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TR 338 - Presenting a Cosmopolitan Perspective

TR 338 - Presenting a Cosmopolitan Perspective

Why global democracy is appealing to astute intellectuals and sophisticated thinkers.

Something struck me.

As I was contemplating the Chinese Spy Balloon story, something occurred to me: the global elites have proclaimed that China is a role model for the world. In dialectical terms, the thesis is that centralized power and control allows the government to rule citizens most efficiently. Out of this thesis there must arise an anti-thesis, which leads to the obvious question: who is the antithesis of the Chinese Communist Party?

Why, none other than the formerly United States of America! Of course, at this point America is bitterly divided, which is not by accident. Political subversion. Cultural corruption. These are the hallmarks of a Communist revolution. The most insidious aspect of this revolution is the so-called “conscious transformation”—which in reality is a subconscious dialectical attack on beliefs, values, and public perspective. This is what is driving the national division and tearing our country apart.

That said, thinking about these two contrasting cultures in terms of thesis and antithesis, as two opposing propositions for the way things should be, allows us to gain insight into how the globalists intend to “synthesize” these diametrically opposed systems. From the perspective of the global cabal, if China is the role model and that’s the direction we’re headed, then America is the obstacle that must be overcome. Thus, global forces are working to destabilize and dethrone America.

It is critical to realize that there are a great many American politicians, bureaucrats, academics, and useful idiots who believe exactly that: America must be overcome.

Keep that in mind when you see the cultural rot and decay that’s on full display every day. However, the point here is that the cultural revolution we are experiencing is being orchestrated by global forces who are hellbent on overcoming American dominance and crushing our sense of independence—which is essential to advance the Great Reset—and they are using predictable commie tactics to do so.

As you may know, step one in every commie revolution is to win the battle of democracy. Democracy is mob rule. Thus, we need only to ponder the implications of Global Democracy to grasp the thrust of their plans. In a global democracy, when the majority of countries vote to achieve a common goal for the greater good, they then get to write the international rules that everybody else has to play by. These rules are then used to consolidate power and control in the hands of the global elite.

This is how the global cabal works. In the words of David Rockefeller, the global cabal consists of a world-wide network of “internationalists” who are proudly working “against the best interests of the United States”—which should be a shocking admission, except that it’s not. This is exactly what we would expect.

Reading from his 2002 memoirs:

Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal, working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as “internationalists,” and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure—one world, if you will. If that’s the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it.

You can almost hear his words dripping with pompous arrogance. It’s important to remember this “secret cabal” is evil, not stupid—seeking to impose their will upon the whole of humanity—and they have been working for a very long time to build an integrated “global political and economic structure” through which they can control us all. This is how they institute the New World Order.

The question is: how do they intend to convince the people to go along?

As it turns out, their plan is to condition people into believing they are “global citizens” —not American citizens, for example, but global citizens—which seems innocuous until you really think it through. According to Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, the idea of developing a global citizenry has roots in the concept of cosmopolitanism, which itself is the moral bedrock of globalist philosophy:

“Global democracy is a field of academic study and political activism concerned with making the global political system more democratic. …[G]lobal democrats probe how political power can be legitimated beyond the nation-state.

The most common intrinsic claim relates to cosmopolitanism, which many proponents of global democracy have drawn upon as a moral foundation motivating the project.”

To rule people, you have to legitimize power and convince people to obey—whether out of allegiance and fidelity, or out of fear and cowardice. In any case, it is far easier to convince people to accept the rules and roles that have been established for them than it is to beat throngs of unruly peasants into reluctant submission. Such is the value in conditioning the masses to self-identify as global citizens, which has the allure of being a very sophisticated, “cosmopolitan” idea.

Indeed, this concept is being systematically advanced by the so-called “Enlightened Leaders” of the global cabal. They alone know what’s best for humanity. They alone have the power to save the planet. They alone can usher us into Future Earth and deliver the utopian socialist fantasies that consume their every motive.

They alone are good and moral and right.

We are just ignorant peasants—but, thankfully, we do have a shot at redemption.

If we are willing to adopt the cosmopolitan perspective, if we are willing to properly behave as good human beings, then we will be afforded the protection and provisions of the state. In other words, if we play along and do what we’re told, we will be considered a citizen in good standing—a global citizen, mind you. If we refuse to comply, we will be held in contempt of the state and be punished accordingly.

Interestingly enough, Britannica explains the connection between cosmopolitanism and the global community as a “thesis” about identity and responsibility. Given that we’ve been studying the dialectical methods of “conscious transformation” that are fueling the sad demise of American values, and our prior study on the responsibility to protect (the globalist’s R2P framework), this thesis about identity and responsibility struck me as rather profound. Consider this:

“Cosmopolitanism as a thesis about identity denies that membership in a particular cultural community is necessary for an individual to flourish in the world. According to that view, belonging to a particular culture is not an essential ingredient in the formation or maintenance of one’s identity, and one can pick and choose from a wide gamut of cultural expressions or reject all such expressions in favor of other noncultural options.”

Here we see cosmopolitan persons are conditioned to deny national identity, in favor of picking and choosing their identities from a “wide gamut of cultural expressions”—such as all the sickness and perversion that has been poisoning our culture for decades. There are a couple other things that stood out here as well, specifically 1) one’s identity is composed of certain essential “ingredients”; and 2) one’s culture can be rejected in favor of “noncultural options.”

But what are these essential ingredients and noncultural options?

Reading further from Britannica:

“As a thesis about responsibility, cosmopolitanism stands for the need to recognize and act on one’s membership in a global community of human beings. As such, one has responsibilities to other members of the global community. …

As a thesis about responsibility, cosmopolitanism also guides the individual outward from local obligations and prevents those obligations from crowding out responsibilities to distant others. Cosmopolitanism highlights the responsibilities one has to people one does not know.

Accordingly, from a cosmopolitan perspective, the borders of states merely restrict the scope of justice and are irrelevant obstacles to appreciating and acting on one’s responsibilities to everyone in the global community.”

In a nutshell, one must be assimilated into the collective, assume collective responsibility to people one does not know, and swear allegiance to the collective global community. Anything less is selfish, unsophisticated, and irresponsible.

But let’s bring this all back home.

Here are three articles that collectively emphasize why all of this is important:

You see, Biden’s sock-puppet administration is putting global democracy back in the spotlight (because Trump was such a nasty nationalist, according to the liberals). But, Biden’s stalwart defense of global democracy is being tested by the political turmoil associated with MAGA extremists and Christian insurrectionists who are threatening to take our country “backwards” toward the constitutional principles that made our republic the most prosperous and wildly successful social experiment of all time.

If you want to Make America Great Again, you are a threat to global democracy. It’s just that simple. Thinking of yourself as an American citizen is an obstacle that must be overcome. If you are interested in voting for and supporting American interests, you are failing to “address the grotesque inequities within and between countries.”

In other words, you’re not being very cosmopolitan.

Your antiquated notion of national borders and shared cultural values are “irrelevant obstacles.” With a little more thought reform, you are sure to see the error in your ways. If you fail to reform your thinking, you are a threat to global democracy. Soon enough, all such threats will be addressed by global peacekeepers tasked with protecting democracy from such backwards thinking.

Such is the new social contract being drafted up by the global cabal: Either sacrifice yourself for the greater good, or you will be sacrificed in cosmopolitan fashion.

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