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TR 507 - Hamilton 68 and Unconventional Warfare

TR 507 - Hamilton 68 and Unconventional Warfare

Taking a closer look at the tools and methods being used to warp the fabric of reality.

In yesterday’s Five Fronts of Freedom report, we examined patriotic uprisings around the world to extract a better understanding of the multi-faceted assault on humanity, and formed this (simplified) list of battles that must be fought:

  1. We must fight government overreach.

  2. We must fight to be able to feed ourselves.

  3. We must fight violent foreign intruders.

  4. We must fight for representative government.

  5. We must fight for freedom and American traditions.

At the start, it must be noted that if we lose on any of these fronts, the globalists will win. Also, we need to remember that there are patriots—people who love their own countries and cultural traditions—who are fighting these same angles of assault all around the world. Thus, we should take heart in knowing that the human spirit and the spirit of liberty is very much alive and well, and it is about to make a comeback.

Today, I aim to achieve two things: 1) to provide specific examples for each of these fronts, and 2) to outline some practical strategies for moving forward.

In order to do that, we’ll have to set aside the political circus (such as the fourth GOP debate and Liz Cheney’s third party run), sidestep the liberal hypocrisy (such as labeling Texas and Florida “deplorable states”), and let rest the reports of record global emissions that are said to be pushing us past the planetary “tipping point.”

We must also not get hung up on the fact that the U.S. debt has gone parabolic and is now officially “spiraling out of control”—that “the canary just died” according so some very astute analysts—that the labor market is cratering and all the data now points toward “bloodbathery,” and despite all of this, liberal rags like the Washington Post and stalwart stooges like Gavin Newsom continue to fleece useful idiots with the meaningless mantra: “Biden’s economy is booming!”

“If you’ll buy that, I’ll throw the Golden Gate in free!”

What should be perfectly clear from this cursory casting aside, is that many people are living in alternate realities. This is not by accident, it is the result of intentional divisions being sown in order to divide and conquer the country. This is the hallmark of psychological warfare, or Unconventional Warfare, to use the modern military jargon.

Quoting the UNITED STATES ARMY SPECIAL OPERATIONS COMMAND manual, here’s what unconventional warfare looks like in a nutshell:

“This whole-of-government approach must bring focused capabilities to bear by employing diplomatic, informational, economic, financial, and legal instruments … optimized for hybrid and irregular warfare.” (emphasis added)

Focusing on the “informational” aspect of this “whole-of-government” approach to unconventional warfare, it is critical to understand even though these tactics were originally developed for deployment against foreign adversaries, the exceptionally shady Smith-Mundt Modernization Act (passed Dec 28, 2012 under Obama) explicitly authorized the use of so-called “Apple Pie Propaganda” against the American people—and of course, the peasants were none the wiser.

When it comes to government overreach, of the endless examples that exist, it’s difficult to imagine a greater intrusion into our lives than the government using taxpayer dollars for the sake of “public programming.” Public programming should not be misconstrued as merely more hours of PBS, but as a technical programming—like computer programming—that intentionally rewires the American public psyche.

Considering the “fundamental transformation” of American perspectives in the years since, it is clear this authorized propagandizing has had an immeasurable impact.

Adding to this gross abuse of power, the current Censorship Industrial Complex has taken public manipulation up another exponential degree by systematically targeting and removing dissenting information via the use of weaponized AI. Taken together, this whole-of-government approach has nearly monopolized public perception, and the drastically damaging effects are on full display for the world to see.

But of course, thanks to these government efforts, most people still don’t see it.

When it comes to fighting for the ability to feed ourselves, fighting against violent foreign intruders, fighting against rigged elections, fighting for American traditions, and fighting to defend the blessings of liberty for future generations, central to every strategy we must take into account this gross manipulation.

The public is being convinced that eating meat is destroying the planet, and therefore we must eat bugs, own nothing, and be happy. If it weren’t for government propaganda being deployed at the global level, would anyone ever believe that?

Similarly, the public is being conditioned to accept illegal immigration as if it’s a human right, welcoming with open arms millions of military aged males, cartel henchmen, human traffickers, foreign subversives, and potential terrorists—many of whom are already terrorizing American citizens—as if this is the normal and right thing to do.

Now we have Democrats proposing these illegal aliens be enlisted for military service (who would they be fighting for?), that way they can earn the right to vote (who would they be voting for?), as if this idiocy is somehow a good idea!

Again, without the relentless government propaganda, would anyone believe that?

Did you catch that over 10,000 illegal aliens have flooded across the southern boarder, just in the last 24 hours, and that a huge percentage of these criminals were “smartly dressed” military-aged men from CHINA?!

Do you know how many states already allow these so-called “noncitizens” to vote?

The answer may shock you, but in the fight for election integrity—which is absolutely essential if we are to have any legitimate form of representative government—the greater threat is that we again find ourselves stymied by the same gross government intrusion into public discourse. They are actively convincing (i.e. propagandizing) the public to accept this crap, and thanks to the sophisticated techniques of unconventional warfare, it’s working.

Furthermore, given that the Deep State has effectively used these methods to directly interfere with the last several elections, and because they’ve gotten away with this direct interference, there’s no reason to expect they won’t do it again.

Friends, when it comes to defending the country that we love, when it comes to defending the United States of America, our customs, our culture, our Constitution, our traditions and our way of life, we need to have a very sober take on what we’re actually up against.

This is not a conventional war.

Today there are some headlines out we can use to further this discussion:

Keep in mind, we’re way past the Twitter Files and Google Leaks now, both of which documented gross government interference in the 2020 elections.

At this point, having the Pentagon investigating “extremism” within the ranks — not the run-of-the-mill radical Jihadist kind of extremism within the ranks, of course, but the “white supremacists” wanting to overthrow the government kind of extremism — which utterly reeks of a military purge.

Watching the FBI demand more authority for warrantless surveillance (specifically the same FISA authorizations they used to spy on the Trump campaign), indicates that they have no remorse or intentions to curb their tyranny against the American people—and none of this bodes well for the upcoming election.

As bad as all of that is, the Hamilton 68 revelations take the cake. In a nutshell, it’s all about “sockpuppets and spies”—to quote the formidable Matt Taibbi. Without getting lost in the details, suffice it to say that agents from the FBI, the CIA, CISA and other nongovernmental organizations, conspired with Democrat politicians and liberal media outlets to create “fake news” operations, then promote this “fake news” with fake accounts, so they could then point to the spread of this “fake news” and use it to justify illegal censorship of accurate information.

This takes “create the problem, provide the solution” to a whole new level.

This is information warfare at its finest.

Interestingly enough, much of this effort appeared to be orchestrated via the Global Engagement Center, which is another Deep State apparatus signed into existence by the smooth hand of Barack Hussein Obama, via Executive Order 13721.

It’s no surprise this agency has been likened to Orwell’s Ministry of Truth—by none other than the Air Force Law Review, back in 2018 no less—as they are the self-proclaimed “arbiters of truth” who diligently hunt down “fake news” (that their partners likely produced), so that they can conjure up some state-of-the-art propaganda for the purpose of “pre-empting disinformation” and reprogramming the American public.

You can’t make this stuff up.

But again, We The Peasants of the world have been none the wiser.

So where do we go from here? In this mixed up crazy world, in this epic battle for the hearts and minds of humanity, I believe that it all must come back to human connection. When people don’t know what to think, or who to trust—especially online—it really does boil down to our personal relationships.

If you know someone personally, and you share the truth with them, they are much more likely to believe a friend than some government internet propagandist. That said, let’s not lose sight of the fact that the government has long been scheming to capture the public’s attention with all sorts of fancy new gadgets.

We’ve definitely got our work cut out for us.

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