP28 Local Climate Summit—which aims explicitly to “propel rapid advancements” in order to “deliver ambitious results locally.” Emphasis on locally.

Translation: local leaders are being assimilated into the Climate Cult in order to foist this radical agenda down our throats, ambitiously, at the local level.

This “first-of-its-kind gathering” will be hosted by Bloomberg Philanthropies, in conjunction with the COP28, and it’s said to be backed by a “world-leading network” of climate crazed organizations such as the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group, the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy, ICLEI - Local Governments for Sustainability, United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG), US Conference of Mayors, the Under2 Coalition, and UN-Habitat, just to name a few.

Behold the tentacles!

If you’ve been following along this week, you may recall from Tuesday’s report—TR 501 -The Unbelievable Global Scam—how communist revolutions have historically been perpetrated using various front organizations with nice sounding names. The above list of organizations, which have been deployed to brainwash and strong-arm local level leadership, is a perfect example of what this looks like.

As discussed, the Climate Cult is just one organ of the Cult Collective, and this sort of systematic assimilation is what leads to the adoption of insane initiatives—like banning green M&Ms for example—at the global level. Think global, act local.

Other takeaways from the 30,000-foot view include the intentional exploitation of women and children to generate emotional pressure on political leaders to implement all this lunacy, all the legal scaffolding for global blackmail and lawfare, and of course, the globalists’ explicitly stated and overt intent to take control of the food supply.

“Ze shall eat ze bugs, ownz nothing, and be happy.”

Tying back into yesterday’s speculation that the ruling class elites are starting to roll out their next Catastrophic Contagion, it’s worth pointing out that Michael Bloomberg was actively planning for “the next pandemic” back in September 2022, and he has his fingerprints all over the overarching Great Reset and insidious depopulation agenda. In other words, he’s an often overlooked inside guy.

All of this was lined out in TR 203 - Stepping Out of the Box, which notes:

Bloomberg is part of a strategic alliance of evildoers who are trying to take over the world [and depopulate the planet]. That’s the simplest way to put it. …


They intend to control your behavior, your food, your information, and your future, and they’re using international bodies like the UN and the WHO to do their bidding.

Never forget: If they win, we will lose our freedoms forever—and if there is any hope for us to defeat the global cabal, we’re going to have to step out of the box and find some creative solutions!

It’s time to step out of the box.

Friends, I have repeatedly brought the depopulation agenda front and center, knowing full well it leads to censorship, throttling, shadow-banning, and general mockery from among the less-informed segments of the local community. It’s so unthinkable.

Who in their right mind would believe that the global elites are trying to dramatically reduce the human population under the auspice of saving the planet, right?

What I want to double-down on and make perfectly clear here is: that is precisely what everything related to the COP28, the UN Sustainable Development Goals, Agenda 2030, the Great Reset and the rest of the globalist agenda is really all about. That’s what Event 201, the pandemic, the Catastrophic Contagion exercise, and the administration of toxic experimental injections are really all about.

They are systematically working to cull the herd.

These are all heinous crimes against humanity, all wrapped up in a shiny green candy-coated narrative, and the ugly truth of it is: we haven’t seen the worst of it yet.

Which brings me to an earth-shaking livestream I stumbled upon last night. As you know, I claim The Torch Report is the “truth you can trust” because I make a very concerted effort to dig up the most relevant and irrefutable evidence that you can use to develop your own informed perspective—and last night’s presentation is a treasure trove of such facts.

The speech was presented by the Vaccine Safety Research Foundation’s founder Steve Kirsch, a man with impeccable credentials and two degrees from MIT. Perhaps the most fascinating part about Mr. Kirsch is that he had, in his own words, bought into the “safe and effective” narrative hook, line, and sinker. It was only after he had taken two doses of the jab and encountered “5 black swans in a one-week period,” that he went from being fully “blue-pilled” to being fully “red-pilled.”

According to Kirsch, who is a brilliant engineer and serial high-tech entrepreneur (he independently invented the optical mouse), “it was very clear to me that the reality wasn’t matching the rhetoric.” What I want to point out here, is that this clarity only came after he began to notice that things were not adding up. People getting the jab were still getting sick, and worse—much worse. Something wasn’t right.

Thus, Kirsch turned his attention to the data and began applying his considerable intelligence to making sense of what the hell was really going on. The result of this awakening culminated in an absolutely stellar presentation that not only eviscerates the narrative and excoriates those who have been complicit in pumping these toxic injections into the arms of humanity, but it provides conclusive evidence that the “cure is worse than the disease,” and that no one should be getting these shots.

WATCH IT: Exclusive MIT Speech by Steve Kirsch

The shocking rise in deaths associated with these so-called “vaccines” is nearly unimaginable. Of course, many people have been pointing this out for much longer than Steve Kirsch, but the thoroughness of his examination and presentation of evidence provides a battering-ram that just might be able to crack even the most hardened officials who still insist on clinging to the narrative.

As was so boldly stated in Kirsch Hall on the campus of MIT:

“If you ignore this and do nothing, you’re going to jail.”

Do you want to take a guess at what happens next?


Not only will Kirsch be ignored, his presentation will be censored and shadow-banned, courtesy of the weaponized AI and Algorithmic Social Interventions being used to heavily manipulate public perception and drive “behavioral change” designed to further increase uptake of the injections and compliance with the mandates.

(See TR 232 - The Great Manipulation)

The sad truth is that we are way past accountability at this point. There have been plenty of other high-profile people who have been “red-pilled”—the term that Kirsch himself uses—or who never drank the Kool-Aid in the first place. On top of that, there have been open calls for Nuremberg 2.0 trials to hold government officials and pharmaceutical companies accountable for these crimes against humanity, by some of the most prominent medical professionals on the planet, and what’s happened?


The obvious and disconcerting question is: WHY?!

Why is this happening? How is this happening?

The answer, in a 1-2 punch, is simple:

  1. Why? Because powerful people believe that humans are destroying the planet, and therefore they have a moral obligation to reduce the human population.

  2. How? By using weaponized AI and military-grade propaganda, these evildoers are able to conduct heinous crimes out in the open and most people will never notice.

As previously discussed at length, this has all been in the works for decades, and the Great Reset was the opening scene of their final act. If you want to understand what the globalists have in store for the rest of us, study the agenda being hammered out at the UN’s Climate Conference. You will see that when it comes to saving the planet, pain is all part of the plan, and so is radically reducing the human population.

Prepare yourself accordingly.

All that said, don’t forget, no matter what, life is still good!

PS: If you want to do something about all of this, please share The Torch Report far and wide!


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