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TR 251 - Mask Mandates are BACK?!

TR 251 - Mask Mandates are BACK?!

It is unbelievably stupid, but believe me, the masks are coming back.

Just breathe.

Isn’t it nice to be able to take a nice deep breath of fresh air? Enjoy it while you can!

Actually, even as I say that, the snarky rebel inside me screams “PISS OFF!!” — there is no way in hell I’ll be putting a mask on my face — and I know for a fact that many people feel the same way. But will they risk their jobs and careers over it?

Well, we’re about to find out! Check out this insanity:

  1. HHS-authorized report recommends masks, distancing for ‘long COVID’

  2. It’s not just Covid. Flu and RSV mean masks need to come back.

  3. Mask mandate return? HHS report wants to ‘encourage or mandate’ masking

  4. Mask mandates coming back? Canada seeing mandates reappear

  5. Majority of Canadians support return of face masks in indoor public spaces

  6. Brazil Brings Back Mask Mandate on All Flights

  7. Study finds lifting mask mandates led to thousands of new COVID cases in Mass. schools

  8. MedPage Today: Should We Bring Masks Back Into the Classroom?

  9. L.A. Urges Return to Mask-Wearing amid Winter Covid Spike

  10. MLB brought back a baffling mask mandate for its postseason

…and there’s so, so much more.

To be perfectly clear: The mask mandates are already back and are once again being enforced on military bases and DOD facilities all across the country. It’s sickening.

Just in case you missed the Shifting Perspective presentation, which systematically annihilates any argument in favor of masks, I want to share a couple of screen shots that should put the nail in the coffin on the whole mask debate debacle.

1st » Even the CDC (and the WHO for that matter) knows that masks do not work:

2nd » The reason they don’t work is because it’s mathematically impossible:

But science and logic be damned.

It’s not over yet!

Like I’ve said at least a thousand times: The pandemic is not over—at least not in the collective minds of the global cabal and the useful idiots they’ve brainwashed into mindless compliance with idiotic mask mandates and endless boosters for “safe and effective vaccines” that are now killing more people than they ever saved.

I know it’s nuts, but this is COVID-19: The Great Reset, remember? Future Earth? The great global socialist surveillance state? I know you know, but we’ve got to get the word out, because a lot of people are just now starting to wake up and realize the mess we’re in. So please, share this with someone!


If you’ve been with me for awhile, all of this is surely ringing some bells. Still, if you find yourself wanting to brush up on exactly why the pandemic is not over—even though Biden said it was (which was just for the midterms, kind of like the illegal scam to forgive student loans)—you can brush up here:

These are the reports ranging from February to October, in which I explicitly stated that “the pandemic is not over”—which may have seemed like a wild statement at the time, given that most people in most places were over it. Regardless, the pandemic is not over, precisely because they’re not done using it to manipulate geopolitical affairs.

Just look at what’s been happening in China the last couple weeks. Massive uprisings have led to heavy-handed interventions—but have you heard a single U.S. politician speak out in support of these poor people? Or denounce the absolutely draconian commie regime that has kept millions of people locked up like animals for years?

No. Instead we’ve heard Dr. Fauci praise the regime’s covid response, and just this week we heard Klaus Scwab tell the world that China is a role model for the world.

“By the year 2030 you will own nothing and be happy.”

Hey, did you hear about those drones flying around spraying “health spray”??!

Hmmm… Call me a skeptic, but when a bunch of commie drones start flying around saying “control your soul’s urge for freedom” and spraying big cities and small towns with a mysterious “health spray”—because it’s for the greater good—I have all sorts of sirens going off in my head! Aren’t these the very same commies who’ve already trained swarms of drones to track down and hunt humans? YIKES!!


What are they putting in these drones? What are they spraying people with again? And we’re just supposed to trust these people? Because nobody ever does anything evil, right? It’s not like they’d ever start spraying people with self-disseminating vaccinations, covert sterilizations, or stealthy genetic modifications, right?!

What we do know, for a FACT, is that they have had the science to do just exactly that—to sterilize entire populations of herd animals with ‘virally vectored’ self-disseminating vaccinations—for over twenty years!

Please let that sink in!!

Remember the convergence of capacity and intent?

That’s what this Great Reset is all about. It’s an across the board ambition to fundamentally transform the world as we know it, to capture and consolidate power, and treat every person on the planet like they are nothing more than hackable animals—and they intend to get rid of a whole lot of useless eaters in the process.

They’ve determined, in their own words, that they just don’t need the majority of the human population. Their experts have calculated about 2 billion mouth breathers is all the planet can handle—that’s the “sustainable” population level.

If you were convinced that these “experts” were correct, and that the human population was completely unsustainable and rapidly destroying the planet, placing the future of humanity in great peril, and you had all the power in the world, what would you do? How would you save the planet?

Would you do something crazy to try and block out the sun?

Would you move to a sustainable mega city and let AI control your life?

Would you geoengineer great sparkling clouds of diamond dust to reflect the sun?

Tell me again what they’re spraying out of these government drones?

No thanks. I’ll pass on that…. but wait, did you catch it? It’s already here!

NEWS FLASH: Health Spray is not just happening in China!

Private companies right here in the good ‘ol U.S.A. are already gearing up to use their own drones to spray their own spiffy *EPA approved* “health spray” in order to disinfect public spaces and help keep people safe—you know, because it’s fast, efficient, and for the greater good—and it keeps people safe!

I can already hear the morons cheering them on:

“Hurray for health spray! It keeps people safe!”

Friends, from all of this insanity we can clearly deduce that the invisible enemy is alive and well. The pandemic is not over. They will once again attempt to mask up and lock down humanity. How successful will they be? Only time will tell.

In the meantime, we would be wise to contemplate various methods for neutralizing mysterious flying objects that are releasing suspicious chemicals of an unknown origin… because at this rate, it’s only a matter of time before you see one!

PS: Don’t forget to warn your neighbors!


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