Sep 22, 2022 • 20M

TR 203 - Stepping Out of the Box

Offering some big picture perspective on some really bad actors.

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There’s a lot going on.

But what’s going on behind the scenes? That’s what I want to know.

Turns out yesterday, when no one was looking, the World Health Organization reappointed another billionaire politician-turn-globalist hack, none other than former New York City Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, as the WHO Global Ambassador of Noncommunicable Diseases and Injuries. Though he lacks any medical training whatsoever, there can be no doubt that he is imminently qualified for this position.

He’s a polished corrupt politician who’s been climbing the global ranks for decades.

Many may know of Bloomberg because of his numerous scandals and exploits, but his ambitious engagement in global affairs has largely gone unnoticed. From his website we learn:

Bloomberg is one of America’s most fearless and effective voices on urgent national and international issues, including climate change, gun violence, public health, and immigration reform. He serves as the UN Secretary-General’s Special Envoy for Climate Ambition and Solutions, and as the WHO Ambassador for Noncommunicable Diseases and Injuries.

The gun safety group he helped found, Everytown for Gun Safety, now has 10 million supporters and is the largest coalition of Americans fighting for common-sense gun laws. His partnership with the Sierra Club has retired more than two-thirds of the nation’s coal-fired power plants, moving the country toward cleaner, cheaper energy – and he has expanded the fight against coal globally as well.

He was also sworn in as chair of the U.S. Department of Defense’s Defense Innovation Board, which provides strategic insights and recommendations on technology and innovation that help address national security priorities.

As you can see, this billionaire politician is deeply entwined with the deep state and the global cabal. He’s been very active in the push for more gun control and the radical climate agenda. Boasting more than 20,000 employees in over 120 different countries, there is no doubt that he is a very influential and powerful man.

So what’s with this role at the WHO?

According to Bloomberg, as of September 21st, 2022:

As we continue to respond to this pandemic and prepare for the next, we have seen the critical importance of addressing a major risk factor in COVID-19 hospitalizations and deaths – noncommunicable diseases.”

TAKEAWAY: The pandemic is not over, even though Biden just blubbered otherwise—and besides, even if it was over, the global cabal is already planning for the next.

Bloomberg does correctly point out the fact that “noncommunicable diseases” were a major risk factor throughout the pandemic. Statistically, the CDC says these underlying conditions account for more than 95% of all deaths associated with COVID-19. But he’s not pointing this out to make the case that covid poses no statistical threat for the majority of people, he’s pointing this out to shift the narrative toward the next target the globalists seek to control. Says he:

“Noncommunicable diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, chronic lung disease, and cancer are the world’s biggest silent killers – but they can often be prevented with investment in proven, cost-effective interventions. I look forward to continuing to make life-saving investments in NCD and injury prevention alongside Dr. Tedros and the WHO.”

You see, it’s really all about saving lives. You are to believe that the most powerful people in the world also happen to be the most benevolent. They have realized that heart disease, diabetes, and cancers can largely be prevented, “with investment in proven, cost-effective interventions.” Let’s just pick that apart a little:

  1. “investment” means money, money is power and control

  2. “proven” means they’ve already tried it out, we’ve seen it before

  3. “cost-effective” means smooth, efficient, easy to use leverage

  4. “interventions” means interrupting current lifestyles and habits

In reality, by focusing attention on these “silent killers” the WHO intends to spook the herd, hook their attention, and facilitate behavioral change. According to their data, NCDs (chronic diseases) account for 74% of all deaths around the world and the majority of these deaths are preventable—hence the “life-saving investments in NCD and injury prevention.” Sounds good, right?

Think about it.

The WHO can save millions of lives every year if Michael Bloomberg can successfully sell their scheming agenda to the heads of state who ultimately control the masses. The title of their announcement really says it all:

Heads of State commit to Noncommunicable Disease Global Compact to save 50 million lives by 2030

So, now we have a global compact that’s meant to save 50 million lives over the next seven years—how wonderfully altruistic! But wait a minute…. something’s not right here.

I am absolutely certain that global cabal has already made it perfectly clear that the human population is unsustainable. And now they want to save the lives of millions of unhealthy useless eaters? That doesn’t add up.

What’s this really all about? How are they planning to prevent all of these chronic diseases anyhow? How come we didn’t get to vote on this global compact?

This is really all about reducing the human population by taking control of production and consumption to force the masses into sustainable diets (starvation) and sustainable lifestyles (slavery). Peasants have no say in this Communist agenda.

That statement may strike you as an outrageous embellishment, but I’m not joking. Remember the baby food shortage? That was because government agents shutdown the processing plant. That was because the WHO declared a war on formula and said breastfeeding was the only sanctioned way to feed a baby—which is rooted in the fact that breastfeeding equates to fewer babies and lowers the population rate.

(By the way, as of today, the baby food shortages are still very real. You can catch up on why this happening by checking out TR 106 - No Food For Hungry Babies?)

Here’s the point:

People suffer from preventable diseases because of personal choice.

Preventing preventable diseases means preventing personal choice.

When the government controls the means of production and consumption, they can control what you eat, how much you eat, and how often. They will make every effort to convince you that it’s for your own good—but most importantly, it’s for the greater good. That means you have a moral obligation to go without getting what you want.

It doesn’t matter if your stomach is growling. It doesn’t matter if your baby is screaming and the kids are starving. It doesn’t matter because saving the planet is more important than your unsustainable diet and comfortable lifestyle.

If you disagree, you are the problem—not the commies who are trying to take control of every aspect of your life. If you disagree, you are a threat to the planet, you are a threat to sustainability, you are a threat to peace and stability, you are a threat to the future of humanity—and at some point, this threat will be dealt with.

Of course, to detect and monitor such threats, the state needs surveillance. Up until now, governments could never hire enough people to monitor the entire population. With the deployment of AI and algorithmic solutions, they have solved that problem. It is critical to keep in mind this is being deployed globally, under the auspice of protecting public health and safety and preventing hate fueled violence.

What we are witnessing is the incremental implementation of all the framework needed to complete an inescapable global surveillance state, allowing governments to capture the means of production and consumption, and thus enslave humanity. This new global compact to fight preventable disease is the next lever they will pull to convince the useful idiots to go along with the plan.

( You can learn about how the WHO is using AI to “immunize” the public against misinformation and scale up local level enforcement of policies that target "social, environmental, and behavioral risks" such as alcohol consumption, air pollution, road safety, trans fats, and mental health in TR 113: The Enemy is On the Move.)

Back to Bloomberg.

He’s a busy guy.

In 2016, he launched the American Health Initiative at Johns Hopkins University to further push progressive policies and the radical climate agenda.

This screenshot says it all:

In 2017, he started the Partnership for Healthy Cities, which promotes policies that control the food supply, force people to wear helmets, and enhance public surveillance, among other things. These recommended policies are already being deployed in 70 cities around the world through the dissemination of resources that were developed by the global cabal. This is psychological warfare.

There’s much more that could be said… BUT…

Why does any of this matter?

Bloomberg is part of a strategic alliance of evildoers who are trying to take over the world. That’s the simplest way to put it. Remember how the Clinton Global Initiative just so happens to be hosting its “Taking Action Together” meeting at the exact same time as the UN’s 77th General Assembly and the WEF’s Social Development Impact meetings? That’s all happening right now.

As it turns out, the Clinton Global Initiative is partnered with another NGO called Vital Strategies, which is also partnered with Bloomberg and a whole host of other globalist commie hacks. THESE PEOPLE WANT TO CONTROL YOUR LIFE.

They intend to control your behavior, your food, your information, and your future, and they’re using international bodies like UN and the WHO to do their bidding.

Never forget: If they win, we will loose our freedoms forever—and if there is any hope for us to defeat the global cabal, we’re going to have to step out of the box and find some creative solutions!