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TR 463 - Is Local Resistance a Losing Game?

TR 463 - Is Local Resistance a Losing Game?

We're getting out played on the hometown field. Here's what we can do about it.

There is an interesting disconnect that persists in the rural areas of Small Town USA.

As people go about their business, getting stuff done, living the life that’s right in front of them, everything is rapidly changing all around them. City councils and county commissioners have become increasingly beholden to the state and federal governments. Local control is being replaced by top-down centralized control. It’s the classic frog in the pot scenario, as small town citizens fail to perceive the noose around their necks that is being ever-so-slowly tightened by the global cabal.

I’ve made the case many times before that we—those of us who choose to live in rural areas and generally adhere to traditional American values, who understand our country is a Constitutional Republic that is currently being attacked by the globalist commie cabal—we are destined to lose if we don’t understand what we’re up against.

To refresh and for reference, see the following reports:

The first step in any tactical strategy is to understand who the enemy is, how they operate, and the strategies that are being used against us. Failing to analyze these factors, and failing to neutralize them, has led to the rapid capture of local government, the infiltration of hostile organizations, and a growing percentage of the local population being reprogrammed to accept the globalists’ agenda.

In every case, this evil scheme can be exposed if we just follow the money.

Local governments are being bought off by state funding and grants.

Progressive organizations are being funded by the deep pockets of the global Left.

Rural areas are being targeted with customized propaganda that’s being researched, funded, and spun up by the Deep State federal bureaucracy.

The cumulative result is that they are changing minds (or more accurately, capturing minds) in our local communities faster that we are changing minds in our local communities.

Checkmate. We lose.

I state the above as obvious facts, understanding that there are many people who are completely oblivious to the obvious. Most people don’t realize they are be targeted for reprogramming. Most people don’t realize that the Constitution was written to enshrine the right of local control — as opposed to the mob rule of the majority.

And, while some people seem to get the fact that there is a globalist agenda, very few people seem to grasp just how dark and nefarious these forces are, what their ultimate aims are, and most importantly, how exactly they are systematically conquering the world. The globalists are driven by an insatiable greed and craving for power, their goal is total control over a reduced population, and they are currently accelerating their plans to implement global policies in a desperate push to pull this off.

That means we are going to be feeling the pinch at the local level.

It’s hard to express just how comprehensive these globalists’ strategies are, because there are far too many facets and moving parts, so I want to focus specifically on how they are funneling their influence into our communities. Through this funnel comes every aspect of their agenda, Agenda 2030 (Our Common Agenda), including gun control, state funded censorship, the queer agenda, the climate agenda and more.

As previously documented, per the UN, the thrust of this agenda is the “use of digital surveillance and manipulation to influence behavior and control populations.”

This use of digital surveillance facilitates digital manipulation, which influences behaviors, which changes votes and controls the outcome of elections; it is the how that allows the ruling class to control entire populations. That’s the funnel.

Please understand, this digital surveillance and manipulation has long been underway. This threat is not new, it’s not coming in the future, it’s already happening 24/7—and just to emphasize the point, they are accelerating their plans.

A good example of this is the World Economic Forum’s recent report on the “global vs. local dilemma” for “online safety.” They claim they are crafting “cross-border solutions” to keep people safe online. In reality, they are formalizing digital censorship and codifying the global cabal’s control of the internet.

In case their intentions were not overtly clear, consider this passage of the report:

“…recently enacted and proposed regulations aim to restrict both illegal and harmful-but-legal online content and behavior…”

Clearly their intent is to restrict free speech, which has been dubbed “harmful-but-legal” online content, and they are doing so to intentionally influence public behavior.

Here’s their power play:

Although the internet is global, the laws governing it are local. The many perils arising from online content and behavioral abuses — cyber bullying, disinformation, deep fakes, gender harassment, child sexual abuse materials, election manipulation and more — do not stop at the borders, while the laws governing them do.”

Aside from pointing out that the globalists are using disinformation, gender harassment, and election manipulation to justify centralized global censorship — thereby allowing them to monopolize disinformation, harass and oppress political opposition, and manipulate and control the outcome of elections — I want to emphasize their attention to the fact that the laws are local.

They are keenly aware that citizens around the globe are living under local laws, presumably passed by local representatives who receive their authority through local elections. However, they see this as a distinct problem that needs to be overcome.

“We can and must tackle this global/local dichotomy and increase alignment of democracies…

Democracies need not wait for the negotiation of treaties or other labyrinthian diplomatic accords to improve online safety across borders…

A tool gaining popularity in the digital governance toolbox is a requirement that platforms identify, assess, mitigate and disclose the potential risks from their online services.”

When they talk about increasing alignment, they mean getting every national level government to fall inline with their centralized schemes. “Democracies need not wait,” they say, because a popular tool in the “digital governance toolbox” is incentivizing private companies to conduct total surveillance and report back to the government.

How do they incentivize Big Tech to play along? They threaten them with lawsuits over hate speech. They threaten to break them up under anti-trust laws. They make these threats, but simultaneously, they are rewarding them with big fat government contracts, tax breaks, and legal immunity, etc.

More to the point, these players are all on the same team, and they are all working against the will of the American people, on behalf of the ruling class of global elites.

The secret to their success is the potent combination of surveillance, censorship, and cleverly crafted, clinically proven propaganda being deployed through their numerable public-private partnerships. Very few people realize this is happening.

Have you heard of the Digital Surveillance Accelerator?

I first reported on this back in June, and you can get up to speed here:


The vast majority of Americans will never read that 52 page report. Just like most people remain clueless to the schemes of the global cabal, so too do most people remain woefully ignorant of this digital capture of public discourse. The result of this is an advancing onslaught of digital surveillance that threatens not only national sovereignty and local control, it threatens to reprogram the whole of humanity.

The good news is, those of us living in Small Town USA do have one distinct advantage, and that is living in close-knit communities where people are connected to each other through family ties and long-term personal relationships. It is this sort of authentic personal connection that the globalists do not have.

Why does this matter?

Because no matter how powerful technology becomes, I do not believe it will ever become more powerful than direct human interaction. Thus, it is through direct human interactions that we can powerfully impact our local communities, reclaim local control, and hold local elected leaders to account.

It’s not going to be easy. It’s not going to be quick. It’s going to take time, hustle, and a whole lot of hard damn work, but in theory, this is how we can win.

In fact, in my mind, it’s the only way we can win.

While it would take a massive leap for left-leaning members of our community to grasp and accept the entirety of the globalists’ depopulation agenda, or the fact that our government is intentionally reducing the population by promoting toxic experimental injections, there are simpler concepts that we can begin to explain.

Should rich people get to make all the rules? Should the government be restricting what people can think? Should bureaucrats be deciding what we can eat?

How about this: Is climate inaction a human rights violation?

Can we acknowledge that not everyone agrees? Can we accept differences of opinion and still live respectfully together in our local communities? Does everyone everywhere have to believe everything the same?

Have you noticed how our local leaders seem to have their hands tied by the purse strings of the state?

Have you noticed how the federal government is consolidating greater and greater degrees of power and control under the banner of the greater good?

Have you heard that absolute power corrupts absolutely?

Do you consider yourself a free human being?

A properly pointed question can open the door to discussions that lead to awakening.

We need an awakening.

The global cabal is changing laws at the local level, against the will of We The People, without public input or consent. These changes are accelerating. Their endgame is near.

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