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TR 169 - The Very Strange Agenda

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TR 169 - The Very Strange Agenda

Bigger picture perspective on what's NOT being discussed in the news.

It finally clicked.

There is something about the UN Sustainable Development Goals that has never quite sat right: If they believe the human population is unsustainable and destroying the planet, then why is there so much emphasis on preventing mortality, specifically by vaccinating children?

The WHO’s Immunization Agenda 2030, which overlaps and complements the UN Agenda 2030, is chock-full of strategies to ensure there are no “zero-dose children” left on planet Earth by the end of the decade. This plan is long in the making:

  • In 1974 the WHO initiated the Expanded Program on Immunization (EPI), with the stated objective to vaccinate children throughout the world.

  • In 1977 the CDC launched its Childhood Immunization Initiative with the goal of establishing a “permanent system” of comprehensive immunization.

  • In 1984 the WHO reviewed the Expanded Program on Immunization and formalized the schedule for Universal Childhood Immunization.

  • In 1987 the theme for World Health Day was immunization for every child.

There is so much more history than what will be posted here, but that is sufficient to establish the pattern and the intent to stick a needle in the arm of every child.

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