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TR 514 - DARPA Unleashes Military Grade Memes on the American People

TR 514 - DARPA Unleashes Military Grade Memes on the American People

This takes the conversation of memetics and mental warfare to a whole new level.

Yesterday, as we discussed predictive programming, the topic of memes—aka infectious ideas—was brought to the table. I’ve reported on memes and memetic warfare many times before, but memes cropped back up in the conversation because of something I noticed in this screenshot from TR 512:

What are we looking at?

We are looking at a selection of the so-called “partners” associated with the Christchurch Call to action. These are the globalist organizations, companies, and nations that are teaming up to totally dominate and forcefully control the online narrative—all while the majority of peasants remain none the wiser.

In their own words:

“The Christchurch Call is a community of over 130 governments, online service providers, and civil society organizations acting together to eliminate terrorist and violent extremist content online.”

Call me a skeptic, but I do not trust their “collective” efforts or intentions. Looking at whom all is involved in this shady scheme, there was one organization in particular that stood out from all the familiar players, and that was an organization simply called Memetica — I thought: Memetica? What a fascinating name.

Understanding that memes are mental viruses that can spread throughout society, this was something I had to take a closer look at. What is this company that’s partnering with governments and Big Tech firms from all around the world? What are they really up to? Could Memetica be skillfully manufacturing highly infectious ideas, memes, for the purpose of mentally manipulating the whole of humanity?

Could they be taking propaganda to a whole new level?

Checking out their website, I found it was essentially a closed door. If you want any real information about the company, you have to ask. But, their mission statement offers a glimpse into what they’re up to:

“Using a combination of open-source and human intelligence gathering practices, we support strategic partners in the media and technology sectors. We help streamline intervention approaches to curb imminent harms and reduce long-term structural vulnerabilities and threats to public safety.

Again, I really don’t like the sound of “strategic partners”—i.e. the commie cabal—using weaponized artificial intelligence for the purpose of “streamlined” interventions that reduce “structural vulnerabilities and threats to public safety.”


They are using the full force of weaponized AI to consolidate power and control in the hands of unelected global elites, all under the guise of keeping people safe.

What could possibly go wrong?!

Looking into Memetica led me down a rabbit hole, wherein I uncovered some disturbing connections. Let me ask you: what do you think about DARPA, which funds advanced military research, developing “military memetics” to “predict changing culture?” How about DARPA developing “automatic tools” for detecting and countering “adversarial memes?” What does that actually mean?

Red flags should be going off.

Taking it further, they are performing a “quantitative analysis of narratives” to martial these memes in order to effect “human psychology and neurobiology.” Think about that. Not only does DARPA understand that “military memes” can actively change people’s behavior, literally by rewiring their brains, their advanced military research concludes that “memes can enhance dysfunctional cultures or subcultures.”

Given that our beloved government has openly identified “white supremacists” and “MAGA extremists” as the greatest threats to democracy today, one can only speculate as to what “dysfunctional subcultures” the Defense Department might target with these military grade memes.

And just to be clear, by “enhancing dysfunctional cultures” they mean deploying “military memes” for the purpose of changing “human psychology and neurobiology.”

Those are their words, not mine. Put differently, they can now enhance your thinking by changing your brain with memes. Consequently, this will also change your behavior, and even your personal values. Is freedom really worth fighting for?

This information came out of a fascinating presentation, the “Military Memetics Tutorial.” Originally presented by Dr. Robert Finkelstein at the 2012 Social Media for Defense Summit in Washington DC, the amount of information contained in his 152 slides would blow your hair back. Here are a couple, just to give you a taste:

And this…

Throughout the slides, what stood out to me the most was how they were developing “techniques to assure propagation of an idea”—as in, techniques that guarantee the mental virus will spread—and also how these techniques were being developed for the purpose of “influencing beliefs in a scientific way.

Friends, this is some pretty scary stuff. I really struggle to put into words just how evil this all seems to me. The government is using taxpayer dollars to develop methods of reprogramming the peasants, rewiring our brains to influence our beliefs and behavior “in a scientific way,” and virtually nobody knows this is happening.

With this technology, global elites can simply have their way with humanity.

Elections? Meh. Accountability? Meh. The will to resist? Meh.

Liberty and justice for all? Never again.

According to advanced military research, memes can be clandestinely and deceptively deployed, and doing so becomes “analogous to genetic engineering.” Here we’ve come so far beyond propaganda, psychological warfare, and even social engineering. Here we’ve arrived at the startling reality that they are genetically reengineering humanity.

But you don’t have to take my word for it, just look at the slide:

No beuno.

All at once, I’m reminded of Project FunVax and the “virally vectored self-disseminating vaccines” that are capable of propagating genetic modifications throughout the herd. I think of the experimental mRNA covid injections passing into the nucleus, altering DNA, and even passing the blood-brain barrier.

I think of all the deaths with a “cause unknown,” the young healthy people having heart attacks and falling over dead, the skyrocketing cancer and suicide, the rampant depression, drug abuse, and mental health disorders, and how all of this plays into the eugenicists’ anti-human depopulation agenda.

I think about how the global cabal wants to divide and conquer and enslave us all in an inescapable global surveillance state, complete with digital IDs, digital currency, and social credit scores designed to keep us all in line, and how they are using “more stick” and less carrot to forcefully impose this techno-dystopian hell on the rest of us.

I think about the Collective Cult. I think about the commies.

I stretch my brain around all of these things, raise my hands to the sky, and cry out WHY?! Why do these evildoers have to be so evil? Why do these shysters have to be so cunning and sly? Why does it have to come down to this?

The scale of dying is incredible ... In the nine months of this year, it’s like 158,000 more Americans died than expected. That's more than all wars combined since Vietnam.”
Dr. Pierre Kory

Why are they getting away with this?

The answer: memes.

Military memetics. Mental warfare. Subconscious taming. Genetic engineering.

All of it.

The masses have been so heavily manipulated, their minds are no longer their own. Those who’ve been shaken awake by the last three years, have awakened to a frightening reality. We face a frightening foe. We are staring evil in the face.

It’s not just tyrants and corrupt politicians. It’s bigger than the political circus. The words “powers and principalities of darkness” come to mind, but the people pulling the strings, pushing the buttons, and deploying all of these dark tactics are real people. They have names and faces. They are human, just like the rest of us.

At some point, starving, desperate peasants will grab their torches and pitchforks, storm the castles, and rout out the rulers who’ve been in on the game. Heads will roll.

History has been shaped by such events.

And that is precisely what military grade memes are meant to prevent.

The memetic warfare is meant to pacify, to distract, to split attention and effort, and keep the peasants so discombobulated and divided they are rendered useless in this fight against the evils of our times. One look around, and you will know what I mean.

In war, it is critical to allot time, energy, and resources toward prioritized objectives. Failure to do so ends in death and defeat. Our current circumstances are no different.

As humanity fights back along the five fronts of freedom, I see the need to prioritize our defenses against the subtle-yet-greatest threats of all. We must guard our minds against memes, and as silly as it seems, failure to do so will end in death and defeat.

To aid in this effort, I will begin offering a Mental Defense Workshop, both live and online, in the coming year. How do we increase mental resilience and defend ourselves against memetic attacks? The solutions may surprise you, but I don’t want to spill the beans. Current members of the Patriot Club, and anyone else who joins before the end of the year, will have priority access to the class.

For today, I want to leave you with a positive thought:

Though the days are dark and the sky is gray,
Though the evil mounts and has its way,
There is brightness and beauty in every ray.
There is laughter and love in the words that we say,
There is goodness abounding and joy on display,
When we open our hearts and set mind at bay.

Hug your loved ones. Laugh with friends. Celebrate the little things.

No matter what:

Life is still good!


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