Sep 14, 2022 • 18M

Ep. 197 - The Denial of Reality

Coming face to face with the undeniable impact of the radical climate agenda.

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Eyes wide open.

Yesterday I skimmed the surface of many seemingly unrelated issues to drive home the point that all the chaos is being orchestrated by design to serve the singular purpose of the global cabal. They want total control of a reduced and compliant population so that they can usher in their dystopian fantasy called Future Earth—and like all Communist takeovers, starvation is a staple in their strategy.

Today, I want to drive that point home.

Throughout the MSM this morning, there is a lot of chatter about Pete Buttigieg running for president in 2024. Currently, Pete is the Secretary of Transportation for the Biden administration—which is touted as a historic achievement since he is the first openly gay Cabinet member and was also the youngest person to serve in this position. Why does any of this matter?

Because Buttigieg is being touted as the “public face” of bipartisan legislation. Let that sink in. This is a complete disconnect from reality.

Here are a few of the claims made by Gay Mayor Pete:

  • The Inflation Reduction Act “will improve living conditions in America.”

  • Last month he was “encouraged to see” a 0% increase in consumer prices.

  • Americans will “never have to worry about gas prices again” if they buy an electric vehicle—a message he aimed squarely at rural Americans:

“The people who stand to benefit most from owning an EV are often rural residents who have the longest distances to drive, they burn the most gas…”

I’d really just like to ignore this guy—Gay Mayor Pete—but unfortunately, like most woke Democrat scum, he keeps floating to the surface of public discourse. Today it comes out that Pete is fawning over California’s recent ban on gas-powered vehicles (set for full effect in 2035), declaring that we need a similar plan at the national level:

“We’ve got to make sure this happens quickly enough to help us beat climate change…”

Of course, this too is a disconnect from reality.

It flies in the face of the fact that EVs rely on fossil fuels, have massive environmental impact, cause significant issues in emergency situations, make us more dependent upon China for precious minerals (mined with child labor), and cost more than most Americans can afford—let alone the fact they will cripple an already overwhelmed power grid, as experienced last week in California when Governor Newsom begged his woke constituents not to charge their electric vehicles to avoid statewide blackouts.

Anyone with a rational mind can see that the green agenda is not what it appears.

Moving beyond Gay Mayor Pete, to understand how this relates to starvation, we need to consider how radical environmental policies affect the food supply. As noted yesterday, we know that tractors require fuel and crops require fertilizer, but there are many other ways that the Green Manifesto will impact what we put in our belly.

Just to refresh, the One Agenda to Rule Them All has the following objectives:

  1. Keeping fossil fuels in the ground where they belong.

  2. Fundamentally restructuring production and consumption.

  3. Limiting the volumes of production and consumption.

  4. Regulating and restricting unsustainable food sources.

  5. Reducing the unsafe consumption of wildlife.

That list is not exhaustive, but you get the point: They intend to control what you eat.

Why so much emphasis on controlling the food supply? Because unless you are one of them, you are a useless eater who is destroying the planet—and in their minds the planet can only sustain about 2 billion useless eaters. That’s why the global cabal is convinced that we (they) simply don’t need the vast majority of the human population.

But it’s deeper than that.

We’ve talked at length about why commies are evil, using little more than logic and their own language to reach the conclusion. We’ve examined how Communism explicitly masquerades as a fight for democracy. We’ve looked at the twisted language that conceals their true intent to destroy the family, abolish property rights, rewrite history, and forcefully take over the world.

We’ve dug into the regressive progressive agenda and the connection between Marxism and modern Democrats—noting how organized labor (aka unions) are instrumental to their political ploys, how violence is justified in their minds (the ends justify the means), and how this insidious ideology is driving the global agenda.

In short, there is nothing they won’t do in order to take control.

The global cabal is a loose-knit conglomeration of public-private partnerships that deploy a vast army of useful idiots to advance their agenda. They cast a web of deceit and manipulate public perception through mass media. They infiltrate politics and capture the leadership of cities, states, and nations. They have the money, resources, and tools to fundamentally transform the world as we know it—and they are dead-set on doing just exactly that. They seek to enslave humanity and call it liberation.

Pain and starvation is all part of the plan.

As you know, what we are witnessing is the worst parts of history repeating itself. The evil side of humanity is manifesting at large. The desire to capture and control, to consolidate power, to exercise unlimited authority over other people—all of this is on full display all around the globe, especially right here at home.

We have witnessed political persecution, weaponized government, purging of opponents, crushing of dissent, rampant fraud and blatant corruption—all the hallmarks of tyranny—happening right before our eyes. Yet too few people notice, and lesser still are the numbers of those inclined to do anything about it.

As society seems to unravel around us, shock and awe headlines keep the public glued to the tube, riveted by the threat of the next catastrophe. Meanwhile, the invisible hand continues to tighten the screws and ramp up the pain. Why? Because they aim to make noncompliance an exceedingly painful option.

Which brings me back to starvation. When is the last time you went hungry? When is the last time that you didn’t eat for days? Have you ever not been able to feed yourself? Have you ever not been able to feed your kids, listen to their stomach growl, and see the sadness in their eyes when you send them to bed hungry?

Think about it.

It’s unpleasant. It’s not fun. It’s scary and uncomfortable, but to think that it could never happen in America is also a denial of reality.

In case you missed it, yesterday’s article included a link that listed over 100 incidents of “accidental” fires at food processing plants, the killing of tens-of-millions of birds, the shutting down of pork processing plants, the death of cattle, etc, etc… and the friendly reminder that Joe Biden says the food shortages are “gonna be real.”

Some may claim that this is all just coincidental, but that too would be a denial of reality. Radical environmentalists, like communist revolutionaries, are willing to inflict pain to further their cause. One recent example are the British activists who just triggered a national milk shortage by breaking in to multiple facilities, drilling holes in the tires of delivery vehicles, and filling exhaust pipes with expanding foam.

Do they care how many kids might go hungry because of their actions? Of course not. Cows fart too much and are destroying the planet. Get over it. We’ve got to save the planet, and if a few million (6 billion?) people starve to death in the process, so be it!

That’s the mentality that’s driving this insanity. Even as intelligent people and scientists try to logically explain the “far-reaching ramifications” and disastrous impact of radical climate policies, the useful idiots continue to hasten their own suffering and cheer for the cabal that seeks to control them.

They beg for their abusers to save them —and that is the ultimate disconnect from reality.