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TR 449 - They're Coming for Your Food

TR 449 - They're Coming for Your Food

While everyone is caught up in the political circus, something sinister is happening.

The news cycle today is nothing more than a load of hot garbage. As such, it’s a perfect time to circle back to one of the stories that the media would very much like to keep buried. The globalists are aiming to take total control of the food supply, and they are very close to pulling it off. Eat bugs. Own nothing. Be happy.

That’s the plan.

Remember how there were those 100+ mysterious fires at food processing plants? How some 40 million poultry got culled because a handful tested positive for bird flu? How dairy farmers are getting taxed to oblivion in order to keep the steak off your plate—and then there were mysterious dairy barn fires too?

Remember when Joe Biden said the food shortages are going to be real? Remember the state-manufactured baby food shortages? How about the fact that the U.S. pork supply has been “on the edge” of collapse (supposedly thanks to covid), and how the industry is continuing to suffer catastrophic losses month after month—all while state bureaucrats continue to regulate the industry into oblivion?

All of this damage to the food supply, and more, continues unabated.

Preppers are prepared, and some people are keenly aware, but the majority of people continue about their lives as if everything is just hunky-dory. These very same plebes probably believe that the forthcoming food shortages are being caused by the Evil Russian Tyrant assailing the democratic bastion and breadbasket of eastern Ukraine.

Poor insufferable fools.

“…fast forward to the early 21st century when we just don’t need the vast majority of the population.” — World Economic Forum

Sometimes it’s necessary to step out of the box in order to grasp the bigger picture:


They intend to control your behavior, your food, your information, and your future, and they’re using international bodies like UN and the WHO to do their bidding.

I wrote that warning almost a year ago, and I’ve been documenting the nitty gritty details in the interim 245 Torch Reports, but today I want to revisit the possibility that starvation is their strategy in even greater detail.

Next week is the global cabal’s annual gala, the UN SDG Summit (Sept. 18-19th) in New York. Under the guise of “Securing a Sustainable Future,” these commie hacks are hashing out how to more firmly regulate what you eat, with a hefty dose of authoritarian zeal. Their plan is being marketed as Sustainable Food Systems, and according to them, it’s the only way to save the planet:

“The system encompasses everything from the processing, packaging and the transporting of food to consumers. Currently, these systems are not efficient or sustainable…. In addition, these unsustainable practices are one of the main contributors to the climate crisis – they account for a third of greenhouse gas emissions and 70 per cent of the usage of the world’s freshwater.”

Along with taking control of the means of production and consumption of goods to save the planet—which is communism—these lying shysters also claim they are trying to achieve “Zero Hunger” by 2030. Under the auspice of achieving Sustainable Development Goal #2, the central planners of the ruling class elite have a whole docket of policies to “transform food systems” into a government-run bread line.

Says they:

Overconsumption is a key issue in food shortages, and wealthier countries are the biggest contributors to the problem. According to UNICEF, if everybody in the world consumed resources at the rate people in the United States, Canada or Luxembourg do, we would require the equivalent of more than five earths to satisfy their needs.”

Let me ask you: if you were a commie central planner and you believed that overconsumption was a key issue, and that if everyone ate three American meals a day it would require “five earths” to sustain the population—which is clearly impossible—what would you do? How would you save us from ourselves?

The only viable solution would be to significantly reduce the overconsumption, right? And not just a little, but by a LOT, especially if we’re to stay within planetary boundaries, right? That’s why they need less carrot and more stick, right?

Surely you can sense the dire sense of urgency, right?!

Which brings us to the UN Food Systems Summit +2 recently held in Italy:

If you can’t tell from the cover, the plan is for you to live like a poor African peasant—because that’s what being sustainable looks like. It’s a tribal vision shrouded in fluffy language:

Urgent action at scale is now required, building on the latest evidence that sustainable food systems contribute to better and more viable outcomes for people, the planet and prosperity, leaving no one behind and that food systems transformation has started to unfold.”

Don’t forget that some 63% of young adults in the U.S. can’t read at a proficient level.

How do you think they would interpret “urgent action at scale” to ensure “viable outcomes” for the “food systems transformation” that has started to unfold? How about the poor African peasants who are being told that their children are starving because Americans are eating five planets worth of food? What might they think?

In other words, how do you think the bottom half of the Bell Curve would perceive this threat? And more importantly, what do you think they might do about it?

We must think in terms of Global Democracy to understand how an entire planet of desperate and starving peasants might be duped into voting for a New World Order. That helps put this statement from the UNFSS+2 report into proper context:

“[O]ur global food systems are strained. … These crises of multiple origins have spillover effects that go beyond borders and severely weaken food systems. And imperiled food systems can trigger vicious cycles of aggravated, protracted social, (geo)political, economic, and environmental crises.”

According to the secret cabal, global food systems are strained. Food systems have severly weakened. Food systems have been imperiled. Hence the need for “urgent action at scale,” and their detailed plan for taking total control of the food supply.

There is no better way to ensure the peasants remain reliant and compliant.

Or, to put it in globalist speak:

“Food systems transformation presents an extraordinary opportunity to achieve the world’s shared ambitions.” —UNFSS+2 report

For the record, these so-called “shared ambitions” reflect the fact that some 126 countries have already adopted the UN’s “national pathways” and are now voluntarily reporting “the progress and efforts being made to transform food systems worldwide.”

And just to drive home the point that this is a global takeover, get this:

“Importantly, the participation spans across the entire spectrum of income classifications, highlighting the inclusive nature of this global stocktaking exercise and the universal relevance of food systems transformation. There are 30 country reports from countries in Africa, 13 from the Americas, 28 from Asia, 16 from Europe and 14 from Oceania.”

Apparently taking over the world’s food supply is a very inclusive process.

By the way, this global “stocktaking exercise” is a perfect example of the Delphi Method, and it’s being used to implement greater surveillance and self-reporting, in order to generate the illusion of consensus and shared ambitions.

In other words, it’s a sham in action.

Friends, just like we recently discussed, the globalists are trying to steal your beer and snatch the steak right off your plate—but that’s not the worst of it. Don’t lose sight of the fact that all of this is ultimately about one thing: population control.

And by population control, I mean population reduction.

The quickest way to reduce the number of hungry peasants is to reduce the number of peasants. The ruling class doesn’t think we can feed five planets worth of people, and since they can’t proportion planetary resources, their plan is to “proportion” the population. Those are their words not mine!

In the coming months and years, if everything goes according to plan and all these vectors continue on their trajectory, I believe Joe Biden is going to be proven right. The food shortages are going to be real. And, if you don’t want to be scrounging for scraps in a dumpster or desperately waiting your turn in a government bread line, you have precious little time to get your food affairs in order.

You’ve been warned!

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