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TR 294 - Commies, Comics, & Pure Coincidence

TR 294 - Commies, Comics, & Pure Coincidence

You're going to love this -- unless you're a commie.

This is entertaining.

A friend recently shared a link to a 1960’s comic that illustrates the many threats of communist subversion. I want to share a few screen shots and then connect the dots. First, note the price on the cover and then think about inflation:

I love how straight out the gate, in 1960, it was declared: “The people of the U.S.A. can look forward to seeing their grandchildren Communists!”

Lenin declared, “To win the youth for Communism is to win the future.”

“Everywhere youth is being degraded to hate, to hate America, to hate you.”

Ironically, this morning I was researching the WHO’s inaugural meeting of its new Youth Council, which is pushing their Youth Engagement initiative for Global Youth Mobilization to “empower young people as a driving force” because, “young people around the world are driving change and implementing solutions.”

Just to drive the point home, get this:

“The WHO Youth Council is a dynamic network aimed at amplifying the voices and experiences of young people and leveraging their expertise, energy, and ideas to promote public health.”

Sounds good, right? Amplify the voices and experiences of YOUTH, leverage their “expertise, energy, and ideas”—what expertise? where do they get these ideas?—and use them to promote “public health.” Public health, by the way, means implement the Sustainable Development Goals, which includes disarming the population (to end conflicts everywhere); taking control of the means of production and consumption (because only they get to decide what’s sustainable, not just because they’re a bunch of commies); and enforcing state sanctioned censorship to fight the so-called “infodemic” (of course, to ensure peace and stability and protect democracy).

Why wouldn’t the youth of the world want such to support wonderful utopian solutions? In fact, why don’t they just channel their energy and demand such morally righteous changes! After all, the WHO openly admits that these highly indoctrinated youth are “central to the success of policies and programs” that are aimed to fundamentally transform our world into a dystopian socialist hell—so obviously these kids are being recruited for a cause.

Youth are central to the Communist strategy.

This clip about inspiring youths to riot makes me think of Antifa:

Of course, beyond just targeting youths, the Communists aim for the “infiltration of communications” in every sector of society. According to this 1960’s comic, their targets include:

  • Libraries

  • Scientists

  • Magazine editors

  • Labor leaders

  • Radio Stations

  • Newspaper editors

  • TV stations

  • Teachers

Having infiltrated these organizations, they can then “soften up” society by “waging a relentless battle for the minds of American citizens.” Sound familiar?

But wait, it gets even better!

Communist techniques use “propaganda warfare” by establishing front organizations to specifically target the “intellectuals” (aka the educated idiots), which besides stirring up hatred for America, also dupe “misguided intellectuals” into supporting phony “peace movements” that ultimately advance their stealthy agenda.

That shot is golden. Did you know the World Peace Council is still very much alive and well today? Of course, these peace lovers aren’t just a bunch of radical commies in disguise—they’re totally legit—just check:

“As an NGO member of the United Nations, the WPC cooperates with UNESCO, UNCTAD, UNIDO, ILO and other UN specialized agencies, special committees and departments; with the Non-Aligned Movement as official observer, the African Union, the League of Arab States and other inter-governmental bodies.”

Obviously they’re big time players in the global cabal. They stand in solidarity with all the progressive causes, such as:

  • “economic and social justice”

  • “protection of the environment”

  • “human rights and cultural heritage”

  • “liberation movements”

  • “dissolution of military blocks and pacts”

  • “dismantling of all military bases”

  • “the establishment of a new international economic order”

Again, these people are not fringe. According to their website, the WPC is an “anti-imperialist, democratic, independent and non-aligned international movement of mass action”—how’s that for some woke-speak—and they are the largest International Peace structure, based in more than 100 countries.

Who has the most military bases all around the world? Which country is doing the most to battle the systemic plague of equity and social justice? Which country is most lambasted as an imperialistic capitalist society? Gosh, given their stated goals, one might get the impression that the World Peace Council was actually trying to stir up anti-American sentiment, right? Nah. That’s just another commie conspiracy.

But just to entertain the idea a little bit, and connect this comic to the present administration, here’s a shot of “Good ol’ Uncle Joe” announcing his historic legislation that promotes economic and social justice on his first day in office:

(If you’ve got your tinfoil hat on, you should watch the video and note the lobes.)

Back to the funnies!

Espionage, spy-craft, continuous recruitment and infiltration of government departments… this all hits close to home. You might recall the fact that we recently had a Communist running the CIA. His name was John Brennan. Not a joke:

And we probably shouldn’t overlook the fact that one of the top Democratic contenders for position of POTUS was also a Communist sympathizer—none other than the illustrious “Democrat Socialist” Bernie Sanders. Just to refresh:

And, like the comic said over 60 years ago, the subversion “by its very nature” is hard to list, precisely because the infiltration is so extensive. The Red Ice Berg comic goes on to demonstrate how the commies infiltrate the military, target minority groups, farmers, and veteran organizations:

In every cause, the commies stand side-by-side with average everyday citizens, championing seemingly legitimate causes, but always with the hidden agenda of seizing more and more control, before launching their violent revolution. This playbook has been used over and over again, and it works, because communism preys upon the vulnerabilities of human nature—just like criminals, child abusers, and corrupt politicians. When we read the warning signs and see how far we’ve come, it becomes increasingly clear that we absolutely MUST start sounding the alarm!

But now let’s turn to the final Communist technique, which the comic claims is the “discrediting of religion.” Proclaiming that “God is a myth,” which no doubt resonates with all those woke educated idiots out there, the commies are said to be doing everything they can to “eliminate the bewitching opium of religion.” That said, they’re not above using religion to their advantage when they need to pad their reputations:

I’ve addressed the fact that commies are atheists, why that is, why commies suck, and how all of this is deeply entwined with the progressive agenda in previous reports.

Today, I want to tie all of this together by pointing out a couple of headlines.

  1. The Collapse of Faith in America — which is an article that was linked on the lefty Drudge Report, but actually clicks through to Michael Snyder’s website, where he articulates concern over the collapse of American faith based on a study from the Pew Research Center. That study provides the following graphic, which is a picture that is perhaps worth a thousand words:

    Let that sink in, and then take a look at the second headline:

  2. "Objectivity Has Got To Go": News Leaders Call For End Of Objective Journalismwhich is an article that essentially embodies the message of communist infiltration mentioned above, excoriating the rise in “advocacy journalism” and the rejection of objectivity, wherein even journalists are now calling for censorship and “speech controls” to protect the narrative:

Columbia Journalism Dean and New Yorker writer Steve Coll decried how the First Amendment right to freedom of speech was being “weaponized” to protect disinformation. In an interview with The Stanford Daily, Stanford journalism professor, Ted Glasser, insisted that journalism needed to “free itself from this notion of objectivity to develop a sense of social justice.”

He rejected the notion that journalism is based on objectivity and said that he views “journalists as activists because journalism at its best — and indeed history at its best — is all about morality.” 

Thus, “Journalists need to be overt and candid advocates for social justice, and it’s hard to do that under the constraints of objectivity.”

So there we are, back to social justice, whatever the hell that means, and the continuous march toward complete control of the human population via the capture of public discourse and the infiltration of formally trusted institutions.

I guess we can’t say we were never warned!

**Just in case you missed it and need to get up to speed on how Communist Mind Control works, and how democrats are deploying this technique with clinical precision, please check out this special report:

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Just don’t forget your tinfoil hat, that way people don’t think you’re crazy. ;0)

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