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TR 279 - Cracking the Cult of Collective

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TR 279 - Cracking the Cult of Collective

Peeling back the layers of illusion and examining the intent that's hidden in language.

Forgive me…

Before I get into anything of actual substance, I have to indulge my inner conspiracy theorist and scratch that itch…

There was an article out about Biden keeping classified documents from his Ukrainian exploits, and it had this picture as its cover image:

Take a good hard look. Note the earlobe on the left side of the picture.

Now let’s mosey over to the White House website, for the official presidential portrait of Joe Biden, and have a look:

Joseph R. Biden Jr.

Matchy-match, right? The earlobe on the left looks the same.

IN OTHER WORDS: Joe’s right earlobe is attached.

One more official shot, from the official White House website confirms this truth:

President Joe Biden takes a photo with attendees at an event in Burlington, IA

Whew, because for a second I thought… wait a minute… Old Joe and Barrack were buddies back in the day… there are a lot of pictures of them together… it seems like…

Now, I could be crazy, but something just seems a little bit different about this picture… hmmm… something seems a little off… what is it? Let’s look at another:

THAT’S IT! You know what, I am absolutely sure of it…

That is definitely NOT the same ear!

One earlobe is attached. The other earlobe is NOT attached. Not the same ear.

Check it out…

Now you SEE IT:

Former Pres. Barack Obama endorses Joe Biden's 2020 presidential ...
The Imagined Conversation Memes Between Barack Obama And Joe Biden Are ...

Now you DON’T:

That’s a pretty cool party trick, huh?

You could try it yourself… just run a search and start looking at the images… though I must strongly suggest NOT trying to explain to anyone what this actually means.

Or the obvious implications.

Moving on.

Thank you for your patience. I hope you enjoyed the ride. ;0)

All aboard!

Things are moving quickly now, and just to make sure we’re tracking the right trajectory, I think it’s best to back-track and connect a few dots to what’s happening in the news today.

All the hype around 8,000+ flights being grounded because of an FAA system outage, the failure of the NOTAM system, raised a brow for a few different reasons:

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