Aug 29, 2022 • 17M

Ep. 186 - Are We Prisoners of War?

The heavy toll of public manipulation has yet to fully be felt.

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People are suffering.

Lest we forget, there are political prisoners being held at the nation’s capitol in Gitmo-like conditions for allegedly conspiring an insurrection over the 2020 elections. Three of these prisoners have killed themselves to escape this living hell. A small group of family members and dedicated patriots have been gathering outside praying and protesting this injustice for months—and yet, how many Americans are even paying attention?

It’s sad. It’s frustrating. It’s sickening to realize how callous and corrupt our government has become. This reality weighs very heavy on my heart.

A friend recently wrote to me about the need to rise above the political fray. Just get outside and enjoy life—why am I always talking about viruses and politics? Certainly there are more important things in life that the daily news, right?

I couldn’t agree more… yet I’m back in the saddle this morning, sifting through the psyops in order to present an intelligent perspective on the current chaos, to better help my friends, family, and fellow patriots better prepare for what lies ahead.

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Here’s the thing, the macro level events that are shaping our current reality are soon to come crashing down upon the disconnected and unsuspecting. All of the little things that we can do to escape the madness—head to the mountains, go for a hike, hangout with friends and talk about something else, etc—are soon to be stripped away. Believing otherwise doesn’t make it so.

How can you head to the mountains if you can’t afford fuel for the ride, or worse yet, there is no fuel for your ride? How can you leave your home unattended when there are bands of desperate, hungry people who will be quick to seize upon your absence? How can you enjoy lighthearted conversation when you’re uncertain where your next meal will come from or whether or not you’ll be able to stay warm when your utilities shut off or are restricted?

All of these potentials are pressing into the reality of families all around the globe.

One might chose to ignore what’s happening in Europe right now (all of the above), or the fact that millions of Americas are set to be evicted right before the cold winter months because they can no longer afford their rent thanks to astronomical inflation in everything from food to fuel. The plight of these peasants doesn’t much affect the upper-middle class, until the day they share the same fate.

An observation I’ve made over the last couple of years indicates that those who have had enough money to remain comfortable throughout the crisis are more likely to ignore what has happened than those who have suffered the brunt of the chaos. Cush jobs and steady paychecks directly correlate to greater compliance.

Those who lost their small businesses or their livelihoods because of the pandemic where quicker to wake up to the realities of the Great Reset. They were quicker to see through the bullshit and realize the pain being inflicted was intentional. None of the covid chaos has had a damn thing to do with public health and safety—it has been solely about control since before the cabal even launched the attack.

Since inception, COVID-19: The Great Reset, has been leading the public to slaughter. While myself and many others have been howling about this, we are too few and too far between. The masse are too easily manipulated by the media. The majority of people are either too comfortable or too conditioned to care.

But that’s about to change.

Discomfort is perhaps the greatest driver of behavioral change. Hunger, in particular, has long been the tool of choice for tyrants seeking to control a population. Considering Biden’s remarks about the coming food shortages, the UN’s recent deleting of an article titled The Benefits of World Hunger, one might get the impression that hunger is about to grip the globe in historic fashion.

Because that’s all part of the plan.

The digitally censored UN article was written by a college professor named George Kent, who offers this keen insight into why the food shortages are “gonna be real”:

Hunger has great positive value to many people. Indeed, it is fundamental to the working of the world's economy. Hungry people are the most productive people, especially where there is a need for manual labor. … How many of us would sell our services if it were not for the threat of hunger?

More importantly, how many of us would sell our services so cheaply if it were nor for the threat of hunger? When we sell our services cheaply, we enrich others, those who own the factories, the machines and the lands, and ultimately own the people who work for them. For those who depend on the availability of cheap labor, hunger is the foundation of their wealth.

To sum it up: The global elite want compliance and cheap labor and so they are actively facility a global food crisis to bend humanity to their twisted will.

They want slaves.

Perhaps you’ve heard the famous quote from globalist Henry Kissinger:

“Control oil and you control nations; control food and you control the people.”

I would like to point out that the environmental agenda controls both, which is why I’ve dubbed it the One Agenda to Rule Them All. More precisely, the global cabal is currently implementing a plan to capture and control the means of production and consumption, which is their explicitly stated goal.

By controlling every aspect of the economy (production and consumption), and regulating every aspect of lives (i.e lowering thermostats, water restrictions, etc), the elites will have every tool they need to facilitate the behavioral change necessary to reduce the human population to compliant serfs who won’t dare to bite the hand that feeds them.

The peasants will accept discomfort rather than disobey, because the punishment for noncompliance is starving to death in the cold.

Back to reality.

This is the big picture analysis of forces that are shaping our daily lives. The critical takeaway is realizing that pain is all part of the plan and the global food crisis is really just getting started. Those who are currently comfortable paying exorbitant prices for gas and groceries are in for a rude awakening.

Money can’t buy you something that doesn’t exist—nor can it buy you a ticket to escape the harsh realities that are currently cresting the horizon.

To ignore global politics in the current circumstance would be a costly mistake. The opportunity to observe how the global agenda is playing out in other countries right now, provides us with the ability to see what’s coming our way. All across Europe, things are quickly moving from bad to worse as radical climate policies and political chaos cripple entire countries.

Says one man:

“This is beyond imagination, people are sleeping in their cars. I remember the communist times but it didn't cross my mind that we could return to something even worse.”

What could be worse than returning to communist times?

How about a malicious alliance of politically motivated public-private partnerships, in cahoots with nation states and international governing bodies, leveraging virtually unlimited resources, artificial intelligence, and genetic modifications in order to manipulate the whole of humanity for their own personal gain—and selling the idea as a care package for the planet.

It’s communism on steroids, with a 21st century trans-humanist twist. It’s a global heist of the human spirit, a hijacking of the hive mind to create an army of hackable animals who are happy to toil away as slaves in the dystopian Future Earth—where you will own nothing, eat bugs and be happy—or else.

Never forget.

There are people being held as political prisoners. There are people cold, hungry, and scared. There are a bunch of psychopaths trying to take over the world—and there are more hard times ahead. In such precarious times, in times of war, the idea that “ignorance is bliss” is quick to come back and bite you in the ass.

People who love freedom are being systematically conquered all around the globe. Our resources are being captured. Our organizations are being infiltrated. Our ability and will to resist are actively being subverted from every angle.

“Call it cultural warfare, political warfare, psychological warfare, modern warfare, or whatever—we are at war.” (Ep. 136)

Many of our friends and family have been captured in this culture war. Many have become political prisoners of propaganda. Many have been hacked by a malicious mindset. Many are already under the vicarious control of the global cabal.

People have been conditioned not to care. They remain blind to what’s going on.

There is still time to reach out to these prisoners of war.

From here on out, like ripping duct-tape off of someone’s face, the awaken process is only going to get more painful. Kudos to all those who’s eyes remain wide open and who have prepared themselves for the inevitable impact of what’s to come.

The mission now is to help people wake up before it’s too late!

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