TR 260 - Will They Arrest the President?Listen now (21 min) | There is a new Supreme Court document sparking hope, but it is NOT what it seems.
Zipping out this urgent information ahead of today's podcast...
TR 265 - The Once In a Lifetime SCAMListen now (22 min) | Presenting a big-picture perspective on this once-in-a-generation generated crisis.
Examining the effects of repetitive propaganda on brain function and behavior.
TR 291 - The Hard Truth about Donald TrumpListen now (22 min) | Like him, love him, or loathe him, these are the things we all need to consider.
TR 281 - Distractions & the Disarming of AmericaListen now (22 min) | Sometimes it feels like false hope is all we have left... but resist we must!
Corrupt politicians are destroying our country. Are you ready to make a stand but not sure what to do? This special report offers five effective…
TR 263 - You're Not Going to Believe ThisListen now (21 min) | Just when you thought the lies couldn't possibly get any more blatant...
How The People's Convoy is inspiring Americans coast to coast.
TR 279 - Cracking the Cult of CollectiveListen now (25 min) | Peeling back the layers of illusion and examining the intent that's hidden in language.
TR 257 - The Anatomy of a PsyopÉcoutez maintenant (21 min) | Through the looking glass we go...
History, Perspective, and Questioning What Is Really Going On