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TR 503 - They Appear to be Planning a Crisis

TR 503 - They Appear to be Planning a Crisis

From suspicious deaths to mysterious outbreaks, the patterns point toward some planning.

There have been several themes woven throughout the week, and today’s headlines analysis attests to the timeliness of bringing it all to bear on current conversation:

Monday’s TR 500 - The Scary Power of Propaganda posited that in order to fully grasp the deplorable state of American politics, specifically as it relates to the pivotal 2024 presidential election, it was necessary to reflect on the totality of corruption since Hillary Clinton’s historic failure to steal the 2016 election, at a minimum. The implosion of the Trump-Russia collusion narrative, the Mueller investigation and more, were brought to the forefront of memory.

Today, we learn that the FBI has been ordered by a federal judge to hand over the laptop of Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich. For those in the know, Rich was shot twice in the back on July 10th, 2016, walking back to his home in Washington D.C. Mystery swirled around the fact that nothing was taken, he wasn’t robbed, and by all appearances this looked to have the telltale signs of an assassination—aka another Arkancide.

In some circles, it was suspected (i.e. known) that Seth Rich had been responsible for leaking the DNC emails to WikiLeaks, which corroborated corrupt collaboration between the DNC and Clinton to rig the 2016 election. Weeks later he was shot in the back, and years later there are still no answers. Now, over seven years later, which is much longer than the FBI was able to suppress the Hunter Biden laptop, the timing of this judge’s demand that Rich’s laptop be released is interesting, if not down right suspicious. What could this possibly mean?

Here are three thoughts:

  1. The judicial system is so impossibly broken, and the FBI is to impossibly corrupt, that dragging it out over this period of time, and releasing it in the midst of the holiday season, is meant to diffuse the impact of the story for the simple fact that most people are simply too busy and distracted to care.

  2. Given the high-impact stories of today, like the much hyped “The Great Red vs. Blue State Debate” being hosted by Fox News (designed to con middle-of-the-road low-information conservative voters) and the death of the infamous Henry Kissinger (aka China’s “most valued old friend”), there is the possibility that the timing of this release means it’s meant to be buried as quickly as possible.

  3. Given that we are facing unprecedented challenges in overcoming the outright and blatant election fraud ahead of the next election, this release could be a warning to those who seek to subvert the political establishment by airing their dirty secrets the way that Seth Rich did, maybe. After all, he was shot in the back twice in the most heavily surveilled city in the country, and to this day, quite miraculously, nobody knows who or how or why it happened.

Moral of the Story: Don’t underestimate the depravity of desperate politicians and their Deep State handlers. In this crazy, mixed-up world, anything can happen.

Monday’s report also addressed the utter farce of the J6 narrative and the release of footage demonstrating the “mostly peaceful insurrection” was not what it was made out to be. Keep in mind that for two years MAGA supporters have been made out to be violent extremists and domestic terrorists, which is nothing more than psychological priming for the eventual eradication of political dissent, and contrast that with the fresh revelations out today that there were over 200 FBI agents embedded in the crowd, and they were largely responsible for stoking the violence.

None of this is surprising to anyone who’s been paying attention, and again, it attests to the scary power of propaganda to warp the very fabric of reality. Similar to the Seth Rich story, I suspect the timing of this means it will get little traction. More than that, since the minds of the majority have already been sufficiently warped, there will be too few people who even pay attention, let alone consider the implications.

Patriots stay wise.

Another ironic connection between TR 500 and today’s news cycle was this passage:

“…it would be helpful to recall the ironic timing of the pandemic, predicted far in advance by Dr. Fauci, Bill Gates, and others privy to the plan. Recall the utterly shocking loss of civil liberties, the destruction of the economy, the relentless fear inducing propaganda, and how this was all used to justify all manner of authoritarian impulse, not the least of which was tossing election laws straight out the window.”

Considering how the Great Scam-demic helped turn the 2020 elections into the ultimate sham, and noting how the scare tactics and narrative have been revived in recent days, seeing these headlines in the news today kind of blows me away:

Add to this the classic visual aids loved by propagandists, and we’ve got a recipe for panic:

If it is not abundantly clear, this is the exact same way they built the COVID narrative during the start of the pandemic. Here’s proof from two “reputable” sources, and The Lancet, from January and February 2020 respectively:

Seeing the exact same patterns in language, and even the identical spacing in the release of propaganda, disturbs me. Could they really be ramping up another planned pandemic? Could this really be another “mysterious pneumonia” that turns out to have origins in some dank and dingy Chinese bio-lab?

Well, unfortunately, just as we have seen with the Seth Rich story, the J6 narrative, and the Fed-surrection, at this point in history it appears that anything is possible.

Which brings me to yet another interesting coincidence I came across, which is this video clip of Bill Gates praising the Chinese Communist Party for their “fairly authoritarian” response to the last pandemic—stating:

“There may have been a lot of individual rights that were violated there, but the overall effect that they achieved is kind of amazing.”

In the clip Gates makes the off-cuff remark about how these authoritarian tactics paved the way for other countries to deploy the same strategies, and says this:

“Gosh, I wished we had practiced for this, because it’s such a novel idea.”

That is a direct quote, and it’s a straight-up bald-faced lie.

That is precisely what Event 201 was, it was a pandemic planning exercise that was conspicuously held in late October 2019, hosted by none other than the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, the World Economic Forum, and other key players.

According to the

“This training tabletop exercise [ironically held two months before the pandemic] is based on a fictional scenario. The inputs experts used for modeling the potential impact were fictional. It is a teaching and training resource for public health and government officials.”

“Gosh, I wished we had practiced for this, because it’s such a novel idea.”

If you’ve been with me for awhile, you may also recall these shysters have already conducted their next planning session—dubbed the “Catastrophic Contagion” exercise—which was being rolled out about this time last year. Also coming from the global cabal’s A-list players, note how they are using the exact same language: Catastrophic Contagion is supposedly a “training tabletop exercise based on a fictional scenario.”

I first detailed this event back in TR 257 - The Anatomy of a Pysop (Dec. 12th, 2022), which again rather ironically, was mocking the eye catching headlines about breakthroughs in nuclear fusion—and today we find this headline coming out:

UN atomic chief backs nuclear power at COP28

What makes that headline so fantastically ironic is that the climate crazies typically despise the idea of using “dirty” nuclear power, because it has the potential to utterly destroy the planet they so desperately want to protect. Just to give you a taste of the degree of cerebral whiplash on display here, consider this:

Having the UN back nuclear power at their premier Radical Environmentalist Extravaganza is on par with having a liberal lawmaker tell congress that free speech is a “free-for-all hellscape”—it is so utterly incongruent with every single premise upon which these peoples’ worldview rests, it necessarily facilitates cognitive dissonance.

As previously discussed at length, this is precisely how they hack the human mind. Intentionally creating cognitive dissonance primes the mind for reprogramming.

This is paving the way for “snow to be black” or for those who cherish “democracy” to fall in love with their authoritarian overlords. As crazy as that sounds, consider that fawning research at the NIH has concluded, “the consequences of crisis management by authoritarian governments have not been fully appreciated.”

Gosh, that sounds a lot like what Bill Gates said, doesn’t it?

“Authoritarian governments have not been fully appreciated.”

I suppose from their warped perspectives, all they need is another crisis to manage in order to boost the public’s appreciation of their authoritarian control. I’m sure it’s just a wild conspiracy, but the suspicious peasant in me suspects that’s exactly what they’re doing. What do you think?

Let me know in the comments below!

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