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TR 385 - The Frog is Boiling in the Pot

TR 385 - The Frog is Boiling in the Pot

This is part two of the series on "Where there is no vision, the people perish."

[NOTE: Audio fixed!]

Try to take it in stride.

While the media continues to hyperventilate about Trump’s indictment and his potential 400 years in prison, topless trans activists are desecrating the nation’s Capitol, and increasingly violent woke leftists are quickly rebranding as “Trantifa,” wild reports are coming in like this:

It’s sickening and sad, but sometimes you just have to laugh. That’s what I appreciate about the witty satire cranked out by the Babylon Beethere’s truth in jest.

Fortunately, Biden hasn’t ordered the U.S. military to turn against United States citizens, yet. Unfortunately, the increasingly violent, completely deranged, and mysteriously funded militant leftists and radical trans activists are stepping up to do the dirty work. The recent hate-fueled trans murder spree at a Christian elementary school in Nashville is just one example. Even the UN is starting to notice Trantifa:

“Trans activists gravitate towards these very far-left groups because they share their anarcho-communist type ideology. They view the US as systemically racist, that it’s subjugated queer people, and that states passing laws against child mutilations is part of a trans genocide. And they’re fighting back.”

They are fighting back.

Clearly these mentally disturbed and unstable people believe that they are being oppressed and targeted for genocide, but where do these ideas come from?

You may recall that the Human Rights Campaign recently declared a “national emergency” for queers all across the country (TR 380 - Understanding What's at Stake). For the majority of uninformed people, when they see the name “Human Rights Campaign” they likely think they’re signing on to a good cause.

Who doesn’t want to support human rights, right?

Many people are unaware that HRC is the largest LGBTQ activist group in America. They are a fundraising machine and a political lobbying zeitgeist based out of Washington D.C. (They tossed $20 million into re-electing Obama for example.) The organization, which even has it’s own page in Britannica, was founded by a gay man named Steve Endean in 1980. Endean passionately promoted the idea that “being gay isn’t specific acts but a state of mind.”

I find the idea that being gay is a “state of mind” fascinating, especially given the fact that nearly 40% of Gen Z self-identify as LGBTQ+ — including an absolutely unbelievable 30% of young Christians. Try to wrap your head around that one!

To me, this is clear evidence of the psychological tampering and social conditioning that have been covertly converting American children for the last few decades.

There are three things I want to point out here:

  1. The parents had to be conditioned first, otherwise there is no way in hell they would support, condone, or stand for this level of insanity.

  2. Targeting children with sexualized propaganda and grossly manipulating their mental development to advance an agenda is evil in its purest form.

  3. All of these spiritually depleted, psychological disturbed, mentally unstable young adults all get to vote—and they only vote one way: for more and more insanity.

Underneath all of this lies the communist ideology of centralized government control, because only centralized government control can protect these people’s fragile mental state. Indeed, the merging of anti-fascists and trans-activists under the banner of “Human Rights” is nothing less than “a revolutionary communist-anarchist militia movement that aspires to forcibly overthrow the United States government.”

According to the highly esteemed Mathew Vadum, these groups are “responsible for a level of sustained political street warfare not seen in the U.S. since the 1960s.”

Forcible overthrow of the United States government? Sustained street warfare?

Remind me of what the right-side is up to again? Oh, never mind.

The point is, these people have conviction, and they have a vision:

“When we unite together, we are unstoppable.”

Gosh, maybe we can borrow that line back, eh?

United we stand, divided we fall, right?

And yet we have no unifying vision.

Keep that in mind.

While the vast majority of conservative Americans continue to support Donald Trump as the 2024 nominee—trouncing DeSantis more than two-fold, even after his indictment—the Republican establishment continues to throw him under the bus.

Mitch McConnel refuses to defend or stand beside the people’s choice.

Chris Christie claims Trump is a “three-time loser” who doesn’t care about America.

Paul Ryan is telling Republicans that Trump will cost them the Senate and the House.

These are our “Republican” leaders, and they don’t give a damn about the will of We The People. All they care about is money, power, and their political careers. They are standing directly opposed to the majority of patriotic, liberty loving Americans—and that means they are standing in the way of what needs to be done.

What have they done for election integrity? They’ve certified bogus elections.

What have they done to curb the political corruption? They’ve doubled down on lies.

What have they done to respect or reflect the will of the people? Not a damn thing.

Lindsay Graham and 13 other sell-out senators have voted to advance “gun safety.”

Kevin McCarthy just led House Republicans in voting to “abolish the debt ceiling.”

A whole host of Republicans are still pushing to send more and more money, military equipment and ammunition to fund the endless war in Ukraine, despite the fact that opposition to funding the ongoing meat-grinder has quadrupled in recent months.

So, let me just state the obvious here: the Republican party is fractured. The political right is clearly NOT united. We are NOT fighting for a common cause. In fact, if you really want to get right down to it, the Republican party isn’t doing a damn thing other than padding their pockets and protecting the status quo. In other words, the Republican party is NOT on the side of the American people.

It’s a bitter pill to swallow. It’s a harsh reality. But I believe more and more people are waking up to this fact. And—just for the record—this doesn’t mean that I won’t support and vote for Republican candidates in local and state elections (I will). What it means is that a vision for the future of America must account for these facts.

We desperately need a vision to unite the country, and it’s not going to be the Republican platform, the Democrat platform, or any other party platform for that matter. The political system is rigged. It’s broken, and we need to do something about it NOW if we have any desire to preserve the blessings of liberty for future generations.

The leftists are “fighting back” and taking the war to the streets. What are we doing?

Chew on that.

I want to leave you with an excerpt from this excellent article:

Patriots Do Not Flinch

We are patriots engaged in a battle of consequence!

We are the workforce.

We are also digital warriors, meme creators, artists, researchers, artists and ordinarily invisible people now considered dissidents in our own country.

We are the backbone of industry, the people who keep it all functioning, the builders, diggers and blue-collar workforce that keeps everything functioning.

We are the people they will never fully control.  We speak in languages they do not understand, and we absorb targeted ridicule as fuel.

We are the movers of goods, the truckers, the farmers, the nameless people behind the skilled trades that keep what they call American society moving.

We are the people who grow the food, pick the food, transport the food, stock the food, cook the food and facilitate the life they live.

We are a visible, yet disregarded, insurgent force within their sphere of life that is never considered, yet we control the outcomes of every moment they value.

We pick up the trash, answer the phones, run cables to their devices, mow their lawns, solve their problems, control the flow of essential services and keep our heads below the radar.

We are the majority.

We are armed with tools, hammers, pens, rulers, mice, pickup trucks, laptops, post-it notes, stickers and alternate forms of messaging that circumvent the control mechanisms deployed to create our silence.

We are inside every facility, every institution, every meeting, every moment of their existence – and we notice everything.

We have eyes of mice and ears of elephants.  We are there when they do not expect, and we melt away before they notice our appearance.

We are smart, strategic, highly intelligent and carry a brutally obvious and pragmatic common sense that finds optimal solutions to everything.

We identify our tribe immediately and without conversation.

We see what they hide, we hear what they whisper, we decipher their codes, and we understand the complexity they create in their effort to conceal.

We control the physical world that operates around every element of society, and we value real and tangible assets.

We do not sit around pontificating eloquently about philosophic nuances; we get shit done.

We are the people who facilitate their ability to take us for granted, and we do so without issue, resentment or desire for recognition.

We are optimistic, affable, kind, generous, friendly, loyal, warm and quietly spiritual in purpose.

We are polite, considerate and slow to anger.

We prefer to be left alone.  However, pushed entirely far enough, decisions are reached.  Right now, we are tenuously staring with deepened gaze.

We are increasingly pissed off…. Big Time!

We are what they fear!

full article here

Friends, I agree this is who we are.

The question is: what are we going to do?

That’s where the vision comes in.

to be continued.


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