Jul 6, 2022 • 18M

Ep. 151 - The Collective March Toward Madness

Taking the 30,000 foot view on the current covid surge, gun control, and the upcoming elections.

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Brace yourself.

It's coming. The next wave is on the way. It won't be long before COVID strikes again!

Of course, there aren't a lot of people talking about that just yet. Not many people realize that the number of daily cases is now over 5X higher than the exact same time last year, or that the average number of deaths per day has jumped from 197 to 312 in the last twelve months.

Another way to look at this is to realize that last 4th of July there were 735,549 people infected with covid, and this 4th of July there were 3,356,278 people infected with covid. You don't have to dork out on math to catch the fact that this is a shocking increase that would have easily consumed the headlines and prompted calls for good humans to mask-up, get tested, steer clear of large crowds, and cancel social events... and yet now there's hardly a peep in the media.

That's because the entire shamdemic was never about covid. It was never about keeping people safe. From its seedy start in a government funded laboratory, to the peak hysteria and panic that normalized medical tyranny, COVID-19 has been about one thing: Control. Even now, as the media ignores the explosion in cases, hospitalizations, and deaths among vaccinated, fresh research indicates that we are still at least two years away from the end of the pandemic.

That would imply they are not done using this tool to control the masses.

Though it's tempting to believe otherwise, the pandemic is not over. We are simply in a lull of propaganda, as politicians temporarily restrain their authoritarian impulses just long enough to allow the public to adjust and forget about the two years of abuse we've just endured. That's how normalization works. It is a tried and true method of tyrants, and make no mistake, they know exactly what they are doing.

Let's connect some dots:

  1. Covid is a tool of control.

  2. Media is a tool of control.

  3. Elections are a tool of control.

  4. Laws are a tool of control.

  5. Guns are a tool of control.

These are several of the various methods that the few use to control the many. These are the tools that the elite use to control the peasants. In order, we have the focus on an invisible enemy, mind control, the illusion of choice, the threat of punishment, and the use of force.

Note which of these tools are getting the most attention right now. One mass shooting after another continues to escalate the outcry for more gun control. Rather than talk about the root cause of this psychopathic behavior, the only solution being presented is to create more laws that further infringe on the right to keep and bear arms. Democrat leaders are now openly declaring that only the police should be allow to have guns.

Some of you may recall the provocative question - Will they try to disarm Americans before the midterm elections? - that was explored in episode 130, exactly one month ago. That article addressed how they were setting the stage to re-write history with J6 show trials and exposed the many discrepancies in the mainstream narrative. Then I asked this:

"Setting all that conspiracy theory aside and returning our focus to what lies ahead, how might the upcoming prime time media extravaganza impact the upcoming elections? If Americans can be convinced that unarmed civilians conducted a "violent insurrection" without so much as even firing a single shot, imagine the potential threat of peaceful, law-abiding, gun-toting citizens who might be misled into questioning future elections!"

But why on earth would anyone question the upcoming elections?

Of course, for many of you that is really a silly question. Maybe you've kept track of the shady shenanigans and outright fraud the continues to come to light regarding the last election. Maybe you question the legitimacy of the sock-puppet in the oval office. Maybe you think that January 6th events were a setup. Maybe you are one of the 28% of Americans who believe it may become necessary to take up arms against the government in order to route out political corruption.

Given our precarious predicament, how does this all play out?

Here's a hypothetical: When the media once again turns its focus on the explosion of covid, the propaganda will reach fever pitch, the public will panic, the politicians will protect public health and safety with preemptive measures, and polling places will once again be deserted in favor of the more sanitary mail-in ballots. Rampant fraud will once again ensue.

American patriots will question the outcome, demand accountability, and be dismissed as domestic terrorists who have been radicalized by Russian disinformation. This heavily armed MAGA crowd, who are already considered the "most extreme" political organization, will finally fulfill the prophecy and take up arms against the establishment, just like they've been waiting for them to do for years. This will prompt a military response to quell the uprising. Civil war ensues.

Meanwhile the globe gets hammered by another wave of virus, economies completely collapse, supply chains fall apart, and billions of people become desperate as they face starvation and threat of freezing to death in one of the coldest winters in decades. Many will call out for government protection, claiming that global crisis requires global solutions, and therefore we must embrace the benevolent dictatorship of global governance.

As uprisings continue to crop up over growing discontent with the government response, international troops will be deployed to provide humanitarian aid, keep the peace, and ensure the continuity of government control. They will also enforce mandatory vaccinations to fulfill the UN Agenda 2030 and simultaneously microchip humanity with their new digital ID's. This will allow the peasants to receive there rations and engage in the post-Reset society of Future Earth.

Capitalizing on the positives of all this chaos, the masses will be convinced that being digital slaves to a global surveillance state allows them to be a good human and save the planet. Thus, by the year 2030, you will own nothing, eat bugs, and be happy. In exchange for your dignity, sovereignty, and basic human rights, the government will protect you from the invisible enemy and keep you safe forevermore.

At least that's their plan.

You might be shocked at how many people will be eager to sign up.