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TR 265 - The Once In a Lifetime SCAM

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TR 265 - The Once In a Lifetime SCAM

Presenting a big-picture perspective on this once-in-a-generation generated crisis.

Connect the dots.

Have you heard about the “once in a generation” winter storm that is destined to destroy the hopes and dreams of millions of Americans all across the country?

Oh yeah, it’s a REALLY big deal, totally front page news, almost as big as the Ukrainian shyster’s historic swindling of the United States congress:

And just to drive the point home a little, this “once-in-a-generation” phrase is being parroted everywhere:

The word play may see trivial, and just a little annoying, but it connects to something bigger. Do you recall the “once-in-a-generation” Hurricane Ian?

Alright, enough with the screenshots already!

Now let’s connect the dots.

Hurricane Ian was described using the very same “once-in-a-generation” phrase, even though the magnitude of storm itself was absolutely NOT that impressive or destructive, by any measurable metric (see TR 209 for comparison). In other words, the phrase was little more than hype and fluff—and a very convenient distraction from MUCH more significant events that transpired while Ian tracked toward Florida.

The last time these “once-in-a-generation” words were being used, Russian and Chinese warships were traveling together in formation off the coast of Alaska, the Ukrainian people had just voted in a referendum to join Russia, and two “mysterious leaks” had sprung up in the Nordic pipeline—which the U.S. had absolutely nothing to do with.

These four Torch Reports track with the distraction of Hurricane Ian and, among other things, expose the Baltic Sea Bombing for the act of war that it really was:

After pointing out how this was all orchestrated chaos, I then exposed how the no-good-dirty-bastards at the UN were busy declaring that social media should be considered a weapon of war (see TR 208), which was then being used to justify censoring free speech at the global level—and all while no one was looking.

That’s the way these guys work. It’s the invisible hand of the global cabal, making up rules to enslave us all, while most of the population is living through some “once-in-a-generation” catastrophe that inevitably turns out to be little more than a distraction.

And so it is, we are witnessing the same pattern again. Note the similarities:

  • A “once-in-a-generation” storm is set to strike, even though it’s really nothing out of the ordinary, historically speaking.

  • The Ukrainians are sopping up slobbering U.S. support (and sucking up billions of tax payer dollars) while the Evil Russian Tyrant threatens a nuke retaliation.

  • There are many other, much more important issues going on that no one is really talking about—like, for example, “The commies are taking over the world!”

What are these much more important things? I’m so glad you asked!

How about the U.S. government weaponizing social media against the American people in order to steal an election in broad daylight, install a feeble and incompetent sock-puppet into the oval office, thrust a radical socialist agenda down our throats, while using the same weaponized social media to run cover and telling us its for our own good? According to the UN’s new definition, wouldn’t that be an act of war?

Actually, that’s all just conspiracy theory. The FBI has made it perfectly clear that their interference in our elections is a vicious conspiracy that is being spread by misinformation. They’re probably going to have to censor that—or at least start throttling the story in order to slow it down.

They wouldn’t want a bunch of angry peasants getting uppity before the party!

Let’s see, what else is going on in the world?

Oh that’s right, the “Tripledemic” is raging on, hospitals and morgues will soon be over flowing, and life expectancy is dropping fast, all because nobody is getting their booster shots—and the first five shots stopped working, unfortunately, after just a few short months. If you don’t believe me, just look at the Seattle Times:

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