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TR 290 - Time to Take Off the Gloves

TR 290 - Time to Take Off the Gloves

Enjoy this punishing analysis of the mainstream narrative.

Good news!

Oh the joy! Just imagine!! All is right with the world!!!


Meanwhile, AT&T’s DirectTV is ramping up its censorship of conservative commentary by canceling Newsmax, the Vermont Supreme Court has upended the rule of law to allow illegal voters to vote (aka “noncitizens”), the Biden administration has declared obesity cannot be treated with exercise and diet, and “intelligent” people are still struggling to understand why there’s been a 30% spike in sudden deaths among young healthy people since the start of Uncle Sam’s coercive vaccination campaign.

In other news, the majority of Americans feel like Kevin McCarthy has made Republicans less popular, policy wonks are floating the idiotic idea of minting the Trillion-Dollar Coin to defeat the debt ceiling, and the Pentagon is planning to boost its production of artillery rounds by an astounding 500%—so they can keep shipping billions of dollars of ammunition over to Ukraine, for the sake of solidarity of course.

Oh yeah, and Zelensky is now pining for some F-16s to compliment his new armada of NATO tanks—despite the fact that Russia is blasting the hell out of Ukrainian troops in retaliation. How do you think this is all going to end? Do you think it will lead to nuclear war, or just to more Ukrainian officials securing ritzy digs and luxury cars?

What’s really going on in Ukraine anyway? The truth is, it’s the same thing that’s happening everywhere else: Political corruption and a globalist coup.

Of course, there’s much more blood staining the soil in eastern Europe than there is in other places of the world right now, but according to George Soros, that’s long been the plan. Don’t take my word for it, you can take his own words to heart. From a 1993 essay titled Toward a New World Order: The Future of NATO, we learn:

“It is the characteristic of revolutions that people do not fully understand what is going on; that is why events spin out of control and the prevailing order breaks down. … Therefore, there must always be a discrepancy between the participants’ thinking and the actual state of affairs and that discrepancy provides the key to understanding the course of history.

There is a discrepancy between the needs of the world for a new world order and the national self-interest of the United States.

The United States would not be called upon to act as the policeman of the world. When it acts, it would act in conjunction with others. Incidentally, the combination of manpower from Eastern Europe with the technical capabilities of NATO would greatly enhance the military potential of the Partnership because it would reduce the risk of body bags for NATO countries, which is the main constraint on their willingness to act.”

Incidentally, George Soros cast this vision of using “manpower from Eastern Europe,” combined with the military might of NATO, to “reduce the risk of body bags” for NATO and their Western allies (US). Put more bluntly, Soros was explaining that the global elite should use Ukrainians like cannon fodder to attack and destabilize Russia, so they could then capture Ukraine’s ample natural resources during reconstruction.

Let me ask you: Did I just make that up? Is the idea that the global elites have been planning to use Ukrainians like cannon fodder for the last 30 years just a conspiracy?

Well, I’ve provided the links to the information so you can decide for yourself.

But there’s more to the story.

There’s always more to the story!

This seems like a good time to remind new subscribers that what’s happening between Ukraine and Russia is absolutely NOT the narrative that Americans are being fed. There is a long history here, including international treaties that are conveniently being ignored for the sake of U.S. special interests, all of which was meticulously outlined in the Ukraine Special Report I released February of last year.

If you’re still trying to make sense of the madness, this is a great place to start:

The Torch Report
URGENT: The Ukraine Special Report
How do you define the right side of history? Are you aware that political revolutions have led to the formation of more than 60 new countries, just in the last 50 years? I find that fascinating. More than 20 of these countries sprouted up in Eastern Europe after the dissolution of the former Soviet Union…
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In other reports I detailed the links between the Biden’s and Burisma, as well as the connections between the notoriously corrupt Ukrainian government and the now disbanded (i.e. clandestine) U.S. Disinformation Governance Board. Of course, this was back when most of my audience were family and friends in the local community.

Though much has happened over the last year—like the explosion of subscribers thanks to everyone sharing and helping me get the word out (THANK YOU!!!)—these reports are more relevant than ever when it comes to understanding the overarching insanity of the situation. If you know someone who’s grown wise to the fact that mainstream narrative just doesn’t add up, please share this with them!


Now, about those other lesser known details…

Get this:

Awhile back I’d run across the story that there were over 40 U.S. biolabs in the Ukraine, which just might have something to do with the U.S. officials being so quick and so bold in their defense of the region. I mean, surely the whole-of-government response wasn’t just an effort to keep a stain off the Biden family name!

So, I did a little digging, found that “44 bio-research laboratories” line in a fringe article and began drilling down. I was thrilled to see the fact-checkers popping up first—that really makes me feel safe, so I know I’m not getting misinformation. But down at the bottom there, how about that Biological Threat Reduction Program in the Ukraine, eh? That’s probably something worth looking into.

But before we do, let’s just do a little more skimming:

Oh my! No wonder the fact-checkers had been so busy, apparently there’s more to this story that they don’t want people to see. Some of those articles are probably crap, but obviously there is something there. To spare you the suspense, here is the DOD’s own Fact Sheet on the 46 Biolabs that they’ve been building in the Ukraine since 2005:

The Department of Defense’s Cooperative Threat Reduction Program - Biological Threat Reduction Program Activities in Ukraine

From which we learn:

The United States, through BTRP, has invested approximately $200 million in Ukraine since 2005, supporting 46 Ukrainian laboratories, health facilities, and diagnostic sites. BTRP has improved Ukraine’s biological safety, security and surveillance for both human and animal health. By supporting safer and more effective disease detection, this assistance directly improved Ukraine’s COVID-19 response. BTRP partners with the World Health Organization, the World Organization for Animal Health, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and other health institutions in providing this assistance.

SO THEN, what do we have? A conspiracy? Or perhaps a well-concealed inconvenient truth? Here’s what we don’t have: We don’t have 46 biolabs in Ukraine. The fact-checkers flourish on such technicalities. Instead, we have $200 million in taxpayer dollars supporting “46 Ukrainian laboratories, health facilities, and diagnostic sites”—some of which were biolabs, by the government’s own admission.

They don’t actually distinguish how many were biolabs, versus health facilities, versus diagnostic sites—but it is interesting that they funded all three… perhaps just in case.

But gosh, doesn’t that seem like a lot of investment in order to “consolidate and secure pathogens” in such a historically unstable region? Quite shockingly, the report admits that Russia took control of two of these “updated facilities” back in 2014—and hasn’t let the Ukrainians in ever since. Those damn Russians are terrible!

Unless of course they were securing the facilities in an effort to prevent a biological attack on their people—but I’m sure Evil Russian Tyrants wouldn’t be so kind. And it’s probably not likely that Russian intelligence had run across Soros’s report on using Ukrainians like cannon fodder in a proxy war to topple their allegedly evil regime.

In other words, there is absolutely no justification whatsoever to think anything other than what we’ve been told about the Evil Russian Tyrants and their wholly unprovoked, unjustified, heinous attacks on the poor Ukrainian peasants. Any indication to the contrary must immediately be identified as disinformation and discarded from your memory banks and banished from public conversation.

For the greater good of course—because in the U.S. the only thing worse than an Evil Russian Tyrant is an American Patriot who thinks for themselves!

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