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TR 207 - The Baltic Sea Bombing

How deep state shenanigans *might* be directing global chaos.

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Luke Throop
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They’re in on it.

As the world keeps turning, so too does the U.S. deep state continue to manipulate global affairs and fleece the American people. It’s as predictable as it is disturbing, but every once in awhile their meddling risks triggering an unstoppable series of geopolitical events that lead directly to truly catastrophic consequences—which is where we are at today.

Intentional or not, the Baltic Sea bombing is going to affect us all, at the local level.

Yesterday, I pointed out that the mainstream media was pretty much ignoring what had just happened on the bottom of the Baltic Sea. Someone had just bombed the Nord Stream pipelines—which is HUGE—but the word was mum. There was a slight murmur about “mysterious leaks,” but for the most part, not a peep. From CNN:

But here’s the thing:

There was absolutely nothing mysterious about this intentional act of sabotage.

This was an act of war.

Mind you, I’ve not seen anyone else make this declaration just yet, but I would expect these words to crop up in the narrative at some point in the near future.

Yesterday's episode (TR 206) ran through some hypothetical speculations, given the limited information on hand, to discern who or what might have caused these explosions:

Who do you think bombed the Nord Stream pipeline? More importantly, why do you think they bombed the Nord Stream pipeline? We might as well speculate, because it’s anyone’s guess, right? Western powers created policies that inflicted pain on the European people. Then they passed sanctions that inflicted even more pain on the European people. So then, maybe just maybe, this pipeline was hit to inflict even more pain, trigger a catastrophic economic collapse, accelerate the global food crisis, and potentially lead to a nuclear war?

All signs pointed toward U.S. involvement, and that’s where we’ll pick it up today.

Let’s grab a few headlines:

Well that escalated quickly. Ukraine accuses Russia, Russia denies the accusation, and the U.S. Embassy tells everyone to run for their lives. The narrative is taking shape.

I suspect that the lag between the actual events and the twisted reporting was to allow TPTB time to gauge response and carefully craft their message, but make no mistake, the bombing of the Nord Stream has been in the planning stages for months.

Obviously, the way this is going to be spun is Russia, Russia, Russia! At this point, “Russia!” is the catch-all scapegoat for everything the deep state does. You might as well expect “Russia!” to plunge humanity into a global energy and food crisis, start World War III, and interfere with our upcoming elections as well—because the deep state will certainly have nothing to do with any of that.

But let’s back up a little bit. Did you know that the CIA warned Germany of a possible attack on Nord Stream pipelines just weeks ago? Today this fact is all over the news:

What a coincidence.

Interestingly enough, this warning came out about the same time the U.S. Navy was running Operation BALTOPS 2022. This operation was touted as the perfect opportunity for testing underwater drones that were equipped with “mine hunting technology”—and of course, they’d have to plant some mines in order to hunt some mines. Maybe one of these mines was accidentally left behind and activated?

You know, like Alec Baldwin’s gun being accidentally loaded with a live round?

Personally, I don’t think the Navy had anything to do with bombing the Nord Stream. That would be too traceable and conspicuous. But those underwater drones—haven’t we talked about those before? Ah yes, that’s right, along with stealth drones and kamikaze drones, unmanned naval drones are all part of the package of high-speed military equipment that the U.S. has shipped to Ukraine.

In TR 103 we talked about how this technology could have been used to sink the Russian flagship Moskva, and how the deep state continued Poking the Russian Bear.

So another story is starting to take shape: The U.S. handed Ukrainians the means to sabotage the Nord Stream with underwater drones, the CIA warned Germany that something bad might happen, and Russia is clearly to blame for the bombing.

By the way, these “mysterious leaks” blasted through nearly six inches of steel and reinforced concrete, registering at 2.3 on the Richter Scale, and are now pumping out gas bubbles that spread over a kilometer wide. In the words of one official, “It’s a really big hole.” In fact, reports are already coming out that this $35 billion Russian pipeline has been “damaged beyond repair” and will never operate again.

Who benefits from that?

Certainly not the Russians, and not the Europeans desperately trying to stay warm this winter. Some might speculate that the Ukrainians stand to benefit, since they’ve been fighting with Russia over the flow of gas to Europe for years—and the destruction of Nord Stream means they will now control the bulk of that flow.

Just to be clear, the destruction of Nord Stream gives Ukraine leverage over Russia.

On a side note: Anyone remember Burisma? That would be the biggest gas company in Ukraine, who paid Hunter Biden millions of dollars to sit around and smoke crack. When Burisma was being investigated for corruption, good ‘ol Vice-Pres Joe gave them the quid pro quo: Stop the investigation or I’ll stop your flow of money (aka foreign aid).

(You can learn more about the Burisma scandal in TR 88 - The Toppling of Regimes.)

I’m sure that the Bidens’ connection with Burisma has nothing to do with the bombings of Nord Stream—which in a round about way benefits both the Bidens and Burisma. Right on cue, to emphatically make that point, U.S. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken is out programming the talking heads with the belief that this “possible sabotage” is really in “no one’s interest.” Says Blinken:

“There are initial reports indicating that this may be the result of an attack or some kind of sabotage, but these are initial reports and we haven’t confirmed that yet—but if it is confirmed, that’s clearly in no one’s interest.”

—so maybe it was all just a big accident then, right? Schmuck.

Digging in a bit, it turns out this lying sack of filth actually has a lot to say about the Nord Stream pipeline:

Sounds like the U.S. Secretary of State was adamantly against the Nord Stream pipeline, doesn’t it? He even makes it clear to congress that the administration’s official stance is against the Nord Stream, doesn’t he? I suppose he probably doesn’t care about the thousands of Germans who’ve been demanding their government immediately open the Nord Stream to combat exploding utility bills.

As I mentioned yesterday, there are protests breaking out all across Europe because of the self-inflicted energy crisis—and Americans should take note—but nevermind all of that. The elites are laughing at us. Consider these two gems:

Blinken publicly bludgeons the Nord Stream project, but secretly gets Nord Stream lobbying support for his nomination, and openly declares that Nord Stream is leverage for the EU over Russia—as in:

“This pipeline does not have gas flowing through it at present and if Russia renews its aggression toward Ukraine, it would certainly be difficult to see gas flowing through it in the future,” Blinken said. “So some may see Nord Stream Two as leverage that Russia can use against Europe. In fact, it's leverage for Europe to use against Russia.”

And before I forget (again)… heeeeeeere’s BIDEN!

I marvel at the poise, the confidence when ‘ol Joe says, “I promise you, we will be able to do that.” There is no doubt in this man’s feeble mind that the deep state could effectively destroy the Nord Stream pipeline and blame Russia in the process—despite the fact there is a growing chorus of European officials who are openly declaring that the U.S. is responsible for blowing up the pipeline.

It’s crazy. Put it all together and what do you get?

Orchestrated chaos.

On a lighter note, Edward Snowden just received his Russian citizenship. Coincidentally, it happened on the same day that Russia’s gas line was attacked—which is too bad, because the news was cluttered enough that most people were never reminded of why Snowden was exiled in the first place. Do you recall?

He revealed some disturbing deep state surveillance secrets.

Unfortunately, the public has a short attention span—and if there is anything we can learn from current circumstance, it’s that these deep state shysters are busier that ever!

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