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TR 435 - The Utter Peak of Corruption

TR 435 - The Utter Peak of Corruption

Linking state education, assisted suicide, and the disgusting eugenics agenda.

I’m curios: do you know what percentage of young adults can read proficiently?

Do you care to take a guess?

According the National Center for Education Statistics, less than four out of ten high school seniors can read at a proficient level. That is an abomination. Less than four out of ten! A meager 37 percent of young adults can read at or above a proficient level.

See it for yourself:

It’s sad.

I speculate that things are bad and getting worse, and that’s why there is no high school data reported for 12th graders in 2022—and the data from 2019 looks suspiciously similar to 2015, which I suspect reflects some statistical manipulation.

But that’s not really the point.

Think about the fact that more than 6 out of 10 young adults, fresh out of high school, are not capable of reading at a proficient level. That’s after 12 years of publicly funded education. What are we getting in exchange for our hard earned tax dollars?

According to the data, it appears we are transforming our children into illiterate imbeciles. These kids would rather dye their hair blue, use a litter box in the bathroom, pretend boys can be girls and girls can be boys, and slump, scoff, and goof off rather than listen, learn, and grow. But they can sure swipe those smart phones!

The bigger issue that’s not being talked about is that adults are letting them get away with it. It’s piss-poor parenting that is fueling not just the educational crisis, but the youth mental health crisis as well. More children are depressed and committing suicide than ever before, and everyone just wants to blame the system. In reality, it is the destabilization of the family unit and the destruction of family values that is harming these children and turning them into wards of the state.

Just to be clear, this is 100% intentional.

It is a strategy that comes directly from the Communist Manifesto, which reads:

“Abolition of the family! Even the most radical flare up at this infamous proposal of the Communists. …To this crime we plead guilty.

So there you have it, and their method for doing so is to “destroy the most hallowed of relations” by replacing “home education with social.” Those are direct quotes.

Now think about what’s happening in society today. Not only are more kids depressed, dumbed down, and incapable of reading at a proficient level, fewer and fewer children have the benefit of being in a stable, functional, traditional two parent home—in fact, it’s less than half and falling fast. What I’m saying is, this is not by accident.

The state is intentionally undermining the family unit to develop greater and greater dependence on the state. This gives them more power over the population.

It also gives them more control over the population, and population control is what this is really all about. It’s a sick and twisted ploy, but it’s happening right in front of us.

Remember: the ruling class elites “just don’t need” the majority of the population.

Their words, not mine.

On top of that, the global elites also believe that the human population is unsustainable and destroying the planet. Their solution is two-fold: condition the masses to be docile, complacent serfs who happily serve the state in the name of the greater good; and systematically reduce the human population through any and all means possible. Never forget that in their warped minds, the ends justify the means.

And that brings us to a glaring example of just how sick this agenda has become.

Are you aware that Canada is offering state assisted suicide for anyone age 18 or over? Anyone who knows or has a teenager should let that sink in. These young adults are struggling terribly, with some 45% having received treatment for mental illness, and now the government is offering to put these young adults out of their misery.

To me, this is just despicable, but before we get into that, let’s ask the obvious question: Why? Why are so many young adults suffering so much?

I’m sure there are many angles, but let’s just come at it from the angle of poor education, institutional indoctrination, and destruction of the family unit.

Think about it like this:

If a young adult can’t read, their life time learning is greatly reduced and they will struggle to attain any form of higher education. That fact often relegates their lives to hard labor, and from that hard labor comes the exhaustion that prevents them from even having enough energy to care. They need to eat, and they’ve got work in the morning. When they finally do get time off, they just want to relax and go numb.

At this point, though they do not realize it, these young adults have essentially been groomed to be slaves to the state, and this pattern will persist throughout their lives.

Heavy thinking is not a high priority when one is tired and tuned out. That means the need to read seems unimportant to those unfortunate enough to be stuck in this rut—but damn those long hard days of back breaking, knee wrecking labor!

And out of all that hard work, how much is taken in taxes?

School taxes. Gas taxes. Taxes on groceries, goods, and entertainment. Taxes on property, vehicles, and toys. Soon enough every one of us will be taxed on EVERYTHING—meaning every single transaction can be taxed in any arbitrary amount determined by the state—thanks to the imposition of global digital currency.

It will be sold as a way to make the rich “pay their fair share,” mark my words.

And people will be bribed with free digital money and a free digital ID.

But I digress, we’re talking about young people who are depressed and can’t read proficiently. The current system ultimately reduces humans into willing-if-unwitting slaves to the state. They are slaves because they don’t know any better.

They don’t know any better at least partly because they never learned to read proficiently. But it’s worse than just that, because not learning to read also directly affects physical brain development—which necessarily has lifelong implications.

An underdeveloped brain makes these young people easy prey.

People who can’t read are easy to scam. Thus, the government can push and pass whatever political policy jargon they want, because over 60% of people can’t even read it, let alone understand it. If you think about the language barrier, it’s astounding—and ruling class elites hide behind this shroud of ignorance and confusion.

Let me give you a perfect example.

Let’s return our attention to the Canadian government’s state assisted suicide policy. As we dive in, don’t forget that what a democracy does in one place, they’re destined to do in another. Currently the Canadian government has a nice webpage on “medical assistance in dying,” and they are showing people “how to make a request.” That means the state is giving people advice on how to request state funded suicide.

The State is giving people advice on how the State can end their lives.

Right now they are saying anyone over 18 can apply, if they meet certain conditions. However, there is a “temporary exclusion” for people who are only suffering from a mental disorder—meaning they have no other chronic illness or debilitating pain.

By implication, this means that in the future someone will just have to be mentally unstable enough to believe that they really do want to die—at the hands of the state—because that is the best solution to all their problems. What could possibly go wrong?

Think about the current state of mental health, and then connect the dots.

Of course, the government in all of its benevolence is making sure they pass policies to “protect people”—presumably so that poor, depressed, ignorant people with mental health issues don’t unwittingly request an untimely demise. So there needs to be some barriers, and clearly there would need to be some paperwork involved.

That’s where the inability to read and the effect of underdeveloped brains really have an impact. That language on the forms and in the state policy of killing people will look something like this eloquent blurb from the Canadian Department of Justice:

“On May 13, 2022, the Government of Canada tabled the Expert Panel on MAID and Mental Illness’ final report in Parliament. The report sets out 19 recommendations for establishing a MAID regime that addresses questions that may arise in some MAID requests, and particularly where the person requesting MAID’s natural death is not reasonably foreseeable. This includes questions of incurability, irreversibility, capacity, suicidality, and the impact of structural vulnerabilities (structural vulnerabilities being the effects of interactions between a person’s sex, gender, socioeconomic status, race/ethnicity, sexuality, or institutional location, with one’s position in society).”

How well do you think someone who cannot read proficiently will understand those words? What are the chances someone who is depressed and mentally unstable can actually comprehend what is being said?

As troubling as that is, the state has a solution for overcoming this barrier.

But first, I want to point out that the bureaucrats are going to make damn sure all of this state assisted death gets dealt out equitably. They want to make it easy, so that all a troubled person must do is request a “natural death”—their words, not mine—and the state will help them slip blissfully into abyss for no “reasonably foreseeable” reason, other than a mental health disorder that makes them want to die.

Back to overcoming the barrier: how many people do you think can answer a series of rapid questions about “incurability, irreversibility, capacity, suicidality, and the impact of structural vulnerabilities”—and how many people could understand what these words mean if they can’t even read them off the official government form?

The point is, if you can’t understand you cannot consent.

Thus, the need for government funded counselors—or perhaps some compassionate nonprofit—who dutifully and skillfully helps these poor bastards accept the state’s help in killing themselves. All one has to do is ask the state to take their life, and have a state-qualified “expert” help them fill out the forms. Once the forms are signed and the pour lost soul has paid their pittance, the state is primed and ready to kill.

As a safeguard, they’ll let someone back out, “unless special circumstances apply.”

Think about the precedent.

The Canadian government understands this is a “complex issue” because the state funded “assessors and providers” need to be “prepared and comfortable” to support the “MAID regime” of terminating the lives of otherwise healthy people who are suffering from mental illnesses that are at least partially caused by state propaganda.

Create the problem » provide the solution.

Interestingly enough, those words come from the Honorable Minister of Health—Mr. Jean-Yves Duclos—who was recently praising his liberal colleagues for taking their time figuring out how best to implement these dark and seedy “practices.”

It turns out this utterly dis-Honorable Minister of Health is actually an economist, not a doctor. He’s a radical leftist who wrote his 1992 doctoral thesis on “Progressivity, equity and the take-up of state benefits.” Now he’s directing the take-up of state assisted suicide, no doubt to keep the population within planetary boundaries.

If you think about it from an economic standpoint, having people sign up and pay the state to end their miserable lives is a very efficient model of population reduction—and it even comes with an exquisite eugenicist twist, in that it’s only the so-called “defectives” and “vulnerable populations” who will have their lineage wiped from the earth. It’s practically a eugenicist’s fantasy.

Very clever.

Deliberately dumbing down the population so that 6 out of 10 people can’t read proficiently enough to understand that the state is setting up a regime to systematically eliminate human beings is disturbing. That they’re using weaponized AI to break people’s brains and drive them to request that the state end their lives, all under the guise of the greater good, strikes me as the epitome of evil.

That is the peak of corruption.


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