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TR 424 - The Three Seeds of Treachery

TR 424 - The Three Seeds of Treachery

There are certain principles that transcend party lines and ultimately threaten us all.

Hello my fellow humans, how is Monday treating you? If you’ve caught any of the mainstream narrative this morning, I suspect that you’re probably feeling frustrated, uncertain, and even confused about what’s happening in the world around you.

Typically I would want to breakdown the bullshit and eviscerate the lies by shining the light of truth on the fact that not only is our beloved country under siege, but in fact our humanity is under direct attack from dark and nefarious forces. I would want to put a patriot spin on the political circus, champion the principles of liberty, and attempt to present an accurate and coherent perspective on the rampant corruption.

But today, I want to reach out a little bit further. Rather than offering my fellow liberty loving listeners (and readers) more fodder to feed their sense of confidence and correctness—the hard evidence you need to further bolster and develop your own informed perspective—today I want to offer words that can break down walls.

Before anyone blasts me for being a pacifist, please keep this all in context. I know who my audience is, and I know the challenges that we all face when attempting to talk sense to those who have been culturally conditioned and assimilated into the collective hive mind. Talking to a liberal can be like talking to a fence post, a frustrating phenomenon that’s all too familiar to country folk far and wide.

We are in a culture war. We are in a civil war. We are in an epic battle for the hearts, minds, and souls of the millions of American who have lost their mooring, who have lost touch with reality and become casualties of modern psychological warfare. Everyone who disagrees with life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, those who believe that free speech is a “free-for-all hellscape,” those who believe that state funded censorship actually keeps them safe, these people are victims of high crimes against humanity. We should feel sorry for them and attempt to muster compassion.

Why? Why not just walk up and smack them in the face? Why not just forcefully put them in their place? Why not just verbally assault their sensitivities and watch them crumple like a wet paper sack? The answer is simple: we need them.

We need them to vote. We need them to come back around and realize that we’re all on the same team—the American team—and that if we fail to build bridges and work together, we will fail to stave off the worst case scenario of spilling blood in the streets.

The elites have already declared they intend to orchestrate a hung election and a civil war. If you are unaware of that fact, you can get up to speed with TR 349 - Broken Beyond Repair. Regardless, every American should heed that terrible warning, because a bloody civil war is something that would undoubtedly impact and harm us all.

We must understand that “us versus them” does not mean “left versus right.” It doesn’t mean Democrats versus Republicans, it doesn’t mean liberals versus conservatives, it doesn’t mean big cities versus small towns, and it doesn’t even mean the haves versus the have-nots. Now, plenty of people would be quick to tell you otherwise, but think about it for a second.

There are plenty of good people on both sides of any of those equations.

There are plenty of good people on both sides—is that an accurate statement? Evaluate it for yourself. Really think it through. Assuming the majority of the audience identifies as right-leaning, liberty loving constitutional conservatives who predominantly hail from Small Town USA, you might come at it this way:

Are there plenty of good people on the left, who identify as Democrats and liberals, who live in the cities, who have wealth and status and fame? The answer is yes, despite whatever inner resistance we may have in admitting so. The crux of this realization lies in our personal definition of what a “good” person actually is.

It’s a subjective label, to be sure, but being “good” is not an undefinable term. Does being “good” mean thinking, believing, and acting the way that you do? No, of course not. Believing that would make you a collectivist, which is the opposite of being an American patriot. Being good does not mean going to the same church, running in the same circles, voting for the same candidates, or even believing the same things.

There is certainly some overlap, but our definition of being “good” must necessarily transcend such petty distinctions—otherwise we are no better than the tyrants.

Accepting our personal differences is the first step in defending our individuality. Defending individuality and personal preference is a prerequisite in fighting for freedom. When we say we are fighting for freedom, or when we talk about defending life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, what do we mean?

It means we are fighting for the right to live our lives as free individuals, pursuing our own path of life and liberty, in our own infinitely unique quest for happiness—and we fight to defend this right, not just for ourselves and those who think and act and vote like we do, but for the whole diverse and complex mess of humanity.

Again, fighting for any other reason ultimately devolves into tyranny. We are not fighting to impose our wills upon others, but to defend ourselves and others from the forceful imposition of a few radical tyrants who are hellbent on controlling us all.

Thus, the real “us versus them” is really the majority of average everyday citizens, who just want to be left alone to live their lives however they see fit, against a tiny but powerful group of tyrants who intend to rule the people by force—forcing everyone, regardless of their labels, to live like slaves, in utter subjugation to the state.

This should be a unifying message, should it not? This is something that any reasonable human being should be able to assess and agree with, is it not?

Hence my opening address: hello to my fellow humans!

Are you aware that treachery is a threat to us all?

Treachery is a willful betrayal. What does that mean? That means someone who is supposed to be on your side, looking out for you, watching your back, and defending your interests willfully and knowingly betrays you—as in, they stab you in the back.

Democrats and Republicans alike have both been horribly betrayed by an entirely corrupt government that has repeatedly violated, not just their oaths of office, but their allegiance to the American people. Examples abound.

Treachery means that you have been betrayed. Your neighbors have been betrayed. We’ve all been willfully betrayed by those who seek to enrich themselves by taking our hard earned money and forcing us to live like slaves to the state. How is that representative government? How is that democracy? The answer is: it’s not.

Treachery inevitably leads to tyranny, which is a natural expression of human nature.

There have always been back-stabbers and betrayers. There have always been crooks and criminals, murderers and rapists, and bloodthirsty, ruthless tyrants who try to conquer all the tribes in a savage and sanguine lust for power. This is evil. It is the opposite of “good” and provides a crystal clear contrast between us and them.

Again, it’s all part of human nature, and we all have to deal with it.

We all have to defend ourselves against this sort of evil. We have to defend our families, our friends, our communities and our tribes. And sometimes, when such evil amasses a certain formidable amount of power, we have to band together with other tribes in order to defend our territory or nation. That’s where we’re at today.

This banding together of tribes—setting aside petty differences, suspending the urge to bicker and squabble, and despite the ongoing rifts in personal beliefs—this banding together and standing together is absolutely critical to overcoming the evil that has gathered against us. This transcends our political differences.

The seeds of treachery have long been sown, and now these evils are bearing fruit. The solution is simple: learn to see these weeds for what they are, and uproot them.

It’s like thinning weeds out of a garden. If you don’t, the good stuff won’t grow and you’ll probably end up starving to death. That’s pretty straightforward, right?

The Three Seeds of Treachery

If we think of society like a garden, these are the seeds of treachery and tyranny that ultimately threaten to suffocate and strangle the goodness out of life:

  1. Censorship.

  2. Corruption.

  3. Consolidated power.

It does not matter where one stands on the political spectrum, these seeds threaten us all the same. Censorship threatens to keep us all in the dark, so that we remain ignorant to the corruption that inevitably feeds the consolidation of power.

The consolidation of power is a telltale sign that evil is gathering its strength.

Evil consolidates power to exert more and more control over the way you live your life. Just like the crook gets a thrill from stealing your stuff or a predator gets a thrill from preying upon people, so too does evil get a thrill out of controlling your life.

Is any of this questionable? Does anyone find it objectionable?

In my mind, this is unvarnished truth. If you object, let me know.

How much censorship is there in today’s society? How much corruption? Can anybody deny the consolidation of power? All three are on vivid display and easily verified via direct observation—whether we examine the issues from the left or from the right.

Regardless of the angle, the conclusion is the same: if we want to be left alone, if we want to live our lives as free human beings, it’s time that we gather the tribes.

A great evil has amassed enormous power. We must unite the tribes to resist.

They seek to divide and conquer us all. They seek to censor us so they can expand their corruption and further consolidate power. This growing treachery can only lead to immeasurable suffering. If left unchecked, this evil threatens to strangle the very essence of life and liberty out of humanity itself. Do you want to live like a slave?

If you value living as a free human being, beware the seeds of treachery.

If you find value in these words, please share.


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