Oct 4 • 19M

TR 211 - How All Hell Breaks Loose

Connecting the dots between elections, war, and White House's new AI Bill of Rights.

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Luke Throop
Intelligent views on global news.
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This is ripe.

We’ll get into the word play shortly, but first, you’ve gotta see this:

Now that is what I call justice.

Turns out a 140lb snowflake animal rights activist is no match for 240lb pissed-off football player. That hit just had to feel good—and the punk had it coming. When interviewed about the incident, Rams line backer Bobby Wagner said he was just trying to help security—you know, to keep people safe! Says Wagner:

“That's just keeping it safe. You don't know what that fan got or what they're doing. You see it all the time, and we don't know what they're carrying in their pockets. It's whatever that little smoke stuff is, but that s--- could be dangerous!”

Safety first!

This story is so ripe because it connects to everything else. Let me explain.

Take the word “ripe” for example. What does it mean? Is it ripe like a Bobby Wagner’s socks after game day? Or is it ripe like a sun-kissed fruit down in Florida? Clearly, context is key. But let’s take it a step further: Is this fruit ripe, or not ripe?

Citrus Fruit Trees for Sale | Beltran Nursery and Landscape

The correct answer is: “I don’t know.” We’re just looking at a picture.

But even if we held the fruit in our hands and passed it back and forth, we still may disagree as to whether or not the fruit was ripe—because the word “ripe” is inherently subjective. Some people prefer fruit that is still on the tree and more firm, others prefer fruit that has more fully matured and fell to the ground. In either case, the fruit has been assessed as being “ripe” enough to enjoy.

Was a big black man knocking a small white man on his can the “right” thing to do? Or was this an unnecessary act of “violence” that should be condemned? It did kind of look like he lowered his helmet for some head-to-head contact, just saying. So, was this justified or not? What do you think? How do you judge the situation?

Judgement. Justification. Justice. These are all based on individual interpretation, are they not? More directly, every individual has their own unique sense of what each of these words mean and how they might apply to any given circumstance. In other words, judgements differ, justifications are fickle, and justice is a nebulous term that can be used to justify just about anything.

Words matter.

Barrack Obama was known as a grand orator. One of his most famous lines was, “Don’t tell me words don’t matter!” As inspiring as his scornful speech was, what the vast majority of people failed to realize was that Obama was using words with “hidden” meaning, hooking emotions with “hope and change,” and utterly fleecing the American people in an effort to “fundamentally transform” our country.

Such are the tactics of radical socialists all around the globe.

What I want to point out is that by proactively changing the language, the global cabal is actively reshaping the way people think and relate to the world. They are using this strategy to stir up confusion and chaos, which heightens suggestibility and drives people into the arms of government authority. This is how they take control.

With this in mind, let’s look at few headlines:

And someone should probably tell the president:

Here’s the connection.

Biden is a senile old man who can barely read a teleprompter, frequently gets lost on stage, and is being mocked globally for his obvious confusion—he has no business running for president in two years from now. So what’s really going on here?

His administration has presided over one abject failure after another, historic inflation, a cratering economy, and an escalating threat of nuclear war—which is why Psaki said if this election was about Biden, the democrats will lose miserably.

People are pretending that covid is over—because Biden said so—but there are still people losing their jobs because of reckless covid vaccination policies. Meanwhile, in the U.K. covid infections are up 72% just in the last month and the symptoms have suddenly changed—which is a dark omen for another “devastating” winter.

Not coincidentally, the CDC has simultaneously ended all travel risk notification—because there’s no real risk in traveling to countries with exploding infections of new variants causing different symptoms and bringing these variants home to spread without notice because nobody’s testing anymore—and all the while Covidians are desperately wanting to #bringmasksback because, well, covid:

“Bring Back Masks began trending on Twitter Tuesday (September 28) amid new reports that COVID-19 cases are surging in portions of the United States in the wake of some 40,000 deaths over the summer alone. The trending topic was supported by medical professionals urging a return to masking in certain public spaces but it was met with the requisite push back from masking critics.”

The wise might speculate covid will come crashing back into the headlines some time right before the elections, shortly after the government starts pumping out the strategically withheld free at-home tests again—which are currently being used as a bargaining chip in the battle over the federal budget. Just in case you’re inclined to dismiss the possibility, consider these fresh headlines:

The good news is, there are some academic eggheads who are actively figuring out how to test every student every day, and others who are figuring out how to inject nanoparticles into your arm via a universal vaccine—surely this will solve the problem!

But none of that matters.

Did you know that NATO intelligence is warning that Russia is about to test a nuclear “super torpedo” called the Poseidon? How about the fact that the U.S. Navy just launched the world's most advanced aircraft carrier into the Atlantic ocean—and that it will house 9,000 troops from nine different NATO countries?

That probably doesn’t matter either.

The real threat to humanity is that climate change is driving the spread of monkeypox. That’s probably why the UN’s Under-Secretary-General for Global Communications, Melissa Fleming, recently admitted that globalist institutions have partnered with Big Tech in order to control search results on subjects like climate change—boosting the government’s narrative while suppressing information and data that runs contrary to the UN's climate agenda, because that’s a huge problem.

Side note: The UN is also telling U.S. banks to stop raising interest rates, because it’s just not fair. Disregard the fact that it will have devastating effects on our economy.

Which is no doubt why the White House has just released an AI Bill of Rights that offers, among other things, a blueprint that will “drive important decisions” and “redefine every part of our society and make life better for everyone.

Just in case you were wondering how that might work exactly, rest assured the government controlled AI will be used for your protection in the following ways:

  • “Automated content moderation” in “Speech-related systems” to protect the pubic from hate speech and misinformation.

  • Surveillance algorithms including “predictive policing, automated license plate readers, real-time facial recognition systems (especially those used in public places or during protected activities like peaceful protests), social media monitoring, and ankle monitoring devices”

  • AI will also be used to ensure “Equity” in “Voting-related systems” “Education-related systems” “Housing-related systems” “Employment-related systems” and every other imaginable “system” in society.

AI will be so powerful and prolific, it will even control your money with this nifty framework for a social credit system that will soon be tied to the new digital currency:

There should be absolutely no doubt that AI is going to redefine our society—and the government has just assured us that it’s going to make life better for everyone.

What could go wrong?!

I’d just like to point out the use of AI is ripe for abuse.

When woke progressives program the system, they get to define everything from extremism to hate. They get to program the penalties for stepping out of line. They get to program the censorship and promote the policies they want to advance. They get to program the election software and pick the political winners. They get to program the narrative, orchestrate wars, consolidate power and rule the world.

In short, they get to program the future however they see fit, then push a button, walk away, and let the algorithms do the rest.

And that’s how all hell breaks lose.