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TR 123 - How the WHO Takes Over the World

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TR 123 - How the WHO Takes Over the World

Understanding how the World Health Organization threatens national sovereignty.

Have you heard?

There is a lot of fuss going around about the World Health Organization's meeting in Geneva this week. People are claiming that the WHO intends to pass regulations that are legally binding on State governments, effectively superseding the sovereignty of countries around the globe, including our own.

Even more disturbing, some reports claim that the Biden administration actually drafted and presented the revisions to the International Health Regulations that will strengthen the grip of the WHO around the neck of global leaders. Could it be that our own government is about to give the World Health Organization the authority to force vaccinations, quarantines, and health surveillance on the unsuspecting American public?

In a White House press release dated February 2, 2022, the administration explicitly states its commitment to strengthening the WHO, implementing the multilateral Global Health Security Agenda, and accelerating the Global VAX initiative with a "whole-of-government" effort that enhances international coordination with other "non-governmental stakeholders."

Does all of that sound good? Or does any of that raise a few red flags for you?

At surface level, all of these initiatives are dripping with altruistic intent. It sounds as if the whole world is working together to protect humanity from the threat of infectious disease, striving to prevent future pandemics from causing Covid level calamity. There is no doubt that a "global level response" will help save lives -- and saving lives is the most important thing, right? WRONG.

Let me just cut to the chase.

As the name Global Health Security Agenda implies, this is all part of a much larger agenda. The reality of current circumstance is that we are witnessing the implementation of a global socialist agenda that has been at play for decades, and the COVID-19 Great Reset was the opening scene for their final act. While skeptics may doubt me, this is not speculation. It's just a cold hard fact. 

The truth is that the United States ceded its sovereignty to international governance long ago. As for the International Health Regulations, these binding international laws have been in place since 1969. Originally only regulating "quarantinable diseases," over the years the scope of the IHR have been repeatedly revised and expanded to include a "wide range of potentially international public health risks," such as:

  • emerging communicable diseases

  • contaminated foods or pharmaceuticals

  • contamination of the environment

  • release of toxic or nuclear material

  • events that create potential for disease

Functionally, the International Health Regulations are an apparatus of global surveillance, requiring all member States to submit reports and data that the WHO can use for the "detection, assessment, and prevention" of potentially adverse events. Embedded in the language is the authority to dictate national responses to any event the WHO deems a threat to global health, culminating in the new One Health agenda that links human health to environmental health, effectively extending their mandates to regulate all human behavior.

To be clear, this authority is already on the books, and has been for decades. The challenge has been getting 194 different countries to comply with these international laws and regulations, and COVID-19 gave the less inclined world leaders a wake-up call as to the importance of this global surveillance state, and the globally directed response to international pandemics.

But does the WHO have the authority to overrule national governments?


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