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TR 425 - Before Freedom Falls for Good

TR 425 - Before Freedom Falls for Good

These are the critical issues that we must stand together in order to fight.

Yesterday’s foray into language that may be useful for breaking down walls and building bridges with the left-leaning members of the community was driving home the point that there is more that unites us than there is that divides us—so long as we properly frame the understanding of “us versus them.”

In a nutshell, it’s We the Peasants of the world against the imperialist Global Cabal. It is the average everyday citizens against the ruling class elites, those who want to live and let live and be left the hell alone, against those who are hellbent on forcefully imposing their draconian totalitarian fantasies upon the whole of humanity.

It is my belief, naive as it might be, that such a perspective is one that can appeal to people across the full breadth of the political spectrum. I mentioned that we need people on the left—the classical liberals, old school democrats, working class rebels, and intellectually honest academic types—to join us in a crusade for truth.

We need them to vote, not for the knee-jerk preconditioned party-line partisanship, but for the bigger picture purpose of uprooting the treachery and corruption that is rapidly destroying our ability—everyone’s ability—to live as free human beings. If there is any hope of such a strategy gaining steam, it will boil down to each of us taking the individual initiative to intentionally engage in challenging conversations for the sake of forging meaningful agreement.

Censorship, corruption, and the consolidation of power threaten us all. This holds true from the community level, to the county, state, federal, and global levels as well.

I believe that anyone who disagrees with that statement is hopelessly lost in the nebulous delusions of the collective hive mind. In other words, they’ve got their collective heads buried so far up their collective backsides that they can no longer see the light of day, let alone the light of truth. In this is the case don’t waste your time!

All that said, I noticed a headline out this morning that lends credence to the fact that we have a narrow window of opportunity to speak the truth and actually have it received: Democrats are hitting a brick wall with younger voters. This pairs nicely with a recent article from the New York Times indicating that millennials have moved to the right. That’s the good news.

For all the Boomers out there, along with my fellow Gen Xers, it is absolutely critical that we capitalize on this shifting sentiment. Young people are always looking for someone to look up to. They need role models. They need older, wiser people to help them make sense of what’s going on in the world. Thus, if you have a chance to reach out and bring a budding young mind under your wing, pounce on it, immediately.

Even if the kids themselves are too young to vote, don’t miss the chance to plant some seeds—that freedom is the most good for the most people, that mutual respect can put an end to perpetual conflict, that liberty means we were born free and meant to live that way, and that the American Dream was designed so that everyone can embrace that reality—and don’t underestimate a young person’s ability to convey these truths to their parents. I understand that it’s a long shot, but it’s a shot worth taking.

There are few things that go through my mind as I write these words:

  1. Having just read the book “Virus of the Mind” by Richard Brodie, I’m here to tell you that the science of memetics is as sound as the laws of physics. The implication is that planting these “seeds of thought” means they will attempt to self-replicate, so long as they are planted in fertile soil.

  2. Having previously outlined the Adaptation Agendaaka the global cabal’s insidious strategy to brainwash children into mindless collectivist minions—I think that it is imperative we push back with our own strategy to engage youth and young adults, by focusing on the value freedom brings to their unfolding lives.

  3. As the parent of a teenager, former Court Appointed Special Advocate for children and high school football coach, I can personally attest to the impact your positive presence can have in a young person’s life. Their are many, many young people who have no one to look up to. They are lost and need your help.

Okay, enough of the feel good pep talk. I’m serious about all of the above, but I understand that’s probably not why you subscribed to the Torch Report. Are you ready for some fast and furious news analysis? I am.

Let’s do this.

Remember all of those billions of dollars in financial aide and military equipment we’ve dumped into the bottomless pit of corruption known as Ukraine? It turns out even CNN is sobering up to the reality that it’s all been for naught, and they are now admitting the much-hyped Ukrainian counteroffensive has been nothing more than a meat-grinder for the withering Ukrainian forces.

If you’ve been with me for awhile, you may recall that that was precisely the plan, as it was so eloquently penned by none other than George Soros himself, in his 1993 essay titled The Future of NATO: Toward a New World Order.

Just to refresh, from TR 290 - Time to Take Off the Gloves:

“Incidentally, George Soros cast this vision of using “manpower from Eastern Europe,” combined with the military might of NATO, to “reduce the risk of body bags” for NATO and their Western allies (US).

Put more bluntly, Soros was explaining that the global elite should use Ukrainians like cannon fodder to attack and destabilize Russia, so they could then capture Ukraine’s ample natural resources during the reconstruction.”

For all these reasons and more, I believe that the so-called plot to assassinate Volodymyr “The Jackass” Zelensky was little more that staged propaganda. It was intended to draw out western sympathies and attempt to justify wasting more of your hard earned tax dollars in order to further escalate the threat of nuclear war and fuel the never-ending conflict in Eastern Europe, to advance the globalist agenda.

Hence the U.S. State Department’s recent approval of an additional $400 million in military assistance, and their pledge that the United States will “stand united with Ukraine, for as long as it takes.”

For as long as it takes? Really? Are we really standing “united with Ukraine”?

The answer is no, we’re not.

Polls show a healthy majority of Americans have grown wise to this international money laundering scheme, and they no longer support dumping more money into Ukraine. This comes even as Democrats in the U.S. Senate are blatantly blocking watchdog groups from monitoring where all this money is actually going. Coincidence?

I think not.

Much like COVID-19 was used to kickoff the Great Reset, the Ukrainian conflict is also being used to advance the globalist agenda to institute the New World Order. Again, you don’t have to take my word for it, just remember what good old H.W. said:

“Out of these troubling times, our objective—a New World Order—can emerge. Today, that new world order is struggling to be born, a world quite different from the one we have known.” —George H. W. Bush, September 11th, 1990

Add that to Soros’ openly stated objective of using Ukrainians like cannon fodder in order to spare NATO the body bags—also for the explicit purpose of advancing the so-called “New World Order”—and there is really no escaping the conclusion that all of this chaos is in fact by design. Keep in mind, both statements were made 30 years ago.

All that said, I still believe that the entire Ukrainian narrative is little more than a distraction from the various other aspects of the agenda that are quietly being advanced while few people are paying attention. Same goes for all the hype about Hunter Biden’s “Money Guy” and his mysterious 36 visits to the White House, Nancy Pelosi claiming that America will “cease to exist” if Trump gets reelected, and all the squawk about how Trump’s latest indictment represents an “undermining of Democracy”. These too are just distractions.

In case you haven’t realized it yet, democracy is dead.

BUT, quite unfortunately, COMMUNISM is very much alive and well.

All that aside, underneath the surface of headline news—you know, that fantasy land where the sock-puppet president is preparing to pitch the utter farce that his economy is still booming—there are tectonic plates shifting in the global economy.

Just to give you a taste:

As more and more major banks around the world accelerate toward going cashless, as millions upon millions of people eagerly line up to stare into the “shiny spherical orb” and scan their eyeballs to get their spiffy new World ID in exchange for some free World Coin digital currency, it seems like the world is ripe for a very rude awakening.

Think about it:

Friends, at this point the global elites are using weaponized AI to enslave humanity in their own minds. They are conquering the world in broad daylight. Doesn’t that seems a little more important that the political circus and partisan bickering?

It does to me.

That’s why we must unite the tribes and fight together, before freedom falls for good!


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