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TR 419 - Has the Capital already been Captured?

TR 419 - Has the Capital already been Captured?

I just visited the nation's capital and you'd never guess what I saw...

After a very disturbing trip to the Capital and a few nights in the woods to recoup and reflect on the experience, I’ve returned to the office this morning neither refreshed nor discouraged, but instead, with a hardened commitment to speaking the truth. What is happening in the world today, what it happening in America; what is happening in Portland, Seattle, San Francisco and cities across the country; what is happening in our corrupt State Capitals; all of this, to me, is captured in this picture:

I took that picture standing in front of the White House… and just in case I needed to point out the obvious, I took a selfie too:

What’s the point of pointing?

People come from all around the world to visit the U.S. Capital. There are monuments and museums everywhere, reminding humanity of the principles that set our nation apart. It only makes sense that many people would want to snap a picture in front of the White House, because it’s one of the most famous buildings in the world. You might expect that people in Washington D.C. would anticipate this constant stream of tourism and make every effort to put their best foot forward.

You know, by flying the American flag proudly for the whole world to see, by adorning the fence with stars and bars, selling American swag, etc.—but that’s clearly not happening. Instead, anyone who comes from anywhere, whether from somewhere across the fruited plains or somewhere else around the world, is treated with this despicable display of irreverence and mockery.

To see the communist flag, the antifa fist, and the Marxist BLM propaganda on full display in front of the White House was… shocking? disgusting? disturbing? I’m not sure I have the right words to explain the sudden flood of mixed emotions—everything from rage to very deep sadness. How can this be?

What the hell is going on here?!

Has our Capital fallen? Has our nation been captured from within? Is everyone in Washington D.C., all the people in the White House, all the politicians and staffers on Capital Hill simply okay with this? Why is this even being allowed? Shouldn’t the Capital Police keep this area cleared out, for both security and aesthetics?

Again, what the HELL is going on here?!

The answer to that question is complex, and it certainly isn’t pretty. If I were to put it into a single sentence, since it’s Monday and all, I’d sum it up as such:

“The commies are taking over the world!!!”

Not a joke. Just look at the communist flag that’s sitting in front of the White House for all the world traveler’s to snap a shot of as they document the state of America.

Now, since I’ve documented commie strategies at length, and since the picture speaks for itself, I just want to emphasize one more thing here: the Communists really do want to take over the world—which comes directly out of the Communist Manifesto—and in order to do so, they intend to forcibly overthrow all aspects of existing society.

With all that said and kept firmly in mind, let’s turn our attention to today’s headlines:

And while all of that is sufficiently interesting, this one hits closer to home:

Trying to hold all of these headlines in the mind for just a moment, kind of like tossing pick-up-sticks in the air to see where they fall, what’s your impression?

Illegal Chinese bio-labs in California, U.S. federal agencies being addicted to Chinese technologies, especially using Chinese drones, the U.S. government forcing private companies to censor TRUE information—just like the commies—what do you make of it all? What about the radical socialists trying to disarm all the citizens in South America, or the calling for the execution of white people in South Africa?

Can you sense any connection between all of this and the “gender affirming surgery” that’s leading people to seek state-assisted, tax-payer funded suicides? Does this even remotely relate to the Nigerian coup that’s interrupting the precious mineral exports, or the so-called “homeless” problem in Portland, Oregon?

The answer is yes, this all connects, is intertwined, and relates to every American’s life, regardless of whether they realize it or not—and it also relates directly to that picture I took in front of the White House. The connection through it all is communism. Communism seeks to destroy society. It does so in order to consolidate power and control into the hands of a centralized government. Sound familiar?

This is happening at the global scale, right before our very eyes. To understand how it works, let’s start at the bottom rungs of society and work our way to the top.

The Bottom of the Barrel.

At the bottom of society, we find the bottom of the Bell Curve, as well as those who have suffered enough trauma they can no longer function in a self-sustainable way. That is, people here are inclined to live in filth and squalor, living under the freeway overpass, waste their lives on drugs, etc, because they are either a) too broken to function, or b) too stupid to care and attempt to improve their circumstance.

Communists prey upon these unfortunate souls in precisely the same way that Democrats prey upon them: they use them to harvest votes. This happens in several ways, not the least of which is direct ballot harvesting (i.e. Have you registered to vote? Everyone has the right to vote! Here, let me fill that out for you… it’s not fair that you have to go in and show an ID, so I’ll just take this in and drop it off for you, that way you can shoot-up some more smack and frolic in your feces!).

And, while that time honored racket seems to work flawlessly in every election, there’s a more subtle and insidious sort of deceit that happens simultaneously. By labeling these degenerates as victims of an oppressive society—which removes the notion of self-responsibility altogether—the propagandists hook into the emotions of sympathy and compassion, making people feel bad for these poor insufferable fools.

It’s the making people feel bad part that helps them capture the vote of the average useful idiot. Feeling bad creates a sort of mental tension that can only be resolved by doing something “good”—like voting to fund programs to help the proverbial victims. This technique works so well, it bridges the divide between the victims, the useful liberal stooges, and the academically educated idiots who offer one clueless rationalization after another in an endless attempt to deny reality and conceal the obvious fact that these people are choosing to live this way for the reason stated above.

The mass of middle ignorance.

Amidst the swirling complexities of public discussion surrounding homelessness, or any other “social” cause, lies the ambiguity of cold hard facts. Subjective interpretations are typically preconditioned through decades of institutional indoctrination. This too is a commie tactic, straight out of their manifesto.

At the result of not knowing what’s true, or what’s really going on, the masses of impressionable people—however intelligent and well-meaning they may be—are ultimately driven into one of two camps. First, due to the overwhelming amount of information and the fact that these issues are not directly affecting their lives just yet, many people are driven toward complacency, acceptance and compliance.

They feel bad for these people because the propaganda is designed to make them feel bad. To resolve this tension, rather than try to understand and solve the actual problem, they accept the premise of the parroted narrative and comply with proposed policy solutions. To wit: these poor people are the victims of an oppressive, systemically racist society, and the solution is for you to give the government more money and do as you’re told. If you vote for such policies you will be a good human.

See? Problem solved. No more mental tension.

Complacency, acceptance, and compliance provide the perfect socialist solutions. That’s how the first step in a communist revolution is to win the battle of democracy. That’s also why Communists are working to unite the democratic parties all around the world. If you don’t believe me when I say that communists are working to unite democrat parties all around the world, you can read it in their own Manifesto:

Thus, these commies are using the useful idiots to institute mob rule all around the world—but that’s only the first step in their plan. The next step is the systematic destruction of all aspects of existing society, as noted above, and THAT is why democratic cities are turning into such cesspools—it’s all by design.

Right now, as the “secret global cabal” continues to orchestrate chaos on a global scale, as they continue to push their digital IDs, digital currencies, social credit score, and the inescapable surveillance state, that middle ground of the ignorant masses are being conditioned to feel bad for the people who have been set free to use drugs, smash buildings, destroy businesses, burn cop cars, lie, cheat, and steal elections.

These so-called victims can rape and pillage the village with impunity, and the useful idiots have been conditioned to feel bad that they’re not doing more to help.

Furthermore, they can desecrate the American Capital, violate the American Constitution, purchase American politicians, and extort the American people—and do it all in broad daylight—and very few people seem to notice or even care.

Fewer people still can see it for what it is and are willing to make a stand.

If we don’t stand now, we’re not going to have a country left to stand for.

Based on all of the above, our capital may have already been captured.

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