Aug 3, 2022 • 17M

Ep. 169 - The Very Strange Agenda

Bigger picture perspective on what's NOT being discussed in the news.

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It finally clicked.

There is something about the UN Sustainable Development Goals that has never quite sat right: If they believe the human population is unsustainable and destroying the planet, then why is there so much emphasis on preventing mortality, specifically by vaccinating children?

The WHO’s Immunization Agenda 2030, which overlaps and complements the UN Agenda 2030, is chock full of strategies to ensure there are no “zero-dose children” left on planet Earth by the end of the decade. This plan is long in the making:

  • In 1974 the WHO initiated the Expanded Program on Immunization (EPI), with the stated objective to vaccinate children throughout the world.

  • In 1977 the CDC launched its Childhood Immunization Initiative with the goal of establishing a “permanent system” of comprehensive immunization.

  • In 1984 the WHO reviewed the Expanded Program on Immunization and formalized the schedule for Universal Childhood Immunization.

  • In 1987 the theme for World Health Day was immunization for every child.

There is so much more history than what will be posted here, but that is sufficient to establish the pattern and the intent to stick a needle in the arm of every child.

Please note: Childhood vaccinations have saved countless lives.

That’s the selling point and I am not attempting to deny that reality. However, it could also be said that vaccines have irreversibly harmed countless children, sterilizing them, immobilizing them, and even ending the lives of perfectly healthy children. So, how does one weigh the risk?

Underlying any debate about vaccines is the moral question: Who has the right to inject a foreign substance into your body? The answer: No one.

They always claim that vaccines are “safe and effective” but seldom elaborate on the inherent risks. Instead, health authorities emphasize the risks of not getting vaccinated. They hype up the threat of an invisible enemy and often use controversial mass immunization campaigns to stimulate social pressure in an effort to increase vaccine acceptance. Does any of that sound familiar?

Again, this has all being going on for a long time. The case could be made that the good outweighs the bad. Maybe, maybe not. Regardless, as with anything, it would be wise to remain skeptical of something that sounds too good to be true:

WOW!! Look at all of these amazing global programs that are saving children’s lives! Governments everywhere are partnering with non-profits to prevent preventable deaths!! They are spending BILLIONS of dollars to keep people healthy, happy, and safe with FREE vaccinations!!!

And they are boosting the human population in the process.

That’s the rub.

Keep in mind these initiatives are being driven by socialists, eugenicists, and radical environmentalists. The 1992 Earth Summit gave rise to Agenda 21, which is a comprehensive global action plan that includes the elimination of “unsustainable patterns of production and consumption.” Among other things, they claim:

The growth of world population and production combined with unsustainable consumption patterns places increasingly severe stress on the life-supporting capacities of our planet.

Thus the moral imperative to save the planet.

At its core, Agenda 21 is a roadmap for population control. Tucked into the 351 page report is talk of “population policy” and how there is a need to develop strategies that “mitigate the adverse impact” of human beings on planet Earth.

Agenda 21 also advocates for universal vaccines, supposedly to save lives. But, from a logical angle, this doesn’t really make sense. If humans are a plague upon the earth, then why would they have such extensive strategies to decrease mortality and increase the human population?

I’ve been pondering this for months.

Today it hit me.

Since the start of the covid plandemic, there have been plenty of people who felt like the whole sham was a massive depopulation scheme. Some claim it’s because of bad vaccines, aka the clot shot. Some think it has to do with nano-tech and 5G. Some think it might be the destruction of natural immunity, tampering with the human genome, mass sterilization, and/or some other “unexpected” side-effect.

Anything is possible… but something still didn’t add up.

If all the vaxxed suddenly fell over dead, or even if they just gradually died off over the course of several years, who would that leave behind?

It would leave behind the staunchly independent, un-trusting, suspicious of Big Gov, rebellious types—you know, the kind who would be inclined to fight back against any evildoers who just “accidentally” annihilate half of humanity.

See how that doesn’t work? It doesn’t make sense.

Personally, I’m in favor of a multi-pronged approach to conspiracy theories. Maybe there is a little truth in all of it, or maybe there is no truth in any of it. Either way, have you noticed how the majority of people who have died during this pandemic, from both the virus and the vaccines, are the elderly and infirm?

Could there be a link between this unfortunate reality (lots of old people dying) and the globalists’ obsession with saving the children and depopulating the earth?

Yes, that’s it… now we’re onto something…

The Global Vaccine Action Plan, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, GAVI, the World Economic Forum, the “Decade of Vaccines”, Event 201, COVID-19: The Great Reset, the commies taking over the world…

Today I opened a UNICEF report from 1985, The State of the World’s Children, and there it was, right in front of me in big bold letters:

A Revolution Beginning

A revolution beginning.

Progressive ideals pervade the document. They emphasize “changing perceptions” and I am reminded of the communist’s hidden higher meaning. They emphasize universal health care, gender equality, reducing poverty—all of which are communist promises used to consolidate power and control. The report even praised the fact that China was a decade ahead, in 1985.

China is a communist regime. The Communist Manifesto establishes the bold plan to separate children from their parents… the state targets children because they are vulnerable. They can be taught to believe the socialist lies and conditioned to believe virtually anything. They can even be turned against their parents.

Children want to feel safe and protected. Who’s more powerful than the state? Parents can teach one thing, but if for twelve years dozens of teachers indoctrinate kids with different ideas, who will the children believe? Who seems more powerful, more knowledgeable, more capable to protect and provide?

Schools provide safety, structure, and experience. They provide food, fun, and a chance to be free of parental expectations. The institution is seductive and it cultivates in children a reliance upon the state.

This too has been happening for years.

Threading it all together:

Communism makes a distinct effort to target women and children.

Communism intends to consolidate control of production and consumption.

Targeting women and children and controlling production and consumption are explicitly stated goals of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Global vaccination schemes have long been targeting children.

Current global vaccination schemes are causing death among the elderly.

There is growing indication of reproductive harm among healthy young adults.

The majority of young adults have already been conditioned as ecosocialists.

Children are being indoctrinated into a transgender, transhumanist alternate reality. We told that we are hackable animals. The AI is taking control.

Here’s a wild speculation: Could it be that the global vaccinations, sustainable development goals, and the Great Reset are intentionally knocking off the old to make room for generations of heavily conditioned minions and an augmented form of humanity to embrace the tyranny of total global control?

Raising humans in a laboratory would certainly be more sustainable. Designer babies are the eugenicists’ dream. Disease, poverty, and hunger could be eradicated. Equality could finally be achieved. Radicals could finally save the planet.

The only sacrifice is the human soul.

I know it’s a crazy thought—but then again, stranger things have happened.