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TR 246 - Peacefully Enslaved By Machines?

TR 246 - Peacefully Enslaved By Machines?

Examining a very specific and deeply troubling use of weaponized AI.

It’s unfathomable.

The whole world was turned upside down. Businesses were shuttered. Schools were closed. Loved ones died in lonely isolation. Life we knew it came to a bitter end.


Because “The Science” said so.

Besides being a global scale psyop intended to mind-melt public opinion into mindless compliance and blind obedience, COVID-19 was a training exercise in collective reprogramming. The public psyche was repeatedly trained to trust The Science and accept without question whatever “The Experts” said The Science said.

The Experts became an exalted class of government stooges who were quickly deemed our overlords, endowed with greater authority than local leaders, logical thinking, or even our own self-sovereignty. The Experts rose to the occasion in stalwart fashion and reveled in their new found sense of importance and unchecked power.

The public was instructed to bow before The Experts, because they alone could read the tea leaves and interpret The Science—and they wielded The Science like a mighty scepter over the scared and prostrate population. No local official dared to resist, no policy could escape the intractable pull, and indeed it seemed that nothing in life was immune to the raw unabated influence and power of The Science.

And so it was, The Science became revered by all, and lo, so too were The Experts—the greatest among them being the almighty head of state sanctioned truth, the most honorable among men, the most honest, trustworthy, intelligent, altruistic, always correct, exceedingly compassionate, and completely infallible Dr. Anthony Fauci.

Indeed, to question or criticize Dr. Fauci was to criticize The Science itself.

What blasphemy!

Are you picking up what I’m putting down?

By training the public to only trust government experts and state sanctioned truth, by ridiculing and removing conflicting research and narratives, global propagandists were able to effectively implant the belief that The Science was the only just determinant of public policy—and only if The Science was directly endorsed by The Experts who were employed or funded by The State.

Anything else is misinformation, and misinformation might make people question The Science and all the irrational policies that ensue, which of course is an existential threat to public health and safety. Wear a mask or you’ll kill grandma. Get your vax or you’re a plague upon the earth. Do as you’re told or you’re a threat to democracy.

You get the point.

Fall in line peasant!

It is important to note that while many people have since moved past this irrational infatuation with The Science, there are a great deal more who still remain captivated by this entire narrative. They’ve been brainwashed. We see them every day, walking down the sidewalk or driving down the road all by themselves, all “masked-up.”

They are the “good humans” of the world. They’re following The Science and doing their part to keep people safe. They are wholly incapable of seeing the insanity of it all, let alone challenge the narrative or question anything The Experts tell them to do.

In short, these are the useful idiots who are being leveraged to institute tyranny. They have no thought or will of their own. They have been fully assimilated into the collective and suffer from the mass psychosis that is keeping them blind to reality. They are hopelessly lost within the illusions being projected by The Science.

Here’s the twist.

What if machines were making up The Science? What if Artificial Intelligence was entrusted to run and write the research that The Experts then promote?

Just to get granular here: Imagine an AI machine designing a study, directing experiments, deriving conclusions, and delivering research to government agencies that then used this “science” to determine and direct public policy.

What could go wrong?!

As absurd as it sounds, The Experts have been conducting this type of research for almost twenty years. It all started back in 2005, when The Experts were just punk graduate students at MIT who decided to program AI to generate some scientific reports. According to the scientific journal Nature, the experiment was an astounding success:

“[C]omputer scientist Cyril Labbé of Joseph Fourier University in Grenoble, France, has catalogued computer-generated papers that made it into more than 30 published conference proceedings between 2008 and 2013. Sixteen appeared in publications by Springer, which is headquartered in Heidelberg, Germany, and more than 100 were published by the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE), based in New York.”

So, the AI code was written at MIT back in 2005, and within just a few short years some 130 computer-generated research papers had been published in academic journals and referenced in scientific conference proceedings—and all of this was happening over ten years ago.

How much you want to bet that over the last decade they’ve only gotten better?

(Just for kicks-and-giggles, you can create your own bogus scientific papers by playing around with the original MIT SCIGen Automatic CS Paper Generator, located here.)

Fast forward to now.

This week we learn that Meta AI (think Facebook) just announced its own version of AI-for-science called Galactica, which was programmed to “store, combine and reason about scientific knowledge.” After feeding the machine over 48 million scientific papers, textbooks and lecture notes, scientific websites, and encyclopedias, they expected the AI would be able to crank out high quality scientific literature.

In other words, if they are successful, the AI would be able to create The Science.

Of course, the purpose of launching Galactica is purely altruistic, and we can totally trust that Meta AI is completely unbiased and not at all influenced by Big Gov’s insatiable desire to manipulate public perception with weaponized Artificial Intelligence—and we are to be impressed by the fact that Galactica was actually used to write the scientific paper on Galactica, using its own “self supervision.”

It’s both mind boggling and unbelievable.

To be fair, there are noble aims. The research team documents the fact that as far back as 1945, scientists realized there was more information being produced through research than anyone could possibly keep up with. This creates a bottleneck in innovation, as one person might make a big discovery that would hugely impact research somewhere else in the world—but that new information too often gets lost in the swelling sea of scientific studies. That’s where the AI could be helpful.

BUT… let’s not lose sight of The Science.

The Science directs public policy. The Science has authority over our lives.

The only problem is, nobody actually understands what The Science actually says, because there is an incomprehensible amount of research and data available. That’s why we have to trust The Experts to decipher it for us, remember?

Here’s the thing.

I don’t trust The Experts—especially the government experts. They have an inherent conflict of interest. They have repeatedly used The Science to justify their own tyrannical impulse. In reality, the experts don’t really agree. Consensus is an illusion.

Government experts, equipped with weaponized AI, can easily generate scientific papers to substantiate any narrative they choose—and even the actual scientists cannot tell whether or not these papers are legitimate or just made up.

How are we the peasants of the world supposed to know what is actual research, versus government directed, computer-generated scientific propaganda?

That is an honest and pressing question. The very unfortunate answer is, we have to choose who to trust. Do we trust Dr. Fauci and Dr. Wallensky? Or do we trust Dr. Gupta, Dr. Kulldorff, and Dr. Bhattacharya? Do you see the dilemma?

Now consider the intelligence of the average useful idiot, the prolific use of state sponsored propaganda and sophisticated psychological warfare, and the integration of weaponized AI—noting that the machines are being “fed” by so-called experts, and they often produce seemingly spurious results, such as science on the “benefits of being white” or “the benefits of eating glass”—and we have a perfect recipe for a perpetual trip down the proverbial rabbit hole.

The Experts will have to train the racism out of the machines. The Experts will have to ensure that the AI-generated science respects diversity, equity, and inclusion, along with all the other state policies about hate speech, extremism, and democracy, and we the peasants will simply have to trust that this newly fabricated science will keep us safe from believing, thinking, or feeling any way that we’re not supposed to.

I can only image how many people will welcome the new world order that is currently being created by this new all-knowing, all-powerful technology—and how many more are destined to remain ignorant forever, peacefully enslaved by machines.

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