May 23, 2022 • 15M

Ep. 121 - About Those Bare Shelves & Hungry Babies!

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Should you be worried?

The honest answer: That depends on how prepared you are.

If you have a hungry baby, it needs to be fed now, not in two months from now, when baby formula once again graces the shelves. The panic and desperation felt by mothers across the country is unimaginable. The thought that American mothers would struggle to feed their hungry babies is unthinkable.

How has it come to this? What are the lessons here? Could this be a sign of things to come? Could this situation be avoided in the future?

We've explored the answers to these questions in previous episodes, noting that the global regime intends to take control over the food supply chain, controlling levels of both production and consumption -- which means controlling what you eat by controlling your access to food.

Understanding that this is an explicitly stated goal, written down and disseminated throughout the myriad organs of global governance, is essential to making sense of what's happening and anticipating what's to come. Add to this a realization that pain is being used as leverage to manipulate and change human behavior, and we have a framework for thinking this through.

The baby food shortage is a national tragedy in and of itself, however it portends an even greater and more daunting threat in the years ahead. Remember, as Biden said, the food crisis is going to be real, and it's not just about baby formula. It's about a growing string of fires and planes crashing into food facilities. It's killing some 40 million chickens just to be safe. It's about trains not delivering much needed fertilizer in time for farmers to plant their crops.

Do you still think this is all happening by accident? Here's a clip of Biden talking about rapidly increasing and disseminating food shortages:

It all sounds so terrible, because it is terrible. It is a global strategy to take total control of humanity, because humanity is the greatest threat to the planet. In the minds of the global elites, this is the ultimate justification for intentionally inflicting pain, suffering, and starvation in order to control the masses. Which brings us to today's headline news and the reassurance that President Biden has everything under control.

Invoking the Defense Production Act accelerated the importation of baby formula from Germany, with some 78,000 pounds of specialty formula landing in Indiana on Sunday -- which is about a week's supply. This is what the administration calls "incremental relief," though none of this formula will actually be making its way onto the shelves at your local store. Instead, this specialty formula will go primarily to hospitals and pharmacies, where it can be rationed with appropriate government regulation and oversight.

Furthermore, after being shutdown for a six-week inspection, the biggest manufacturer of baby food in America has reached an agreement with the FDA that should allow them to ramp up production and get the much needed formula on the shelves sometime in the next couple of months -- as long as they comply with a fresh set of requirements to restart and maintain production.

Now let's zoom out a little.

The create-a-problem/provide-a-solution cycle is abundantly clear. The motive is aligned with the WHO's anti-formula agenda, which itself is nested within the broader "sustainable development" agenda being promulgated by the global elite. And, as it turns out, Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb met with these elites at the Davos 2022 forum -- traveling to Switzerland on Saturday, and returning to Indiana on Monday, just in time for a press release about the pallets of baby food that arrived on Sunday. I'm sure that's just a coincidence.

I wonder what the environmental impact of that trip was? How about the impact of shipping formula from Germany to Indiana 132 pallets at a time? The idea that this is any sort of solution is so ludicrous it should stop everyone in their tracks, and make them ask: What's really going on here?

Meanwhile, Biden is making his first trip to Asia to address the growing supply chain issues affecting every other product on the shelf -- the bulk of which are manufactured in China. Simultaneously, we see Biden threatening to respond 'militarily' if China attacks Taiwan the way that Russia attacked Ukraine, and the Chinese government expressing 'alarm' over the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue between the U.S. and its Pacific allies.

Given the current circumstance, does it seem wise for the U.S. to be escalating tensions with China? What will be the supply chain impact of threatening the manufacturer of 1/5th of American goods? No matter how you look at it, China is well positioned to inflict pain upon the American people, simply by refusing to do business with a belligerent administration that seems hellbent on starting a war somewhere in the world, no matter the cost.

As the narrative transitions from Russia to China, we can expect to hear more about how the Chinese are hurting Americans by creating supply chain issues, driving up prices, and even meddling with our upcoming elections. The threat of war will remain imminent, and the U.S. will find itself fighting on multiple fronts, all while ignoring the very real pain being inflicted right here at home.

I'm no sage, but if this is all part of the Great Reset, it would appear that everything is going according to plan. May the wise prepare accordingly!