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TR 529 - Progressives Make a Hard Pivot to Keep the Peasants Guessing

TR 529 - Progressives Make a Hard Pivot to Keep the Peasants Guessing

Contemplating the road ahead through the lens of the leftist cabal.

Happy Monday!

There has been a hard pivot in the narrative over the weekend, and a corresponding softening of headlines this morning, regarding all things COVID-19, DEI (as in “we need to drop DEI”), and calling out the secret global cabal. The reason this matters, in my humble opinion, is that it demonstrates how the truth can triumph over propaganda, given enough people are willing to stand up, speak the truth, and defend it.

That said, I don’t trust this pivot, not even for a second.

For example, the leftist Seattle Times is backpedaling on the sudden “surge” of a deadly new variant that they’ve been pushing hard the last couple of weeks:

I guess all those headlines about the 10,000 poor souls who died last month didn’t get enough people worked up to care, so now liberals are changing their tune, “breaking with CDC,” and admitting the data doesn’t actually support the narrative—those the invisible enemy is still “circulating at high levels” (so you probably should use your free at-home test, dummy!).

To me, this is the direct output of Algorithmic Social Interventions.

When the powers that be use the creepy Social Listening technologies to monitor public sentiment, they can see rising dissent and discontent in real-time, specifically as it relates to any given narrative. Having their finger on the pulse of the public’s emotion, they can back off a narrative that is likely to stimulate organized resistance.

In doing so, the peasants get a momentary sense of gratification—ha, those commie bastards just THOUGHT they were going to push another round of covid!—which inevitably causes them to settle back into comfort, assuming the threat has passed. But the threat has not passed, it’s just gone quiet, lurking for the next opportune moment to strike fear into the hearts of the masses.

You might think of this as a military probing of the perimeter. They’re poking around to see how the public will respond. They can instantly analyze billions of data points, courtesy of social media response, survey the semantics to extract sentiment, identify from who and where the pushback is most likely to come, and pivot accordingly.

For example, let’s imagine our zip code is determined to be a strong hold of rebel dissent, climate deniers, anti-vaxxers, J6 sympathizers, and Trump loving MAGA extremists. This poses a major problem for the state, because people in our local community are much more likely to question the narrative and challenge authority.

What are they going to do about this?

Picture a storyboard. On the left side, a felt persona of the American riffraff outlined above (you’re in good company). On the right side, an extra big and bright piece of felt that signifies a unified humanity enjoying their sustainable lifestyles in Future Earth.

Got the mental image?

On this felt storyboard, the globalists are moving the American riffraff over to Future Earth, one story at a time. Trump stole the election from Hillary Clinton, with the help of the Evil Russians, and he would have obliterated global democracy, which is why he must be denied reelection at all costs. Fortunately, in 2020, just as Fauci predicted, the pandemic saved the day, disrupted American elections, crashed the economy, and allowed democrats to get back in the driver’s seat.

As a bonus, the pandemic was also good for the environment, reduced the human population, and showed the world that strict authoritarian governance was not only possible, it was preferable—thanks to CCP’s role model leadership.

The globalists could not have been more pleased with the outcome.

But that troublesome American riffraff is obstinately resisting the cultural programming that is necessary for them to accept this version of reality, and a remnant percentage of the population is clinging to their guns and Bibles—that is, they are clinging to their national identity—and that is completely at odds with everyone becoming a cosmopolitan citizen of Future Earth.

So again, what are the globalists to do?

The solution, in simplest terms, is to tell a different story.

The globalists cannot force some 82 million gun toting, liberty loving American rebels to lay down their 393 million firearms, adopt a global identity, scrap their western lifestyles, and reject their archaic cisgender ways. Ain’t gonna happen.

And you know what? The globalists know that. It’s not rocket science.

Since they know it’s not going to happen, and we know it’s not going to happen—and since we know that they know it’s not going to happen—it seems prudent to think through our imaginary storyboard, and brainstorm some potential strategies.

We know where we’re headed. The globalists have stated their objectives out loud. They’ve long been calculating their systematic destruction of the United States. They’ve been explicitly targeting those who’ve sworn allegiance and vowed to defend America (particularly veterans) for at least the last 15 years.

The federal government has been targeting Americans who are accused of nothing more than “rejecting federal authority in favor of state or local authority,” as if that’s not exactly what the Constitution was designed to do—to restrict federal authority in favor of state and local authority. Indeed, today’s federal government would be unrecognizable to the Framers, and most of it is entirely unconstitutional.

But anyone who points that out is guilty of the sort of “persistent stubbornness” and “resistance to directions” that are the hallmarks of Oppositional Defiance Disorder.

“They may be living peaceful lives, but their acts of peaceful noncompliance—now officially a mental disorder known as ODD—are seen as subversive to the state.”

Taken altogether, this is remarkable. It’s remarkably un-American.

So maybe our little felt rebel-rouser has already moved closer to Future Earth than we might have realized, eh? But how are they going to finish the story? How are they going to get global society over that last little bump of millions of armed rebels?

Perhaps it might be useful to come at this with a different question:

What story will the globalists be telling their grandchildren about how humanity overcame the Evil American Extremists to protect democracy and keep people safe?

How did humanity finally disarm all those nasty racist authoritarians?

How did the Enlightened Leaders finally depose of their chosen dictator, Donald Trump?

“Tell me Grandpa Klaus, how did you win against the American extremists?”

“Well child, it was simple, we just had to change the story.”

Think about it.

Why the sudden pivot in the narrative? Because it takes the pressure off. Thus, those predisposed to Oppositional Defiance Disorder can go back to their rat killing, assuming that the threat has subsided. This also creates mental space for the next round of propaganda to properly penetrate and infiltrate their twisted thinking.

Since these rebellious peasants are already emotionally charged and prone to violence, and since they are so heavily armed, it would be foolish for the ruling class to evoke their wrath directly. Now, instead, the globalists need a different story.

How to get rid of all those guns and ammo, with all the lead flying in their direction?

AHA! That’s it!! Let’s orchestrate a hung election and a civil war!!!

That way we can achieve multiple objectives at once: we can reduce the munitions that might be used against us, we can reduce the number of rebels that might be organized against us, and we can make the public HATE these rebels with a bitter sort of resentment that could be used to win elections for generations to come.

Of course, that’s the long term vision. In the shorter term, say over the next few years, the chaos that would inevitably follow an American civil war would undoubtedly cripple the economy, expose the country to outside attacks as the enemies pile on, instigate a constitutional crisis and fuel a rapid collapse of the United States as we know it.

All of this would pave the way for a new world order, would it not?

In other words, this is a story that allows the riffraff to make it to Future Earth—at least the ones who run out of bullets, get tired of starving, and finally surrender themselves to the benevolence of the state. Free food, free housing. You can come in out of the cold, own nothing and be happy, you just need to surrender!

Those who don’t will simply be ripped off the board.

Today, there are many stories out about how Donald Trump has the global elites shaking in their boots. The sock-puppet president is once again telling Americans that they need an F-16 to take on the government. Legacy media is lamenting the fact that they “no longer own the news” and global experts are sounding the alarm that misinformation is the greatest threat facing humanity today.

SIDENOTE: Somehow, ironically, the experts have indicated that China is not at risk from this plague of opinionated peasants (aka misinformation):

I see all of this as telling a very compelling story.

Do you believe it?

There’s no doubt that this frog has long been boiling in the pot, there’s good reason to suspect that we’re being set up, but doesn’t it all come back to trust?

Who do you trust? Which story do you believe?

In the coming months, these questions will become more important than ever before. As the sea of narratives shifts and flows from one enticing meme to the next, it is imperative we realize these sloshing stories are designed to keep us guessing.

It keeps us waiting to see how it all plays out, instead of playing our part in changing the story. We can decide how this whole story ends, but in order to do that, we’ve got to get in the game. At this point, any practical solutions will take massive tactical actions, and therefore:



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