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TR 502 - The Global Ban on Green M&Ms

TR 502 - The Global Ban on Green M&Ms

Given their obsession with ruling your life, this one still might shock you.

Continuing on the heels of the globalists’ fanatical climate escapades, today I want to start by highlighting some indications that more and more people are waking up. It appears the narrative is imploding on several fronts, and that’s good news.

Consider the implications of the following headlines:

What we see here, is the reality that Donald Trump continues to gain traction despite the inconceivably corrupt tactics that have been deployed against him. Furthermore, we find a stalwart example of what “democracy” actually looks like, wherein The People have spoken, and they’re standing by their man.

Even the leader of Black Lives Matter is backing Donald Trump, given that he was “responsible for creating the most prosperity for minority voters in American history.”

Liberals can either eat shit, or wake up and smell the roasted narrative.

But this isn’t the only good news of the day. It may seem a bit morbid, but chalking up the sudden surge in cardiac arrests and fresh historical highs for heart attacks among otherwise healthy people is good news too—it means more and more doctors are starting to connect the dots between this post-pandemic phenomenon and the experimental death jabs they’ve been doling out for the last couple of years.

That’s good news, as bleak as it may be.

In a similar vein, recent peer-reviewed studies now show that people who consistently wore masks during the pandemic (aka face diapers), had a 33% HIGHER chance of contracting COVID-19. It would appear that the countless cycles of self-contamination and prolonged effect of breathing in a bacteria filled petri-dish have finally started to pierce the statistical satire promulgated by state propaganda for the last three years.

This too is heart-warming for everyone who chose to inspect the last century’s worth of evidence and decided not to comply with the utterly dehumanizing and worthless mask mandates, despite being treated like lepers within the community—though it no doubt will come as a shock to the mask nazis who persist to this day.

It still blows me away that people don’t realize not everybody had to wear a mask. In reality, nobody HAD to wear a mask, even though there were 39 states that forced this insanity upon the population for various lengths of time. As for those 11 states that never imposed mask mandates to begin with, history has proven they fared just fine.

Keep that in mind as we watch the media roll-out its next fear campaign:

We’ve been warned repeatedly that the next pandemic is just a matter of time. Unfortunately, for most people the pandemic is so far in the rearview mirror they seem to have forgotten about the fact they lost all their liberties, even their right to breathe freely as a free human being, just a few years back. Mask mandates? That wasn’t so bad. What’s the big deal? Is that really the hill you want to die on?

Forgive the rant, but for me personally, the answer has always been, since the very beginning: YES. I will fight and die to breathe freely, without a mask on my face. Anyone who tries to cover my face, hide my smile, and restrict my breathing can expect to be met with deadly force. No chance in hell I will wear a mask, I’d rather starve to death and die alone in the wilderness.

That’s been my attitude, and nothing has changed.

BUT, the fact that there is fresh evidence—on top of 100+ years of irrefutably solid scientific evidence—that masks not only do not work, but they actually make the threat of getting and spreading the disease even worse, now that’s some good news indeed. With any luck, it will wake a few more people up before the next wave.

Thus, as with liberals having to stomach the fact that Trump’s indestructible lead in the polls is perhaps the purest of all examples of how actual democracy works, so too does the bitter reality that masks are utterly worthless—and they have measurably harmful effects, as I’ve been saying for over two years—come crashing through the carefully maintained delusions that have been getting spoon-fed to the sheep for the last three years.

The fact we still see people wearing masks is proof that the propaganda works, and the effects are resilient and stubborn. And just to drive a stake through the heart of this unruly urge to slap a mask back on all the “good humans” of the world, get a load of this headline from the New York Times:

The Mask Mandates Did NOTHING… Will Any Lessons Be Learned?

When the old guard liberal rag admits the truth, well then, it must be true!

Now let’s zoom out!

Friends, as much as I enjoy gloating about this good news, there are other things happening in the world today, not the least of which is the UN’s Climate Crazy Extravaganza and their insidious plot to warp reality in such a way as to justify “proportioning” billions of peasants. As discussed yesterday, these sick bastards will be grooming and exploiting children in the run-up to this event, and they plan on using these brainwashed youths as the tip of the proverbial spear—but today we need to discuss how the rest of us, how the rest of humanity, is set to get the shaft.

What I want to focus on here is the methods of their madness.

How are so few people able to wield so much influence? How are so few people able to convince the majority of global leaders to buy into their schemes? Why aren’t there more people in leadership positions willing to stand up and call out the insanity?

The pad answer would be that global leaders are just trusting “the science,” and there is no doubt many of the useful idiots gathering for the World Climate Action Summit have bought into the bunk and junk science hook-line-and-sinker.

But that still doesn’t answer the question as to how so many leaders have been so brainwashed to believe they can no longer question the climate narrative.

To understand the how, we need to draw upon a few facts as revealed in previous reports. Recalling that language controls behavior, which is what makes the narrative so powerful, we need to hearken back to TR 65 - The Responsibility To Protect to reflect on the actual techniques that are being used to cultivate these new patterns of language and new ways of thinking:

Using sophisticated techniques like Horizon Scanning, Capacity Building, and the Delphi Method, the global elite have been very successful at implementing their agenda, building the scaffolding of total control in an incremental and systematic way. It’s worth noting, these strategies were developed by military and intelligence agencies — who were developing weapons for psychological warfare.

In a nutshell, by using very structured Q&A sessions, getting leaders to give up their inner-workings by answering surveys for example, the language contained in their responses is then analyzed, deconstructed, and then fed back to them in a new series of questions that are designed to elicit peer pressure and groupthink.

This is how they build consensus, which then allows them to “build capacity” by getting the leaders of various countries and organizations on board with the vision.

Imagine it like this:

One group of quacks want to get the whole world on board with their vision for eliminating green M&Ms. Knowing full well that lots of peasants really enjoy green M&Ms, which puts a certain degree of political pressure on elected leaders to protect green M&Ms, the group of quacks decides to host an extravagant event wherein global leaders are lavished with praise for being enlightened leaders, receiving the full red-carpet treatment and the distinguished title of Excellencies.

What leader wouldn’t want to attend that kind of event?

So they sign up, and as part of the process they get a survey about the health of their constituents, with questions along the lines of:

“What are some of the sugary snacks in your country that are fueling the epidemic of obesity, diabetes, and preventable death?”

All the leaders respond in kind. Responses are compiled and analyzed by psychologists and propagandists, who then send out the next survey:

“Responses from leaders around the world indicated that small, snackable sweet-snacks, like M&Ms for example, are driving an epidemic of preventable death and skyrocketing healthcare costs that are burdening public health around the globe.

What can your country do to keep people safe from this risk and save lives?”

Now the wheels are really turning: what can we do to keep people safe and save lives? Again, each leader responds in kind. Meanwhile, a secretly funded series of studies suddenly sprouts out of nowhere indicating that the specific dye used in green M&Ms is known to cause cancer in the state of California, and beyond.

For round three of conference preparation, the quacks being the methodical and meticulous planners that they are, responses from the previous two surveys are used as guidelines for how best to introduce this new groundbreaking science. Another survey goes out, perhaps now simply labeled as a “note to our esteemed excellencies,” which reads as follows:

Esteemed Excellencies,

Based on extensive input from world leaders on the emerging science of cancer causing candies, citing clinical research that indicates green M&Ms are the primary source of preventable deaths and disease, noting the responsibility of global leaders to reduce risk, keep people safe and save lives, expert scientific consensus indicates the urgent need to reduce planetary consumption of green M&Ms to mitigate the threat of a catastrophic public health crisis.

We hereby call on global leaders from the public and private sector to stand together and lead the way in saving lives by implementing policies and public messaging campaigns that reduce or eliminate the consumption of green M&Ms by the end of the year. To urgently address this emerging crisis, global leaders will voluntarily report production and consumption data to the newly formed Global Green M&M Reduction Task Force.

Only by working together through collective efforts can we keep this toxic product off the shelf, keep people safe, and save lives. Never has there been a more urgent need for countries of the world to work together to prevent death and disease associated with the unjust production of green M&Ms in order to prevent the untimely collapse of our severely strained global health care systems.

Your pledge of support to this most noble cause at the upcoming conference is a signal to the world of your impeccable leadership and concern for citizens everywhere, especially the most vulnerable among us.

Will you kindly prepare a few public remarks to demonstrate your solidarity with this life saving Green M&M Initiative? Leaders from around the world have already done so, and you are invited to stand with them and speak out against this plight.

If you have any questions about what to say, we have templates available for your convenience. Have your staff contact our staff.

Your Excellency, please don’t miss out on this opportunity to show the world how excellent your leadership truly is!”

As ridiculous as the Green M&M Agenda may seem, this is exactly how global consensus is formed and how global leaders are persuaded to support ridiculous ideas like the radical environmental agenda packed into the Sustainable Development Goals.

To get a taste of the language being poured into global leaders ahead of the COP28 event, you might enjoy reading their own opening letter—which is addressed to the Excellencies, no joke—that lays out their vision for our collective future… but in the interest of time, I’ll have to tackle the details tomorrow!

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