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TR 358 - Global Censorship Goes Viral

TR 358 - Global Censorship Goes Viral

As one might expect, the globalists seek to destroy what they claim to protect.
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Go ahead and laugh.

I did. When I saw that shot on the front page of the United Nation’s website this morning, I laughed out loud. “Everything is alright,” they claim—which is laughable—but what’s fascinating to me is that this is their lockstep message for World Press Freedom Day. In their own words:

This year marks the 30th anniversary of World Press Freedom Day. It is a day to celebrate the fundamental principles of press freedom, to evaluate press freedom around the world, to defend the media from attacks on their independence and to pay tribute to journalists who have lost their lives in the exercise of their profession. For this #WorldPressFreedomDay, we encourage everyone to publish a single message: "Everything is alright."

The irony that this is their central message on a day when “Ukrainian drones” just attempted to assassinate the Russian President is remarkable. The gall. The audacity. The insanity of it all. Will it ever stop? No my friends, it will not stop. This globalist crazy train is moving right along at warp speed, passing through the “incredible transition” they’ve dubbed the Great Reset, rapidly transporting us to Future Earth.

These people are crazy, but they assume that if they can get the global media apparatus to parrot the narrative that “everything is alright,” then the majority of the masses will believe that everything is alright. This is a perfect example of “controlling emerging public perceptions” using “activist media strategies” not only to make news, but to “define what news is.” (I’m using all those quotes to remind you that those are their words, not mine.) Need a brush up? See TR 329 - The Great Global Story.

I want to pick apart the irony and poke fun at the woke insanity of it all, but first, some headlines:

It just goes on and on. Do you know what all of these headlines have in common? Aside from being on par with taxing cow flatulence and the Fart of a Dog in the absurdity department, all of these headlines aptly demonstrate the effects of the UN’s Global Vision, Local Voice initiative. They write the narrative, and media establishments around the world push the propaganda out in a relentless effort to control public perception—and it works.

The results are seen in the insane policies that are being promoted by the leftists as they march in lockstep off the edge of a cliff. It seems appropriate to point out that these people are no longer capable of thinking for themselves, due to the menticide and mental assimilation into the collective. These people, whether they are global, state, or local leaders, or whether they’re just the useful idiots who’ve been sucked into the scam, are now operatives of the global elite—whether they realize it or not.

The global elites develop the language, gather the experts, and pay for consensus. This then gives them the green light to gaslight the masses, at a global scale, with remarkable success. It works because language determines perspectives, perspectives determine beliefs, and beliefs determine behavior. Thus, control the language and one can control behavior. As first reported in TR 65 - The Responsibility To Protect:

Using sophisticated techniques like Horizon Scanning, Capacity Building, and the Delphi Method, the global elite have been very successful at implementing their agenda, building the scaffolding of total control in an incremental and systematic way. It’s worth noting, these strategies were developed by military and intelligence agencies — who were developing weapons for psychological warfare.

Interestingly enough, just this morning a friend shared a fresh link on the Delphi Method in Substack Notes—which is a great new way to join the discussion:

The article comes from the Virginia Land Rights Coalition, and it does an excellent job explaining how the Delphi Method works in action—as in, how you might experience or be subjected to this technique (of psychological warfare) in any given meeting at the local level. I appreciate how the author connects the dots between how these methods are being used in local meetings, and how they are being used to fundamentally transform America (and I would add, humanity as a whole):

This very effective technique is being used, over and over and over, to change our form of government from the representative republic, intended by the Founding Fathers, into a “participatory democracy." Now, citizens chosen at large are manipulated into accepting preset outcomes while they believe that the input they provided produced the outcomes which are now theirs! The reality is that the final outcome was already determined long before any public meetings took place, determined by individuals unknown to the public. Can you say “Conspiracy?”

These “Change Agents” or “Facilitators” can be beaten! They may be beaten using their own methods against them.

I especially appreciate that last line: They may be beaten using their own methods against them. If you’ve been with me for any length of time, you’ve heard me say exactly that, repeatedly. We need to mirror their methods and form long term strategies. It will be impossible to eradicate this mind virus overnight. The long, slow, incremental transformation of public consciousness cannot simply be undone in a single sitting. Reshaping neural plasticity takes patience and repetition.

The infected masses, those who’ve been assimilated into the collective, who now self-identify as cosmopolitan “global citizens,” are going to continue to increase per capita, building ever more momentum for the global cabal, until such a time as there is a well-funded, well-organized, concerted effort to address these methods. We need to first understand what’s happening and how these techniques are being used, then mirror the methods in an effort to neutralize the effect. Simultaneously, we need to launch a social campaign that is specifically designed to introduce the anecdotal thoughts that will inoculate future generations against the “woke mind virus.”

All that said, we’ll still have to deal with the crazies who are currently living in utter denial of reality. I suspect that many are a lost cause, and thus some percentage of the socialist vanguard (think Bernie Sanders) are simply going to have to die out. But, as an optimist who has studied the techniques of psychological warfare intently, I do believe that many people can still be reached and helped to see the bright beacon of liberty’s light, so to speak. The hard times ahead may hasten this awakening, just like when the peasants started starving after every other communist revolution in history.

But let’s get back to the press, because that’s really a pressing issue.

Zoom out.

Last week we talked about how purging the media of dissenting perspectives leads directly to the “death of democracy”—just to borrow their words for a moment. The same could be said for state-funded censorship of political opposition. Of course, all of this is happening right before our very eyes. But, while the moronic minions relish this crushing of public discourse, screeching about free speech being a free-for-all hellscape, the globalists have already pivoted to shore up the narrative.

As I’ve said many times, these people are evil, not stupid.

And so, here we are, celebrating the 30th anniversary of World Press Freedom Day, wherein the globalists are gloating about their agenda to protect “freedom of expression” by teaming up with woke organizations that promote “environmental causes, women’s rights, children’s rights, indigenous rights, digital rights, the fight against corruption and others.” As always, their words are dripping with altruism.

That is, until we apply logic and realize their words have a “hidden, higher, socialist interpretation the exact contrary of its real character,” to quote Karl Marx.

It should come as no surprise to learn that the UNESCO World Press Freedom Prize is named in honor of Guillermo Cano Isaza, a radical communist revolutionary turned Colombian journalist, who was assassinated, allegedly, for speaking truth to power. Guillermo wrote for the vanguard liberal rag El Espectador, Columbia’s oldest newspaper, which his father founded in 1887—coincidentally, right about the time Marx’s manifesto was enjoying a “revival in fortunes” all around the world.

While all this history is quite intriguing, the point that must be made is the stark contrast between the past and the present. Whereas in the past liberals were passionate about protecting free speech, challenging the narrative, and keeping the state in check; now liberals are just as passionate about censoring free speech, protecting the narrative, and promoting the state’s propaganda. Why is that?

In my mind, this is the telltale sign of psychological warfare, what Sargant refers to as the “ultra-paradoxical” stage that immediately precedes “transmarginal” collapse. In a nutshell, the science of brainwashing facilitates the unlearning of longstanding routines and establishes new patterns of thinking and behavior in the subconscious mind. This can be achieved with clinical precision, and no one is immune to it, as the state of American journalism so clearly attests. As Sargant warns, in his Battle for the Mind, “These powerful techniques can bring about allegiance for a lifetime.”

Sit with the implications for a bit.

Seeing the global press trying to convince the peasants that everything is alright, even in the midst of utter and complete chaos, despite directly observable reality, should be a wake-up call for those who are still asleep. Unfortunately, the masses are unlikely to get the memo. That’s why it’s up to us to speak the truth and share it far and wide. Indeed, we need to get the word out: “The commies are taking over the world!”


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