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TR 445 - How They Censor EVERYTHING

TR 445 - How They Censor EVERYTHING

It is critical that we understand the weapons that are being used against us.

This is going to be juicy.

Let’s go ahead and start off with a little front page news analysis from the traditional conservative vanguard of the Trusted News Initiative, Fox News:

There are three things I want to point out before discarding this rag in the trash.

  1. Fox news is all in on the “battle for democracy” in 2024, and there’s no doubt that they’ll be using AI to shore the narrative and keep right-leaning people in their place, safe and secure inside the cage of preconditioned party platforms.

  2. Leading the day with “GOING NUCLEAR” is always an attention grabber, but is the U.S. really flexing on the world stage? Have tensions with North Korea really reached a fever pitch, all of a sudden, seemingly out of nowhere? Or is this just posturing based on the “new” Axis of Evil we discussed yesterday? Regardless, the U.S. just launched an unarmed ICBM to ensure “safety” and “security.”

    NOTE: I just love how those comforting trigger words are being attached to fever pitch tensions and the escalating threat of nuclear war, don’t you?

  3. That third one highlighted is perhaps the most disturbing to me: considering the possibility of Kamala Harris stepping in as president. Yikes! I find it fascinating that Fox is putting this on the front page days after Jill Biden caught covid (despite being all masked and vaxxed up), and on the same day the NYT is running a piece explaining why the American people don’t like Uncle Joe. Indeed, as Fox says, “TIMES ARE CHANGING,” because no matter how the government cooks the books, gas prices are still up 63% since Biden took office—and that’s just one example of the pain inflicted by Biden’s “booming” economy.

On top of destroying the American way of life, people don’t like Biden because he is just flat unlikable. What’s to like? I could go off on the feeble old sock-puppet, but that would be beating a dead horse. Before moving on, I want to ask a provocative question: Could the establishment be looking to off the old man with covid?

It sure would be a neat and tidy way to do it. And of course, it would bolster the narrative. Take a look at how they’re shaping public perception:

The First Lady has tested positive amid a “U.S. cases surge,” and she was with poor old Joe on the same day she tested positive. Oh no!

Now the President is going to mask back up and get another booster shot, because the mask and vaccines are “safe” and “secure.” One might speculate whether the senile old man is at greater risk of dying from the bio-engineered virus or the death jab, but either way it would be an easy setup for the Deep State to sweep this used up sock-puppet into the dust bin of history.

Is that why Kamala is suddenly describing the idea of “possibly stepping into the role” of president? Holy hell, can you imagine what that might actually look like?! I can’t.

It hurts my brain just thinking about it.


How do you like your steak?

Well, if “bioethicist” Matthew Liao has anything to say about it, you’re not going to like your steak at all. No joke, this guy runs the NYU School of Public Health’s Center for Bioethics, and it turns out he has a TedTalk that’s trying to sell the idea that humans should be “genetically modified to be intolerant to meat.”

Yes, you heard that right.

To grasp the depravity of this warped woke mind, let’s put it into context:

“If we eat less meat, we could significantly reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. Now, some people would be willing to eat less meat, but they lack the willpower. Human engineering could help... We could artificially induce intolerance to meat, and in this way, we can create an aversion to eating eco unfriendly food.”

And get this:

“Genetically engineering the next generation isn’t a stretch.
In fact, it is the next logical step.”

I often talk about how people like this are sick and twisted. Can you imagine anyone in their right mind actually advocating to genetically modify human beings to be intolerant to meat? It’s ludicrous, preposterous, and utterly absurd. This is pure lunacy—and yet this is the kind of thinking that is driving the globalist agenda.

When I searched for Dr. Liao, some very interesting things came up, but before I get into that, let’s have a look at the man:

Notice how he’s from the school of Global Public Health? If you are not familiar with the One Agenda to Rule Them All — global public health is it. In fact, the World Health Organization recently released their latest Global Public Health Intelligence Report, which outlines their “robust approach” to “public health intelligence”—which is just globalist slang for the great inescapable global socialist digital surveillance state, FYI.

More on that in a minute.

Now here’s the twist: Dr. Liao isn’t only interested in genetically modifying humans to make them eat less meat. He’s also interested in altering what we remember or forget, using fancy new neuro technologies. As crazy as that sounds, I have to include the video so you can see it for yourself:

This guy is a walking, talking, globalist quack. He has a long line of disturbing research, but I don’t want to get lost in the weeds here. Instead I want to connect three very significant dots that virtually no one else is connecting:

  1. Weaponized artificial intelligence.

  2. Bio-engineering and transformation of human consciousness.

  3. The insidious new science of “infodemiology.”

Which brings us back to the WHO and the one agenda to rule them all. I’m going to share a screenshot from the WHO’s page on COVID-19, and I strongly encourage everyone to click through and poke around there to see what these shysters are up to. In the interest of time, I’m going to highlight some critical insights and emphasize the greatest threat of them all. Have a look:

First, I want to point out that the WHO is directing global health policy via its “advice” for policy makers, health workers, and the public at large. They have a dedicated dashboard for recommendations that allows them to streamline the dissemination of their socialist policies to countries around the world. This top-down centralized control is on display for everyone to see, but I’m sure you can guess how many people in the general public are actually aware of any of this.

The greatest threat however, lies under the banner of “Infodemic Management.”

This is where aspiring tyrants can learn to censor public discourse in the name of the greater good. One can sign up for the Infodemic Management 101 and a slue of other courses designed to train the useful idiots on stopping the spread of “misinformation.”

And here’s where things get really juicy.

Try to digest this headline from a July 6th, 2023 WHO news release:

Introducing rapid social listening and infodemic insights for action: WHO and UNICEF launch manual on 6 steps to build an infodemic insights report

In a nutshell, the global cabal is now mainstreaming “rapid social listening” and training nations on how to shutdown political dissent without the public even knowing it. Of course, that’s not how they’re selling it, but I assure you that is exactly what they are doing. I’ve reported on this many times before.

What you need to understand is that these strategies for “rapid social listening,” like all WHO “advice,” are directly targeting local health departments. In other words, these strategies are going to be deployed in your local community—and they probably already are. Consider who the Manual on Infodemic Insights is designed for:

“This manual is designed to be used by people in infodemic management functions within UN agencies, national level public health institutes, local health departments, factchecking organizations and community-based organizations.

The global-to-local level integration is as impressive as it is disturbing.

Two things that I want to point out:

  1. Targeting misinformation with “social listening” is rooted in political censorship, and they’ve used this strategy in over 282 political “interventions” since 2015.

  2. Just yesterday (Sept. 5th, 2023), the latest “Facebook Files” released by Congressman Jim Jordan document how the White House has been partnering with Big Tech and using “fabricated statistics” created by “foreign activists” to censor EVERYTHING.

You see, rapid social listening (which is weaponized AI) allows foreign activists to fabricate data out of thin air, pretend that they are “factcheckers,” and provide their cleverly phrased recommendations (i.e. polished propaganda) to local policy makers and other community-based organizations.

It doesn’t matter if the misinformation is deemed to be health related, or if it’s being dubbed as election interference, the tools are the same. These tools are already in place and being used all around the world, and the WHO is just giddy about it:

“The appetite to gain new skills for infodemic management continues to grow.”

Yeah, I bet it does.

Yesterday I was pointing out the various ways the media was instilling a fresh round of fear. Try to imagine weaponized AI using “rapid social listening” to monitor the pulse of humanity, then deploying clinically proven applied psychology to facilitate behavioral change—say like voting for a half-dead brainless scum bag to shuffle into a second term as president.

All of a sudden, the insanity starts to make sense. So that’s why people are acting so strange—no wonder liberals are now siding with fascists and tyrants!

I want to leave you with a little reminder of how this transformation of consciousness works in real life, quoting some highly esteemed clinical psychologists from TR 330 - The Inescapable Surveillance State:

“It is now technically possible to bring the human mind into a condition of enslavement and submission…

…we are beginning to see ever more clearly how the totalitarians use menticide: deliberately, openly, unashamedly, as part of their official policy, as a means of consolidating and maintaining their power…

…putting people into a state of fear is only the first part of the process [that’s] known to create a menticidal hypnosis. This involves the conscious part of the personality no longer being fully alert or conscious to his or her actions and behaviors.

The brainwashed person lives in a trance, repeating the mantras of the dictator.”

The spooky part is that they can influence the mind so slowly and indirectly that we may not even realize what they have done to us. That’s what the science says.

Now try to imagine what they can do with neuro-tech that can make us forget!

Resist We Must!

(Intrigued? You might also be interested in TR 354 - Understanding the Infodemic.)


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