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TR 429 - JFK, RFK, & the Assassination of Truth

TR 429 - JFK, RFK, & the Assassination of Truth

Examining the role of the CIA in manipulating public perspective and driving the global depopulation agenda.

It’s Monday morning, August 14th, 2023, and the mainstream news cycle has kicked off another week of “their gonna get Trump” and other despicable political shenanigans. Front page news over at Fox is how Biden is getting “torched” for his callous response to the “deadliest wildfires” ever—and I’m sure the pun was intended.

If that’s not bad enough, then they throw out the slew of crap seen below—as if there is nothing more important to report about than people fleeing liberal cesspools, a crazy lady brutally murdering her roommate, and God-like extraterrestrials.

Obviously I don’t want to dive into any of these stories—but I’m bringing it up for a reason. There are a few points I think are worth pointing out here:

  1. The majority of people get the majority of their information from the mainstream media, which is working to monopolize public perception under the Trusted News Initiative. Fox and CNN are only two examples of many.

  2. It would behoove us to begin scrutinizing these sources through the lens of psychological operations. Think of it like directing public attention away from important matters and keeping people dazzled and distracted with propaganda.

  3. Psychological operations generally blend some small element of truth with a more hefty dose of BS in order to obscure the most relevant facts. This is the idea behind the “limited hangout” strategy, and it is a masterful tactic of deceit.

Those were the thoughts that flew through my mind when I grabbed that screenshot of aliens from Fox. Every element seemed to be masterfully crafted to direct attention away from anything important, and directly to the red-meat “proof of aliens” market.

But did you notice the headline with that middle image? It says, “DO THE DEW.”

The all capital DEW immediately caught my eye. It registered in my brain as “Directed Energy Weapon”—the kind of DEW we were digging into in the congressional record last week, and the very same kind of DEW that many have speculated may have been used to level a historic tourist town in Maui.

You can read more analysis of that theory in TR 428 - Between Conspiracy & Speculation, but suffice it to say I suspect there is ulterior motives for those exact letters—capitalized D E W—being on Fox News this morning, overlaid on an eye-catching picture of a crazy lady who looks utterly unremorseful for brutally murdering her roommate.

She doused herself in Mountain Dew in an effort to destroy the DNA evidence, or so the story goes—but I don’t really care about the story. What I care about are Algorithmic Social Interventions (ASI) that control “emerging” public perceptions. I care about weaponized AI being used to manipulate the masses. And yes, I do care about insanely powerful space based weapons systems that could be used against us.

Do you understand exactly how algorithms work? Me neither.

I’m not a computer programmer, but I do get the gist. An algorithm takes whatever information you plug into it, and then it generates the appropriate output.

The way that Algorithmic Social Interventions work is by altering the information on the output side. That is, when you search for something like “how to fix my car” you’ll probably get some helpful results—but you might also get results like “people need to trade in their old cars in order to save the planet.” It’s subtle, but it’s there.

A perfect example of this kind of ASI is when I was digging for research on women being more emotionally vulnerable than men, and the first result that popped up was some bogus woke “science” that suggested my toxic masculinity was worse than I even thought. The reason I was on this topic was because the FBI was clearly targeting women in one of their latest “snitch now” schemes, as discussed in TR 408.

Thus, I strongly suspect this DEW headline on Fox was actually intended to give the algorithms something to grab onto, something from a “trusted” news source, that could potentially diffuse public search results for all things related to DEW. Alternately, it could be a public facing signal to those in the know that DEWs are a rapidly rising top-of-mind interest among the curious peasants of the world.

That’s all just hypothetical speculation. I could be completely wrong—but then again, the search results kind of speak for themselves:

Notice how two out of the top three results generated from “what is DEW” are related to the crazy lady, while the third “trusted” news source lambastes the crazy “conspiracy theorists” who might be inclined to look into the DEW as an explanation of the entirely implausible official narrative surrounding the Maui wildfires.

Do you really think that’s just a coincidence?

Personally, I don’t. At any rate, I just wanted to get that off my chest before diving into the legitimate and well-documented Deep State fleecing of the American people.

Zoom out.

Democrat presidential contender Robert F. Kennedy Jr. recently shed light on the fact that the CIA is the “biggest funder of journalism” in the world. He also claims the agency as funneled billions of dollars into Silicon Valley, essentially taking an ownership stake in many of the most popular social media platforms and tech start ups, and then forcing the CEOs to sign secrecy agreements to obfuscate their fascist collusion between Big Tech and the corrupt federal government.

Investigations into the Twitter Files and the Google Leaks have tried to bring this unholy alliance into the light, but the stories have been buried faster than Hunter Biden snorting coke at the White House—which is of course just a conspiracy.

Interestingly enough, RFK has also blown the whistle on the CIA being involved in the gain-of-function research in Wuhan, as well as the heavy propaganda campaign that was designed to discredit and silence anyone who promoted the lab leak theory.

Others have speculated that the entire COVID scam-demic was actually an orchestrated coup designed and delivered by the U.S. intelligence community—though more centrist conservative commentators tend to disagree.

For me personally, I have no doubt that the intelligence community orchestrated a coup in the 2020 election, nor do I doubt their role in perpetrating the global pandemic. That said, I think that “COVID-19: The Great Reset”—authored by WEF president Klaus Schwab—points to this whole ordeal being methodically planned and meticulously implemented by a broad consortium of global players, not just the CIA.

Regardless, with RFK rocking the boat like he is, I thought this article was timely:

For those who are into it, that articles slices and dices the various theories surrounding the JFK assassination. At this point is anyone really surprised? And more importantly, if evidence confirms that the Deep State has previously assassinated a sitting U.S. president, what are the implications for where we’re at now?

Could the timing of this story be some sort of warning shot about RFK’s big mouth?

Friends, the truth is, there is no way to know. We can speculate. We can theorize. But the big takeaway I got from that article is that even after 60 years of digging into the so-called conspiracies, even when all the evidence comes to light about how the CIA altered video footage and so on, the result remains unchanged: Nothing happens.

There is no accountability. History has been written and re-written so many times, there is really no way of penetrating the mass of propaganda surrounding this issue. The same could be said for the Trump-Russian collusion hoax, the “mostly peaceful” J6 insurrection, or the historic victory of the most popular sock-puppet ever elected.

As previously discussed, the global elites believe that we are living in a post-truth era, and they’ve even declared that we are a post-truth species. I adamantly object to the notion and flatly reject the premise. The truth exists, whether we care to seek it, are willing to accept it, or are able to grasp—or not. I articulated this nuance in TR 298:

Also, regarding the Deep State manipulation of public perceptions, I documented the CIA’s decades-long pysops and media infiltration strategies in TR 333:

The point that I want to emphasize here, is that this has all been happening for much longer than most of us have been aware. The pandemic was a wake up call for many, myself included. Once my eyes were opened to the extreme degrees of corruption and the shocking ways in which our very own government has been weaponized against us, there was really no putting the genie back in the bottle.

Everything I thought I knew became subject to much greater scrutiny.

The silver lining to this heightened skepticism is that is seems to have built up some resistance to the techniques of “heightened suggestibility” being used to fleece and control the masses. Troubling as it may be to question everything we think we know, the results can lead to a profound realization of just how warped “reality” has become.

It is my conviction that the global elites are attempting to assassinate truth itself.

Through the use of weaponized AI and Algorithmic Social Interventions, the global cabal is working around the clock to keep us locked in the illusions of our minds. They do so in order to advance their heinous anti-human agenda in broad daylight.

In fact, Dr. Robert Malone just delivered “the receipts” on the globalist’s long-standing and sustained efforts to reduce the population. If the idea that the global elites are perpetrating crimes against humanity is new to you, read this.

Unsurprisingly, Dr. Malone’s research also reveals that the CIA was heavily involved in the development of the original depopulation agenda—back in the 70s—and they were also grooming Klaus Schwab and central in the founding of the World Economic Forum, which is perhaps the greatest driving force of this sickening agenda today.

At this point, I firmly believe these people are ready and willing to do anything to advance this agenda, and the systematic assassination of truth (via state-funded censorship and Algorithmic Social Interventions) is just one slice of the pie.

That’s why sharing is caring. Try as they might, they can’t silence us all—yet!


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