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TR 478 - Are We in a New Political Era?

TR 478 - Are We in a New Political Era?

Scanning the shifting seas of public sentiment and demographics in pursuit of a proper perspective and practical solutions.

Yesterday I was making the point that illegal immigration is a cornerstone of the global cabal’s effort to destabilize nations, change national demographics, and undermine national sovereignty by importing voters who are inherently dependent on the government. I also documented how this nefarious operation is being conducted under the banner of human rights—as if those criminals who blatantly disregard the law are somehow entitled to free healthcare, education, and housing, at the expense of the hard working, law abiding citizens who stand stunned by the daylight invasion.

This is happening in countries all around the world.

As a result, in places like Switzerland and even in New York City, anti-immigration protests have seemingly erupted out of nowhere, as if local citizens have finally had enough. Politicians who can articulate why immigration is such a threat to the local community are winning big in elections all across the EU.

The lefties in the media call this the rise of the “far right”—but in reality, it is a rise in commonsense, logic, local control, and self-determination. This trend reflects a rise in the percentage of people who are tired of the global agenda being shoved down their throats, the rise of people who yearn to be free to make their own choices, to keep their neighborhoods safe, and enjoy their cultural customs and traditions.

In some sense, this is the essence of our shared humanity rising to the surface of public thought, an emerging sentiment that is distinctly at odds with the globalists’ propaganda. What they say may sound nice, but reality is a whole different animal.

We are not “one world”—we are infinite worlds. No two people live in the exact same world, if you think it through. No two people have the exact same preferences, the exact same desires, aspirations, and goals. No two people will see eye to eye on everything; and therefore, no two people will agree at all times as how best to achieve any mutual shared objectives. We all live in our own little worlds, do we not?

Now, modern social conditioning has made a very concerted effort to convince the youth that we are all one—that we share a single planet, and therefore we share a collective responsibility for managing resources and mitigating adverse impacts. Such thinking has a seductive appeal to certain emotions, most notably the desire to connect with something bigger than oneself, that emotional sense of belonging.

If children can be separated from their parents at a young enough age, and institutionally indoctrinated throughout their formative years, they can be taught all sorts of nonsense—and they will accept these beliefs with unshakable conviction. This is the source of the impulse to sacrifice oneself to save the planet, much as it is the source of blindness to the many plights that beset us, especially immigration.

Young people have been conditioned to accept the belief that climate change is an existential threat to humanity. They’ve been told that climate change is driving migration, that people are being displaced by natural disasters and crime (that’s being driven by climate change), and therefore these migrants have no choice but to move and seek asylum elsewhere. Young people accept this premise without thought.

This notion is incongruent with reality, and I’ll tell you why.

The means to sustain oneself (i.e. self-subsistence and self-preservation), are driven by instinctual needs that find their fulfillment in the natural world. We need not rewind human history very far, even in our own country, to see healthy individuals and communities thriving within this context of self-reliance. It provides a sort of natural balance that seems to keep the worst elements of humanity at bay.

If someone was a criminal, they’d be dealt with. If someone was a derelict, they’d starve. Sympathy was not weaponized the way that it is in modern society. If some drifter came rolling through town with a hand out, they’d be sent upon their merry way—not allowed to set up shop, shit in the streets, and exploit the local community.

I’m sure you get the point. In my mind, the contrast between then and now could not be more stark. Clearly things have changed, and not for the better. Now we have millions of people who have access to every imaginable amenity, free food, free shelter, and free programs to “get back on track,” and yet despite this relatively posh environment, we see drugs, crimes, and violence degrading society on every front.


The answer lies in human nature. People are different, and not everyone is good.

We are not “all one” any more than a rock and a tree, a mountain and an ocean, or a bird and a lizard. We are all infinitely unique, and as such, we each live in our own unique worlds—granted there is some overlap at the local community level. People in India are not the same as the people in China or in the United States of America. People living in California are not the same as the people living in Iowa.

We are not all one. We are not all the same.

And furthermore, we don’t want to live as one, as if we are all the same.

Striving to do so is a hopelessly lost cause. It can only lead to conflict. Any effort to arbitrarily impose “oneness” or “sameness” on the infinite diversity of humanity will inevitably backfire, precisely because such notions are at odds with Natural Reality.

To see proof of this, we need only to examine the practical impact of letting millions of criminals crash through our border and demand government entitlements while simultaneously breaking the law, disrupting our communities, and subverting our constitutional processes. Because these illegal criminals have different desires, because they live in their own little worlds, they do not integrate.

Instead, they disintegrate the sense of unity and denigrate the social fabric that binds local communities together. Who are these outsiders? Where did they come from? Why are they taking our stuff? Why are we supporting their worthless presence? Why are we feeding them, housing them, and giving them all this free stuff?

Citizens around the globe are starting to wise up and ask these relevant questions, but the truth is, the push back is too little, and it’s coming a little too late. The enemy is already here, having exploited the sympathies and apathy of the average citizen. Those who naively believe that we are “all one” have invited these criminals in, falsely assuming that every persons’ intentions are pure, that we’re “all in this together.”

Factual evidence indicates the dangers of such erroneous assumptions and flawed thinking. Consider the 1100% surge in Chinese nationals illegally crossing our southern border, or the known terrorists who are coming in alongside them. Does anyone honestly believe these people are here to assimilate and pursue the American Dream? The truth is, unfortunately, YES, there are plenty of useful idiots who do believe just exactly that.

Just like there are plenty of useful idiots who believe that supporting genocide is a justifiable position, so long as it aligns with the trending memes of groupthink. How else do you reconcile the fact that the majority of young Americans think the Hamas terrorists murdering innocent people and beheading babies was actually justified?

Similarly, 52% of Biden supporters adamantly believe that Republicans are a threat to the country, and a shocking 41% of them believe that violence is justified to “stop Republicans from achieving their goals.” Keep in mind, these are the same people who promote the collectivist delusion that as human beings “we are all one.”

To be fair, 38% of Trump supporters also embrace violence to stop the Democrats—but the point I want to make perfectly clear here, is that neither the Republicans nor the Democrats are actually the problem—and neither party is the solution either.

The two-party construct provides the illusion of choice, nothing more, nothing less.

Just as there are no two people who are exactly the same, per the laws of Natural Reality, there are also never only two ways of looking at things. And yet, the population at large has been conditioned to believe that the two-party system is the ultimate pinnacle of representative government, that somehow having two political parties perpetually feuding and pining for support is what democracy is all about.

It’s not. The political circus makes for good theater and a convenient distraction, while those with ill intent continue to work their dark magic and consolidate power and control. The American people are getting played, and this is just one example.

While one side fights for democracy and the other side is supposedly fighting for a constitutional republic, neither side realizes they are fighting against the wind.

The political parties are holding pens. They are mental cages. They keep us locked in circular thinking, lobbing insults over the fence, while the real threats that threaten us all continue their slow, methodical, strategic capture of our very humanity.

In today’s world, just as insane as witnessing youth supporting genocide, we now have law professors teaching their students that the Constitution is broken, that right-wing extremists are slaves to the Constitution, and that the Constitution itself is a “mere pretense for whatever the “shifting majority or forming mob demands.”

As backward as that is, people believe it. That’s the problem.

America’s founding documents are rooted in Natural Reality. They enshrine the principles that transcend the fleeting notions and fickle thoughts that get warped by the march of time. They stand as a reminder of our right and need to defend ourselves from foreign invasion, as well as against treason and tyranny from within, and against the worst aspects of human nature that inevitably corrupt the ruling class.

Today, six out of ten democrats (58%) believe our country is on the right track. That majority is growing, thanks in part to the flood of illegal immigrants that are rapidly changing our demographics. Young people are shifting left, thanks to the institutional indoctrination that has turned them against our nation.

We are in a new political era.

What does that mean for our future as Americans? What can we do to stop this onslaught of assimilation? How can we end this ideological subversion before we’ve lost our country for good? Friends, the solutions to this dilemma are as complex as the problem itself. The solutions must be found through a reconciliation with reality—but that is an adventure we’ll have to save for tomorrow.

Until then, just remember: resistance is the spice of life, and resist we must!

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