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TR 186 - Are We Prisoners of War?

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TR 186 - Are We Prisoners of War?

Why the heavy toll of public manipulation has yet to fully be felt.

People are suffering.

Lest we forget, there are political prisoners being held at the nation’s capitol in Gitmo-like conditions for allegedly conspiring an insurrection over the 2020 elections. Three of these prisoners have killed themselves to escape this living hell. A small group of family members and dedicated patriots have been gathering outside praying and protesting this injustice for months—and yet, how many Americans are even paying attention?

It’s sad. It’s frustrating. It’s sickening to realize how callous and corrupt our government has become. This reality weighs very heavy on my heart.

A friend recently wrote to me about the need to rise above the political fray. Just get outside and enjoy life—why am I always talking about viruses and politics? Certainly there are more important things in life that the daily news, right?

I couldn’t agree more… yet I’m back in the saddle this morning, sifting through the psyops in order to present an intelligent perspective on the current chaos, to better help my friends, family, and fellow patriots better prepare for what lies ahead.


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