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TR 477 - The Calculated Destruction of America

TR 477 - The Calculated Destruction of America

Looking at some cold hard numbers to understand how close we are to game over.

Let’s play with numbers.

The U.S. Border Patrol encountered 269,735 criminals illegally entering our porous southern border—in the month of September alone. In an effort to down play this historically high and shocking figure, they released this data on a Saturday morning, when absolutely no one was paying attention. Obviously that wasn’t an accident.

At the onset, I want to point out that 269,735 criminals illegally crossing the border and entering our country—in a single month—is a big number, and it’s an even bigger problem. To put that number into context, consider the fact that these 269,735 illegal criminals out number the entire population in well over 90% of the counties in our entire country.

In other words, one month of illegal immigration has allowed more criminals into our country than the total population of Americans living in the vast majority of counties spread all across the nation.

And that’s just one month. Let that sink in.

If the pictures above didn’t make it clear, it’s also worth pointing out that the vast majority of these illegal criminals are single adults, specifically military aged males. FACT. According to Customs & Border Patrol, there have been well over 1 million single military age adults illegally invading our country year after year, with over 1.5 million military aged adults invading across our southern border this year alone:

It’s also worth noting that this trend is increasing, as Border Patrol suffered a 20% increase in illegal criminal encounters between August and September of 2023. All told, there have been over 2.6 million criminals illegally crossing our border just this year alone—which is a greater number of people than the total population of at least 15 different states.

In one month, our government has let in more illegal criminals than the total population in 2,888 out of 3,147 counties—that is, these criminals now out number the total number of residents in over 90% of the counties throughout the entire country (91.77%).

In one year, our government has let in more illegal criminals than the total population of at least 15 different states—which means these criminals, from just this year alone, now out number the entire population of Americans in 30% of the states in our nation.

Perhaps most importantly, this trend has been ongoing for years—decades in fact—with more than 1 million illegal aliens being apprehended annually since the mid 1970s, according to the 1999 Statistical Yearbook on Immigration (p202):

At this point, I believe these facts and figures speak for themselves. It is impossible to know how many illegal aliens were not apprehended, or how many were apprehended and then let go to roam free within our communities. The point is that they are coming, and they are coming for a reason, and that reason is not to integrate into American society, but to exploit American taxpayers.

If the desire of these illegal criminals was to integrate and become productive members of American society, they could have followed in the foot steps of the millions upon millions of individuals who have legally migrated to the United States. But the fact that they chose to knowingly break the law a) makes them criminals, and b) tells us what we need to know about their conduct and character.

How long can this go on? What are the implications?

The Great Replacement

The Great Replacement Theory is said to be a radical right-wing conspiracy, like everything else that challenges the globalists’ plot to conquer the world. The Wiki page reads like it was written by the CIA (because it probably was), attempting to delude the concept by linking it to white supremacy, when in fact the “concept” and “conspiracy theory” is actually a directly observable phenomenon that has been thoughtfully explored by many intelligent individuals.

The term Great Replacement Theory is said to have been coined by French philosopher Renaud Camus back in 2010, who was observing how the massive influx of illegal immigrants—largely military aged Muslim males—was utterly destroying French culture. Not only were they not assimilating, they were actively fighting against and attempting to change French customs to align with their Islamic worldview. Beyond that, they were violently terrorizing French citizens.

But the greater threat, as observed by Camus, was that these illegal criminals were eventually going to out number the remnant French population, relegating the historically French men and women to second class citizens within their own country.

Furthermore, and most likely the reason why Renaud Camus is held with a contempt on par with Hitler, Camus was accurate in observing the fact that this was all being intentionally facilitated by the government. He openly wondered: why would the government be actively undermining the people in this way?

Because at the end of the day, the government’s power comes down to votes.

When the illegal aliens, Islamic terrorists, cartels and other criminals are invited to come into the country, they can immediately be held up as victims. All at once, these poor migrants are just looking for freedom, longing for democracy—and they have the right to move in and take your freedom and capture your democracy—and anyone who tries to tell you anything different is a rabid racist white supremacist.

Anyone who speaks out against allowing millions of military age adults to illegally flow into the country is an imperialist oppressor. Anyone who dares to question the sanity of it all is said to lack empathy, intelligence, and nuance of understanding.

Anyone who opposes this direct invasion and infiltration is a threat to global democracy and directly violating the basic human rights of these criminals—at least in the warped and twisted minds of the global cabal and their mind-melted minions.

I will prove that momentarily, but first, the twist.

Here’s the twist.

Renaud Camus, prior to penning his thoughts on the Great Replacement Theory, was a highly esteemed, elite French literary laureate, a member of the les immortels, and he was lauded by liberals and academics from around the world for writing raunchy tales about his homosexual escapades throughout Europe—as documented in How Gay Icon Renaud Camus Became the Ideologue of White Supremacy.

See how fast they turn on their own?

This socialist homosexual is now said to be a pillar of white supremacy and champion of far-right conspiracies. On its face, it’s a ridiculous assertion, which is why I contend that he merely had the audacity to speak the truth that the global elites would desperately like to keep buried: that they are in fact intentionally encouraging illegal immigration to subvert the sovereignty of nations all around the globe.

I’m guessing this gay Frenchman didn’t like the idea of a bunch of radical Muslims taking over his country, because radical Muslims really don’t like gay Frenchmen—in fact Muslims hate homosexuals—but of course, that’s just my speculation.

As for the fact that illegal immigration is in fact being driven by the globalist agenda, I would point you first to the UN’s office on Human Rights, which states:

“An increasing number of migrants are forced to leave their homes for a complex combination of reasons. Human rights violations against migrants can include a denial of civil and political rights such as arbitrary detention, torture, or a lack of due process, as well as economic, social and cultural rights such as the rights to health, housing or education. The denial of migrants’ rights is often closely linked to discriminatory laws and to deep-seated attitudes of prejudice or xenophobia.”

You see, denying the criminals who are illegally crossing our border their “rights” to free health care, free housing, and free education is a violation of their basic human rights. Moreover, it’s a violation of the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration, which is a legally binding international agreement said to be grounded in “international human rights laws.”

In other words, they don’t care what you think—you nasty white supremacist—if you stand against this agenda you are in violation of international law.

Currently there are 38 “entities” working under the auspice of the United Nations to protect the alleged rights of these illegal criminals, including the criminals’ right to free healthcare, housing, and education paid for with your tax dollars, as well as their rights to “freedom from arbitrary detention” and “a legal identity.”

They broke the law. They illegally entered the country. And yet they have the right to government entitlements and protection, freedom from arbitrary detention, and a legal identity—all so that they can vote, just like they do in California.

This is what global democracy is really all about: it’s about importing democrat voters in order to illegally capture elections. To overlook this fact is to miss the entire point of this globalist sham.

Just look at the numbers.

As documented in this report, in one month our government has let in more illegal criminals than the total population in over 90% of our counties—in one year, our government has let in more illegal criminals than the total population of 30% of the states in our nation—and this has been happening for decades.

How will this affect the outcome of state and local level elections in the years ahead?

The leftists are all in on this, because in their warped worldview these illegal aliens represent the global proletariat. They are facilitating a communist revolution by destroying national sovereignty and deliberately manipulating our demographics. It’s happening in countries all around the world.

The New York Civil Liberties Union claims “immigrants rights are human rights” and that “no human is illegal.” The ACLU claims that “U.S. government policies” on securing our border equate to “human rights violations against migrants and im­migrants.” Beyond all of this judicial activism right here at home, the International Justice Resource Center meticulously documents these supposed violations of human rights, and reinforces the hubris that this is all reinforced by international law.

Perhaps that’s why American politicians have done nothing to stop the invasion?

What do you think?

Friends, America is slated for destruction—a calculated destruction—and this is all part of the plan. Please keep that in mind this week as the media continues to hyperventilate over Hamas. I assure you we’ve got much bigger issues right here at home!

Resist We Must!


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