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TR 331 - The Slow Roll of Insanity

TR 331 - The Slow Roll of Insanity

Taking a step back and putting it all in perspective.

It’s happening.

The world is coming apart at the seams. This is all part of the plan.

But let’s not lose sight of the fact that it’s all happened before.

I read an interesting article this morning that talked about how the United States seems to go crazy about every fifty years. Starting with the war of 1812, the author connects the dots between the events and upheaval that took place throughout the Civil War, both World Wars, and the Civil Rights movement, before drawing a connection between the Black Lives Matters “mostly peaceful” protests and the violent Black Panthers from 50 years prior. In every case, America seemed to be going crazy, civil liberties were being violated, and there was great political dysfunction.

And of course, here we are now, dealing with all that and more.

The point I want to make here, is that after each episode of national insanity there was a general return to “normal” once all the dust had settled. If our country could make it through all that, then we can make it through all of this—or so the thinking goes. Of course, things have changed a lot since the early 1800s, not the least of which is the unfathomable expansion of the federal bureaucracy, the fabrication of fiat currency, and the advent of modern technology (and it’s many uses for manipulating the population)—which means that this time things are going to be different.

Many years ago, when the internet was just taking off, back in the dot-com era, I used to talk about the “dawn of global connectivity.” Never before had everyone in the world been able to communicate, virtually in real time, all around the globe. With this new capacity for communication came an explosion of innovation, learning, and working together. Being able to talk to anyone, anywhere, anytime was also a boon for the political class and the global elites. For the first time in human history, global leaders could coordinate their efforts for the sake of the greater good.

Think about how appealing that is. Global leaders can now work together toward common interests. They can work together for the good of humanity. They can pool their resources, their talents, their time, and their might, and together they can accomplish grand achievements at the global level. The positive potential is huge! But, as the pandemic made so painfully clear, there is an equally negative potential that comes with all of this global coordination.

Something that has fascinated me the most, as I’ve dug into the sordid history of the global cabal, is how organized they are. They are meticulous and methodical. There have been a lot of very brilliant minds that have been tackling the task of wrangling the whole of humanity for a century or more. They’ve understood human nature. They’ve understood how to manipulate emotions, perspectives, and behavior. They’ve known how to form consensus, build capacity, launch initiatives, and roll out an agenda. In other words, they’ve long mastered the political craft.

Now these political masters, or master politicians, have all the technology they need to treat us like hackable animals and institute global digital governance to usher in a new world order. They’ve told us that’s what they intend to do, and that is exactly what they are doing. That is the overarching trajectory of the current geopolitical chaos, which I believe is being orchestrated to serve this purpose. Being methodical masters of strategy and manipulation, the global elite are systematically dismantling the world as we know it in order to implement their utopian dreams.

Again, their plan is meticulous. It is methodical. It is masterful.

And it is in motion.

In many ways, we could marvel at just how effective they’ve been, just how far they’ve come, and just how close they are to pulling the whole thing off—but that would be overlooking the intentional pain and suffering associated with the process. As I’ve said many times, pain is all part of the plan, precisely because it keeps the peasants pliable. We suffer, they don’t—and that is a key to understanding how this all unfolds. The Great Reset is designed to disrupt the lives of the elite as little as possible, while simultaneously destroying life as we know it to fundamentally transform society.

Think about it.

Imagine you are a global leader, maybe even one of the most elite, hand-selected Young Global Leaders being exalted by the WEF. You are intelligent, energetic, and ambitious. Your mission is to keep people safe and save the planet. But it’s more than just a mission, this is your moral imperative, it is your inspiration, and this passionate conviction fuels your determination to do good and make the world a better place.

As an aspiring altruist, being a Young Global Leader gives you access to nearly limitless resources. You are now networked with the most powerful politicians and business moguls in the world. The collective might of these proven leaders, the elders of the elite, is awe inspiring. You are grateful for the opportunity to rub elbows and even be mentored by these pillars of civil society. You were born for big things, and your acceptance in this group is proof of your role in shaping the world.

Can you imagine standing in their shoes? Can you imagine being in Davos? Can you imagine sitting on stage talking with leaders from around the globe, discussing how to manage the future of humanity with the whole world looking on? Now that’s power.

How are you going to use this power? You are going to use this power for good. You are going to use this power to keep people safe and save the planet—that’s the moral imperative, your zenith, your muse. With this great power comes the responsibility to protect people from, well, everything. You must use this power to protect people from preventable death and disease. You must use this power to protect people from discrimination, inequality, and injustice. You must use this power to protect people from greedy corporations, predatory capitalists, and threats to democracy.

This is how you must use this power, for the greater good. With this great power and this great responsibility comes the great moral obligation to keep people safe from misinformation, to keep people safe from invisible enemies, to keep people safe from being bullied or mistreated. With this moral obligation comes the unshakable conviction that something radical must be done to address the growing inequities, the disparities, the injustices, and the utter unfairness being perpetrated by the racist imperialist capitalists who are destroying the planet with their greed.

Or so the story goes—but as a Young Global Leader, you believe this through and through. Your mind has been steeped in this truth since the earliest days of your institutional indoctrination. You see evidence that supports this worldview everywhere you look. You know you’re right, that your mission is just, that you have a moral obligation to keep people safe and save the planet. There is no doubt in your mind, and this conviction is only affirmed and invigorated by the series of exclusive planning conferences you are invited to attend throughout the year.

Maybe some of the peasants don’t agree with your vision, maybe they’re not ready to accept your plans, but that’s only because they are ignorant and backwards. They don’t trust the science. They don’t have the capacity to crunch the data. They don’t know what they don’t know. Most of them can hardly even take care of themselves, so they certainly don’t know what’s best for the rest of society. Clearly the peasants haven’t yet evolved into enlightened beings like the Enlightened Leaders have.

Piss on the peasants. You are powerful and you have a plan. They might bitch about it, but you know that your mission is for the greater good, so they’ll just have to get over it. That’s the consensus in your circle of influence. As a Young Global Leader, you are working with other Enlightened Leaders, and together you have the capacity to change the world. Now is the time. Time is running out. If you want to keep people safe and save the planet, the Enlightened Leaders of the world must unite and take radical, unprecedented action to completely restructure the whole of civilization.

Lest you wobble, you need to look no further than page 145 of COVID-19: The Great Reset, and read the section titled “Enlightened Leadership,” to re-confirm your conviction that governments must be led by enlightened leaders such as yourself, who understand how to “make good use of the pandemic” and not let the crisis go to waste. As an Enlightened Leader, you understand how to “take advantage of the shock” in order to implement far-reaching, long-lasting, societal change. For the last three years, you’ve been working tirelessly to do just that.

Back to reality.

You don’t have to be an enlightened leader to understand how they think. They are inspired to change the world and they believe now is the time to act. They operate on the assumption that there is a very narrow window of opportunity to keep people safe and save the planet. Their moral conviction is enviable. Their courage is bolstered by their individual and collective power. Their story is compelling.

But so is ours.

We are in the fight of our lives and the future of humanity hangs in the balance.

The human spirit is under assault. Our minds are being attacked. Our children are being abused. Our culture is being sacrificed on the alter of woke ideologies. Society is sick. The public has been infected with a memetic virus that is driving mass psychosis and self-destructive behavior that’s manifesting at every level of society. All of this is being driven by The Great Narrative of the global cabal.

In their story, they win. Cultural revolution is inherently messy, but by slow rolling the insanity of it all they won’t have to get too dirty in the process.

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