Jun 30, 2022 • 22M

Ep. 148 - When Reality Gets Rejected

Examining the influence of collective insanity in the current political climate.

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What's at stake?

When a significant portion of society collectively rejects reality, what happens? I'm speaking of the famed "mass formation psychosis" that seems to have gripped the masses. Plenty of people see it--in fact, most of the people I talk to agree that something strange is going on.

Any honest evaluation of humanity must acknowledge the fact that people are crazy. Not just a few people. Not just some people. A lot of people are crazy, and if we're honest with ourselves, we must admit we are probably all a little crazy from time to time. After all, going crazy is glorified in music and pop culture. It's seen as an escape from inhibition. It's acceptable to cut-loose, let-down, and just be a human from time to time. But this is different.

If acting a little crazy is normal behavior, there still has to be a line somewhere that indicates when a person is a little too crazy, like off-their-rocker crazy, lock them up crazy, or just good old fashioned bat-shit crazy. I suggest that this kind of crazy, the bad kind of crazy, the we should be concerned kind of crazy, the dangerous kind of crazy, has a distinguishing behavioral trait. People who are this kind of crazy reject reality in exchange for their own delusions.

While we all get a little crazy sometimes, we ultimately come back to reality and engage life in a somewhat "normal" fashion. But the real crazies, they never make it back. Sometimes it's drugs, sometimes it's mental collapse, and sometimes people are just born that way--but sometimes, sometimes, it's due to emotional assault, covert conditioning, and psychological warfare.

Welcome to modern politics.

There is a great disconnect in our country right now, and it's not just between the Left and the Right. There is a great disconnect between policy and reality. There is a great disconnect between law and order. There is a great disconnect between circumstance and perspective. Cumulatively, this is driving a lot of people crazy in more than mere colloquial ways. A significant percentage of the population appears to have lost their grip on reality, and subsequently, they can no longer distinguish the difference between what is real and the reality that is being fabricated for them.

Now, as much as I'd like to dwell on this and drill down on the mental mechanics of how and why this is happening, for the sake of brevity let's just assume this is not by accident. Let's once again evaluate the concurrent implications through the lens of psychological warfare. Imagine the masses have been captured in a hypnotic trance, they salivate and bark like mad when the hypnotist rings the bell, and they have no idea whatsoever that their brains have been hijacked from on high. It's really not that much of a stretch of the imagination is it?

Here's the shocker: Imagine if this sort of wizardry was being wielded in both directions.

What do I mean? Imagine if the two-party system as a structure, has been used like scaffolding to build and maintain the illusion of us versus them. By facilitating fear of a common enemy and steering anger toward perceived opponents, the hypnotists bypass the rational mind, snare the subconscious, and manipulate public perception to the degree of distorting reality.

Unaware of this cunning manipulation, or the mechanisms by which they are being influenced, patrons of both parties are helplessly herded from one emotional state to the next, always in the direction of the next election, wherein they vote to voice implanted opinions that endow the hypnotists with even more power. This invokes a sense of personal expression that conceals the manipulation, and evokes the feelings of either relief or rage, depending on the outcome.

Relief begets trust, a sense of security, and a smug sense of superiority. We have beat them. But, we know that they will be back. It's still us against them. The enemy never sleeps. Having suffered the loss of power, they retreat to strategize their next assault. They will attack our beliefs. They will attack our principles. They will attack our way of life. But most of all, they will attack our senses. Is this not predictable? Should we not prepare? Don't forget, we're at war.

Now zoom out.

Nobody wins in perpetual conflict. I've never met anyone who failed to see the truth in that statement. Who wins if we're always at war? Surely it's not the commoners, those who are just trying to live their lives under the constant bombardment of carefully manufactured emotional bombs. One sensational headline after another. One tragedy after another. One more shock and awe moment. The next imminent threat. The feeling that safety is slipping away.

If we don't pay attention, we might be caught off guard. Instinct says to listen up. Stay tuned. Something important might happen, and it might even happen today!

But what's really happening? Isn't it true that the news shapes our views? Isn't it true that politics impacts our life? Isn't it true the interface between thought and action, the interplay of fact and fiction, is always a subjective and questionable space? What I mean is, can we ever really know what's real? Is objective perspective even possible?

Why in the hell are we even talking about all this? How is this practical?

Think about people rioting over abortions. Think about BLM, Antifa, and other Marxists organizations. These people are acting out the illusion of the hypnotic trance. They do not realize that such behavior is unnatural, harmful, and hastening systemic collapse. They do no perceive the puppet masters pulling the strings. They remain unaware of their unawareness. They've been conditioned to believe they are "woke" and everyone else is asleep.

Of course, it's always easy to point fingers, right? Though I will refrain from shattering certain illusions, it is always wise to self-examine. What are the chances I'm being deceived? When was the last time I questioned the party platform? When was the last time I disagreed?

My contention is this: When we only look at things from the Left and Right, we are missing the other 358 degrees of perspective. So long as we remain divided into us against them, we remain locked in perpetual conflict. Politicians exploit natural behavior to wield influence and consolidate power, and this happens from the local to the global level. Having grown unchecked for many decades, the power of global elites has equipped them to commit unimaginable crimes--like depopulate the earth, microchip the masses, and enslave humanity to a global socialist state.

That's the only way they can save the planet. At least that's the illusion.

Today the supreme court curbed the EPA's ability to wield authoritarian control over how we live our lives. The White House is quietly preparing for $200 per barrel oil. The stock market is the worst it's been since 1970. Millions of more illegal immigrants have been granted the right to violate our laws, walk across the border, and become Democrat voters. Algorithms are predicting crimes a week in advance, but politicians are still baffled why shootings continue to rise after defunding the police and making drugs legal. When faced with realities, they just change the rules.

And that's the greatest illusion of all, the "Rules." Who makes the rules? What are the rules? Why do the rules keep changing? What if the rules are wrong? Why are we following the rules again?

They're not following the rules. They're making the rules. Doesn't that lead us back to us against them? It's a different angle, but it might be worth taking a look. Are the rules being used to instigate conflict? Doesn't that benefit the rulers? Is anybody else tired of being ruled?

America was founded as a country of free individuals. Our Constitution was established to protect the people from their would be rulers. We are a republic, not a democracy. Our government is supposed to represent our interests, not rule over us and tax us like slaves. Perhaps the shortest path to peace and prosperity is to return to where we started, fighting for the right to be free.

It's either that or keep following the rules until every last one of us has gone insane.