Aug 5, 2022 • 21M

Ep. 171 - When Elections Won't Work

Taking a different approach to understanding rampant election fraud.

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We’ve been here before.

Throughout the week I’ve mentioned in passing that there has been rampant fraud in primary elections across the country. It’s a bold assertion. Where’s the proof?

We’ll get to that in a moment. But first, my all time favorite quote from Biden:

“We have put together the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.”

Did you catch that?

Not just the open confession of outright fraud, but the fact that he admits they’ve done it before. They did it for Obama. They tried to do it for Hillary, but Trump managed to out game them. Then they did it again for Sleepy Joe. And now they are at it again.

There is so much evidence of rampant fraud, no intellectually honest person could pretend that our elections are safe and secure. The truth is that our elections are rigged, and everyone except the useful idiots understands this. That’s why they are trying to make illegal to question the outcome of elections.

Can you imagine that?! Illegal to question the elections?!!

What a f—king farce!!

But, unfortunately, it is only a matter of time before such absurd proposals gain traction. Washington Governor Jay Inslee has already pitched legislation that would make it illegal for leaders and elected officials to spread “unfounded allegations” of voter fraud. If our elected leaders can’t challenge the fraud, then what are we peasants supposed to do? Grab our torch and pitchfork and demand accountability?

Of course not. We are supposed to ruefully accept whatever results they present.

You know, like accepting that the stumbling, bumbling sock-puppet in the oval office was the most popular president ever elected and that he’s doing a great job.

We are to deny our intelligence, our instincts and mountains of evidence, in order to embrace the lunacy and illusions being orchestrated by the cabal. There is no recourse.

That means that the shady shenanigans will continue unabated until such a time as tyranny gets uprooted by the wrath of angry peasants. When enough people starve and become miserable under authoritarian rule, that is the inevitable outcome.

But what if that day never comes?

What if, for instance, governments around the globe collaborated and deployed Artificial Intelligence to conduct “social listening” capable of immediately identifying and censoring dissenting opinions (aka misinformation) to effectively create a seamless veil of state sanctioned truth behind which evil deeds go unnoticed?

Oh yeah, they’re already doing that.

What if they then trained the AI to another task, specifically manipulating human emotion with behavior psychology to catalyze empathy and acceptance of the communist cause? Oh yeah, they’re already doing that too.

(For example, the UN report Our Common Agenda outlines the “use of digital surveillance and manipulation to influence behavior and control populations.”)

At some point in the not too distant future, as the global elite refine their capacity to hack humanity and strengthen their strangle hold on the flow of information, it will be virtually impossible not only to question the narrative, but to form any perspective or hold any worldview outside the carefully constructed illusions of the global cabal.

We are in the birthing process of a new era. The Great Reset marks the convergence of capacity and intent to consolidate power and control humanity in ways that were previously unimaginable. Indeed, to this day only a very small percentage of the population has any inclination of the degree to which they are being controlled.

Recent elections are a prime example of this playing out.

Evidence of fraud abounds. (Recent examples can be found here, here, here, here, here and here.) And yet how many people are aware of this happening? Worse yet, what are those who are crying foul ultimately going to achieve? No amount of evidence or legal challenges is going to change a damn thing.

If there was any big takeaway from the 2020 election, that is it.

While skeptical minds are tracking the irregularities, the masses are continually assured our elections are safe. And the masses believe what they are told. The media will run cover and the fraud will continue. Those who question or challenge the outcome are dubbed election deniers—a derogatory term that has already taken root in the common vernacular. Eventually, political dissenters will simply disappear.

Just look at the map.

Red represents traditional conservative American values. Blue represents the corrupt political class preying upon useful idiots to carry out orders from the global cabal.

Massive fraud in a few blue cities has usurped the will of the people. Our elections are an inexorable, unsalvageable mess. For years conservatives have lost the narrative, and we’ve lost our country as a result. The question now is:

What do we do when elections don’t work?

When it becomes impossible to elect leaders who represent the will of the people, what are the people to do? When special interests, deep pockets, and global forces hand pick their own pet politicians and petty tyrants, what are the peasants to do?

Many still hope that this midterm election will be a turning point for our country. Based on the primaries, I’m not so sure. Are we already past the point of no return?

It’s time we think long and hard about what’s happening in America. Future generations will look back on this time as perhaps the last chance we had to actually make a stand. If we fail them now, freedom will be redefined forever and humanity will be conditioned to forget what it meant to truly be free.