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TR 426 - The Threat of Top Down Control

TR 426 - The Threat of Top Down Control

The threat of centralized control goes beyond the consolidation of power.

If you consider yourself somewhat conservative, or if you lean toward libertarian affinities, then the words “top down control” probably make your skin crawl. The implication is that there are just a few people at the top who get to tell you what to do and control how you live your life. The instinctive apprehension comes naturally, because when those at the top control your life, that is the opposite of living free.

Top down control is the polar opposite of liberty, and in many ways it’s very close to slavery—it might even be considered a slippery slope toward outright enslavement.

Once people have been trained to believe that someone other than themselves knows what’s best, and to accept the authority and directives of these distant officials, there are very few barriers to abuse from these so-called experts. Human nature being what it is, once these officials have assumed this authority for themselves they invariably expect compliance, which leads to demands for subservient deference to their will.

Though the majority of people are generally looking for someone to tell them what to do, and are therefore content to accept the imposition of these distant directives, what is so often overlooked is the fact that these officials are fallible human beings like the rest of us. Along with their assumed authority comes a certain degree of arrogance that often blinds them to the fact that these officials may be, and often are, wrong.

Thus, the directive to do what you’re told may in fact be based on bogus assumptions, erroneous data, or some wholly concocted narrative that does little more than pad the pockets and further the agenda of these distant officials. This should be obvious enough that it really requires no explanation. These power dynamics have been playing out since the dawn of time, and this is what ultimately leads to the collapse of centralized government. In other words, this is why communism fails.

Just one reason of many.

In a fascinating twist in my research this morning, I plugged “top down” into the search engine and was somewhat alarmed by what I discovered. The first slue of articles were referencing academic research into “top down control”—but the one that really stood out to me was this paper at the website:

Personally, I am leery of top-down control from a centralized government. So when I see government research developing a “unified principle of cortical learning” there are a few flags going off. Unified principles smack of fabricated consensus, and the scientific term “cortical learning” links directly in my mind to the elites treating us like hackable animals. The paper itself further indicates they’ve mastered the craft.

But wait, there’s more…

Before I get into the news today, I think you should know that The Experts who have been studying top-down control believe that top-down control is essential for stabilizing ecosystems. More specifically, “selective predation at the top” leads to cascading effects “down the food chain.” You may wonder: why is this important?

It’s important because the global elites swear allegiance to The Science, and according to The Science—their science, the science that is being fed to them by those who seek to justify depopulating the planet—we are facing a Triple Planetary Crisis that requires all of humanity to submit to their radical environmental agenda. Good sense and science be damned, they believe that they alone know what’s best for the rest of us, and they’re hellbent on beating us all into submission.

For reference, see TR 264 - The Most Despicable Plot of All:

The fact that The Science indicates the need for top-down predation to stabilize the Earth’s ecosystem is direct justification for using “more stick” to beat the peasants into compliance. When we look at the definition of predation, we see the true intentions of the globalist agenda on full display:

The globalists are capturing prey for food. They are preying upon the innocence of youth to develop “subconsciously tamed” global citizens who will reliably vote to feed the beast of global bureaucracy, for example. They are also actively working to take direct control of the food supply, as well as the means and methods of production and consumption, to ensure that we peasants comply with their ideas of sustainable diets and sustainable living, as another example.

This is the epitome of top-down control over the minutia of our lives, from what we eat to how we prepare our food, along with what goods and services we are allowed to have access to. Who is making these decisions? Ostensibly it’s the WHO, the World Health Organization, who has assumed for themselves the authority to issue directives from on high in order to save us from ourselves.

In reality, I believe it is the invisible hand of the global cabal that is orchestrating it all. The “secret global cabal” that is striving to undermine America to construct a new international order—to quote Rockefeller—is ultimately driving the push for global democracy, so as to solidify centralized global control via the vehicle of mob rule.

For reference, see TR 277 - Chaos Prevails When Justice Fails:

When I was reporting on this at the beginning of the year I uncovered a pair of disturbing papers, one titled the Global Governance Working Paper, the other titled Reevaluating Global Trade Governance Structures to Address Climate Change. Both provide ample examples of how the environmental agenda is driving global policy—and both also provide the perfect example of robbing, victimizing, and exploiting others.

That is, both provide a perfect example of top-down predation, wherein the global elites extract maximum taxes (robbery) to fund their radically self-serving agenda (victimization) under the auspice of shoring up global sustainability by leveraging the useful idiots to forcefully impose their will upon humanity (exploitation).

Seen clearly, this is a textbook scam of planetary proportion.

The predation goes even further when one considers the “pain at the pump,” the effort to steal your gas powered appliances and generators, as well as your ability to feed your family by banning beef, killing millions of poultry, and turning millions of farmable acres into toxic solar wastelands—again, just as a brief example. This is precisely the act of plundering and pillaging the village via predatory incursions into our communities.

This is top-down control, and just to reemphasize, they believe that The Science justifies their behavior. In their minds, selective predation stabilizes the environment.

To wit, from the self-affirming Eco-Intelligent website:

“For a stable and diversified ecosystem, the system itself needs to come up with ways to control the populations of all its species and make sure it remains in the most suitable range.”

Cue Kamala Harris to some college-educated idiots in Baltimore:

“We need to reduce the population so our children can breathe clean air.”

Cue Dr. Yuval Noah Harari goading on the globalists at the World Economic Forum:

“We just don’t need the majority of the human population.”

These people are nuts.

But they’re not stupid. Did you notice how “the system itself” needs to come up with a plan to control the population? That is quintessential collectivist language.

And how about that “suitable range”—what’s that all about?

Those words allude directly to the entirely fictitious “planetary boundaries” that the global elites were recently discussing over in China. That’s when they determined the dire planetary crisis will require them to use “more stick” in order to beat us all into compliance. If that sounds insane, that’s because it is.

But these are their words, not mine:

You know what, I have to pull one more quote into the conversation to round this out:

“As long as everybody believes in the same fictions, we all obey the same laws.”

This again comes from Harari, in the very same speech where he called us all hackable animals. I would rephrase it slightly to say, “As long as everyone believes the same lies, the globalists can impose top-down control on the whole of humanity.”

Thus, our elections are safe and secure, despite more and more evidence to the contrary. Donald Trump is a threat to democracy and is destroying the Republican party, despite the fact that he’s still the most popular candidate among conservative voters. The worst political violence since the 1970s is being perpetrated by right-wing extremists, despite the fact that radical leftists keep assaulting people in the streets.

Or how about this whopper:

The Wu-Flu virus came from natural origins, despite the discovery of government funded gain-of-function research and illegal Chinese biolabs in California.

You know what the only solution to all of this chaos is?

More top-down government control.

Of course, that’s only true if we all believe the same lies.

Never forget: Resistance is the spice of life—and when it comes to top-down centralized global control over every aspect of our lives, RESIST WE MUST!


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