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TR 343 - How China Wins

TR 343 - How China Wins

It's an unpopular proposition, but it would be wise to consider the possibility.

Brace yourself.

If one were to scan the headlines today, the impression received is that war with China is imminent. While there may be a shred of truth in this, ultimately, I suspect this is little more that smoke and mirrors. It’s meant to ratchet up the nervous uncertainty that keeps the public in a state of heightened suggestibility.

With that said, keeping in mind the poorly informed general public, check out the Drudge Report this morning:

Now how’s that for “thrusting”some impending doom into the public psyche? Here are the articles Drudge was linking to:

It all sounds very frightening doesn’t it? But can the U.S. really afford a war with China? Is it really a wise idea to be beefing up American troops in yet another distant land? Isn’t this just another example of Washington’s MIC imperialistic impulse?

Meanwhile, in other sectors of the global insanity, we find that the current sock-puppet administration has supposedly been caught spying on Zelensky, the Russians have carved out a 45 mile “mega-trench” inviting the Ukrainians out for some WW1-style trench warfare, DoD mercenaries have been contracted to do the dirty work in Syria, and French President Emanuel Macron has cast a China-centric vision for the European Union that has received lavish praise from the Chinese Communist Party.

Obviously, none of this bodes well for the future of America.

But here’s the thing: Just like with Trump, the media is using this hype as a distraction to run cover from things that are truly more important—mainly the global cabal’s relentless advance of the One Agenda to Rule Them All. I suspect the whole China narrative will continue to be hyped and positioned front and center to counter-balance the fact that the Ukrainian narrative is falling apart.

The China narrative also provides a convenient distraction from the recent revelations that the U.S. deepstate was responsible for the Baltic Sea Bombings—as noted by yours truly back in September 2022. Regardless, this act of war won’t get much press, because it doesn’t fit the Evil Russian Tyrant narrative. Still, the truth is (or at least appears to be) that the U.S. is doing everything it can to provoke a war with someone, anyone really, somewhere on the planet. It almost seems like they need a war.

But why?

Zoom out.

Think global democracy. Think sustainable development. Think commie cabal.

I honestly believe that the current administration, most especially the deepstate and the unelected bureaucrats behind the scenes, are presiding over the systematic destruction of America. Saying that, there are three things that immediately come to mind that need to be pointed out:

  1. The systematic destruction of America is ultimately an assimilation into the global collection. It’s a destruction of the American mindset that gives way to a conditioned “cosmopolitan perspective” of us all being global citizens.

  2. The U.S. government isn’t going to just disappear. Instead, they will continue to purge the ranks of dissent and only hire and promote people who accept the tenets of global collectivism and are dedicated to the progressive agenda.

  3. This transformation of consciousness and restructuring of the government’s mission is all contingent upon money. It takes money to run the massive propaganda campaigns and fund the various agencies that will implement the agenda. This has big implications for the economy.

What’s key to realize is that it isn’t likely there will be some catastrophic collapse. It’s the slow roll to insanity. It’s winning the battle of democracy—which is the first step in a communist revolution. I think they’ve already won that battle. They’ve already convinced the majority of Americans (by population) that anyone who opposes the globalist agenda is a threat to democracy. Thus, now they’ve moved onto the next step of consolidating state control, and they have the necessary votes to proceed at pace.

To say that our elections system is in shambles would be an understatement. If there is one thing that has become crystal clear in the last two election cycles, it’s that our elections are helplessly rigged. Anyone with their eyes wide open has to realize that the chances we can vote ourselves out of this mess is essentially zero—BUT, that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t at least try to vote these shysters out in 2024.

Just don’t get your hopes up. It’d probably be wise to start considering alternative options as well, starting at the local level. If things get messy, you’ll need a plan.

But I want to circle back to the slow roll, because I believe that’s what their plan is. There is no need to rush if success is inevitable, right? If you have superior force and strategic advantage, what’s the point in pushing an open war? Per the Art of War, I believe the Chinese are working to conquer America without firing a shot. They want to capture our country intact and convince our citizens to adopt their communist rule. It could be argued that they’ve already achieved much success in this regard.

Like I was saying in yesterday’s report, TR 342 - The Real Red Wave, the Chinese have already formed a global alliance that is vastly superior to the United States in terms of natural resources alone. In other words, they’ve convinced the BRICS, the WHO, the WEF, etc, that they are the good guys, that America is the hostile actor, and that China is really the best role model for the world—and much of the world believes them.

Though many may scoff at my saying so, I do believe this is a perfect example of Communist Mind Control in action. It’s subtle and cunning, and it works, precisely because it disarms and conditions the mind to accept their husbandry. Centralized control doesn’t feel like control when one has succumbed to the belief that frailty and submission boost social status and earn a moral badge of honor. To be a good citizen, to be a good human, one must simply accept the state’s authority and plans for the greater good. Self-sacrifice then becomes a natural and noble behavior.

This is why I place so much emphasis on the need to talk to our neighbors and engage in difficult conversations. Not only do we desperately need to help people wake up to these techniques and the overarching agenda, we also need to sharpen our wit in order to guard against the various strains of sneaky deception that are tugging at our attention in any given moment. Think about it like this:

Why not adopt some common sense gun control measures?

Why not start transitioning toward a more sustainable future?

Why not accept the fact that we are part of a global community?

It kinda sounds like: “Did God really say you can not eat from any tree in the garden?”

Beware of the dialectical deception!

The point here, is that this way of questioning intentionally wears down the will to resist. Gradually, over time, more and more people become convinced that centralized solutions are the most efficient and intelligent way to govern. The result is Communism—or, in liberal speak, Global Governance. As more and more people are conditioned and persuaded to think in this way, there is an increasing social pressure that drives greater and greater conformity. We are in this phase now.

At some point, the super-majority of both the general public and the political class are all on the same page. At this point, only the “extremists” dare to dissent or question the state’s authority, which threatens peace and stability, public health and safety, and the very sanctity of democracy itself. Citing the responsibility to protect the public from these threats, such extremists must inevitably be rounded up and dealt with.

What’s left is a peaceful and inclusive society where everyone gets to benefit from the many blessings of having a benevolent ruling class. Their ability to monitor and control the narrative allows them to keep people safe from dangerous disinformation and make sure that “our democracy” doesn’t devolve into a free-for-all hellscape. By keeping tabs on everyone, everywhere, all the time, they can ensure a just and inclusive society remains free from those radical extremists who threaten stability—by force if necessary, because it’s for the greater good.

That day may not be far away.

And our own government is in on the game.

If you have any doubt, go ahead and read the Department of National Intelligence’s full report: Global Governance 2025: At a Critical Juncture. It spells out exactly how the globalists have joined forces to produce long-term global governance frameworks that are shaping the “future international system.”

“The United States’ National Intelligence Council (NIC) and the European Union’s Institute for Security Studies (EUISS) have joined forces to produce this assessment of the long-term prospects for global governance frameworks. This exercise builds on the experience of the two institutions in identifying the key trends shaping the future international system.

Note how this “future international system” is singular in nature, ala China-style.

And never forget: Resist we must!

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