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TR 355 - The Scam of Environmental Justice

TR 355 - The Scam of Environmental Justice

It would be nearly impossible to exaggerate just how ridiculous this whole agenda is.

Breathe deep.

Doesn’t it feel good to take a deep breath? Can you imagine what would happen if the government let all of those greedy capitalists just keep right on pilfering and polluting the planet in the pursuit of their immoral profits? Surely we’d run out of clean air and all die! But thankfully, Americans can now breathe easy knowing that good old Uncle Joe has flexed his power as our benevolent supreme leader and scrawled out a new state edict that protects your right to breathe clean air, “now and into the future.”

Allow me to introduce you to Biden’s latest Executive Order, Executive Order 14096, Revitalizing Our Nation’s Commitment to Environmental Justice for All:

In case there was any doubt in your mind, President Biden and Vice President Harris are the most compassionate people on the planet. They believe that every person has a right to breathe clean air. Do you believe that every person has the right to breathe clean air? I kind of wonder how they square this “right to breathe” clean air with forcing people to cover their face with a mask and breathe in a petri-dish, but the right to breathe freely as a human being is not what I want to focus on. Instead, I would like to dutifully eviscerate the scam of environmental justice.

It’s maddening, to be honest. The statement that “every person has a right to breathe clean air, drink clean water, and live in a healthy community” is almost impenetrable. It sounds so innocuous and sincere, who would even want to argue with such sentiment? You’d have to be a brutish ignorant peasant to challenge the belief that ever person has a right to breathe clean air, drink clean water, and live in a healthy community—which is, perhaps, why I am just the person for the job.

Today, I’m going to self-identify as a brutish ignorant peasant and go bare-knuckle on the bullshit. Let me start out by stating, rather emphatically, three irrefutable facts:

  1. There is no such thing as environmental justice. These are just two words that have been stitched together for the purpose of conjuring up a smug sense of moral superiority among the initiates of the radical environmental cult. Environmental justice does not exist, except for in the increasingly warped minds of the mentally unstable, heavily conditioned minions.

  2. The term “environmental justice” is impossible to define. Sure, plenty of scholarly idiots have tried, but the words themselves are so utterly vague and subjective, there really is no way of conveying a concrete definition. This ambiguity is intentional, as it allows the proponents of this movement to use the phrase however they see fit, depending on the context.

  3. The idealism of environmental justice is entirely unattainable. Even if one labored to spell out what the hell they were talking about, the constraints of objective reality obliterate any notion that environmental justice could ever actually be achieved. There is no metric or meaningful way to measure environmental justice, which makes attainment of the ideal impossible.

Now, with that said, I must acknowledge that plenty of people would disagree. There is certainly no shortage of indoctrinated individuals who would adamantly argue that environmental justice is the defining issue of our time. They would point to The Science, quote The Experts, and parrot The Narrative, believing every word of their senseless babble while remaining completely ignorant of their own ignorance.

Speaking to this, there was an interesting article out today that explains how this ridiculous executive order further transforms America into a Marxist hellhole. With a hat-tip to Obama’s fundamental transformation of America, the point is made:

“Ever since Joe Biden was installed in the White House his handlers have worked tirelessly to continue Barack Obama’s fundamental transformation of the United States into a third world toilet. They are continuing Obama’s modus operandi of using massively Unconstitutional Executive Orders.

The panic created by unceasing climate change propaganda and indoctrination has provided a remarkably effective vehicle to convince a significant percentage of the population that this transformation is necessary. This indoctrination has also convinced the same segment of the population that a fundamental transformation to Marxism is necessary because they have been misled into believing that socialism is superior to capitalism.”

I thought that was spot on. Creating panic with unceasing propaganda is precisely the modus operandi of the global elite. This is how they keep people pliable. This is also what is driving the astronomical rise in mental health issues and causing unhinged climate activists to vandalize priceless works and glue themselves to the road in a desperate effort to save the planet. Clearly these people are not well—but they are dead serious about their deranged beliefs and you’ll never convince them otherwise.

That’s the result of institutional indoctrination and brainwashing, and unfortunately, the bulk of our political class seems to be under the spell of this climate cult. We need to look no further that Biden’s executive order on environmental justice to see this insanity in action. Get a load of this crap, off the White House fact sheet:

So, while our border continues to be overrun by drug cartels and human traffickers, our economy continues to teeter toward total collapse, and our geopolitical foes are licking their chops over the undeniable rise of American weakness, this sock-puppet administration is launching a “whole-of-government” effort to confront longstanding “environmental injustices and inequities” that nobody’s ever noticed, because they don’t actually exist. And, not to miss an opportunity to rub our noses in shame, we are reminded that these “disproportionate environmental harms” are due to America’s “legacy of racial discrimination”—including redliningbut whatever.

It hard to read this stuff and think that anyone actually believes it, but they do. As some astute observers have pointed out, rather than sounding the alarm about an alleged climate crisis, we really should be sounding the alarm about the mental illness that’s on full flamboyant display these days. The collective condition of these “climate crazies” is getting worse, and they’re growing increasingly bold, thanks in part to the idiotic administration and their whole-of-government approach to stupidity.

Never mind the fact that all around the globe cold temperatures are breaking all-time lows and current snow pack in the Western U.S. is nearly double the historic average and significantly higher than the previous “highest-ever” recorded amount of snow.

Don’t disturb them facts. Facts are irrelevant, as is the actual science and data that exposes this climate scam for what it is: a religious cult. The Cult of Climatism is incapable of reconciling their world view with reality, therefore they reject reality in favor of their religious beliefs, and expect us all to do the same. Worse yet, many of these crazies are currently in positions of power and they are actively coordinating their efforts to force this insanity upon the entire human population.

As it turns out, this cult has been infiltrating our government for much longer than most people would guess. Reading from the Federal Register:

“Nearly three decades after the issuance of Executive Order 12898 of February 11, 1994 (Federal Actions To Address Environmental Justice in Minority Populations and Low-Income Populations), the Federal Government must build upon and strengthen its commitment to deliver environmental justice to all communities across America.”

Just to quickly connect the dots, Executive Order 12898 was issued in 1994, the same year the UN International Conference on Population and Development delivered its report linking human population to sustainable development. This, according to the report, was an extension and integration of Agenda 21, which itself is a blueprint for total global control under an oppressive regime of environmental regulations.

As previously outlined in TR 169 - The Very Strange Agenda, this too is all rooted in eugenics and depopulation. Thus, we find the scam of environmental justice is being used to justify the current totalitarian takeover and inglorious culling of the human herd. Therefore, resist we must!


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