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TR 506 - The Five Fronts of Freedom

TR 506 - The Five Fronts of Freedom

Taking a survey of the assault that's coming at us from multiple angles.

Friends, there’s a LOT going on in the world. More than any one person could possibly keep track of. More corruption than you can shake a stick at, as they say. More shady backroom political shenanigans, more dark and seedy death-cult like plots against the whole of humanity, and more straight up craziness than anyone could imagine—and yet, of course, in the midst of all of this, life is still fundamentally good.

I suppose the same thing is equally true from a positive angle: there is more goodness in life than any one person could possibly keep track of, more kindness and courage than any one of us will ever know, and more exciting possibilities and practical solutions that are just waiting to be discovered than we could ever imagine.

Herein lies a unique sort of challenge: in this day and age, given all that’s going on, where do we focus our time and energy? There is no easy answer.

First and foremost, we must focus on the practical aspects of living. Then, if we are wise, we must focus on cultivating the little things that make life worth living. Beyond those often all consuming tasks, we must decide how best to allot our time and energy to improve the various areas of life that bring the most pleasure and joy.

However, there are also times when we must focus on hard things, when we must martial the proper mindset and do the mental work to overcome hardships, when we must sacrifice, suffer, and do what must be done to evince undesirable circumstances.

We are at war.

It’s been some time since I’ve framed the conversation in this way, but I still believe this is the proper perspective from which the wise should be operating. War is hard, and it requires focus be placed on strategic solutions to life-threatening problems. That’s not fun for anyone, and yet it must be done.

If, during wartime, we simply focus on rainbows and butterflies, we die.

True, we can still maintain a positive attitude, muster an indomitable spirit, and choose to maintain faith and belief in ultimate victory, regardless of the odds. However, if we fail to face our enemies and confront the onslaught of aggression against us, we will lose, we will suffer, and we may never recover.

When I say “we” in this sense, I mean we the American people, who value and love American traditions, who cherish liberty, justice, and freedom, who intend to uphold the Constitution, preserve the sovereignty of our Republic, and fight for what’s right in the face of overwhelming odds, just as our forefathers did before us.

There are those who love America and believe she’s worth dying for, and there are those who are hellbent on destroying the country that we love.

The two sides could not be more clear—nor is the fact that these sides are at war.

***Just to refresh, I dove into the subtleties and nuance of war, the various types of war, the Art of War, and even the value of war, in these prior reports:

To be clear, just as American patriots are at war to defend America against the insidious global agenda, so too are other patriots around the planet defending their countries, their beloved homelands, against the onslaught of the globalist regime. I think of the Canadian truckers, I think of the Dutch farmers, I think of the recent Irish uprising, I think of the Brazilians marching against a socialist coup, and even the Chinese people rising up during the White Paper protests.

I remember these historic events because they remind me that the desire for freedom is universal, that the human spirit is born free and yearns to live free, despite the decades of cultural conditioning that has sought to make us slaves.

And yet, thanks to weaponized AI, government censorship, and Algorithmic Social Interventions, these telltale signs of global uprising are rapidly being buried, revised, and out right removed from public conversation. The globalists are keen to the fact that the peasants are growing wise, and they cannot allow this desire to buck the system to go viral. They must stop it at all costs.

The global ruling class has launched an all out assault against the whole of humanity, which they call the Great Reset, and people everywhere are starting to resist. Put differently, the global war for the future of humanity is well under way, pitting those who value freedom and self-sovereignty against those who intend to divide and conquer us all.

We ARE at war.

And we can win, but it’s not going to be easy. To do so, we must first understand the strategies of the enemy and the nature of their attacks against us. To do that, I want to reflect on the lessons we can learn from our fellow foreign patriots and extract a deeper understanding of what I’ll call “the five fronts of freedom.”

  1. From the Canadian truckers, we learned that Western governments have abandoned any pretext of democratic rule and were/are hellbent on demanding compliance with their draconian pandemic response. We learned that ostensibly liberal governments could quickly and callously declare “no go” zones, restrict the right to travel, demand uptake of experimental injections, freeze bank accounts, confiscate assets, and use brutal police force against those who protest.

  2. From the Dutch farmers, we learned that governments around the world are willing to implement utterly ridiculous and harmful climate regulations that not only threaten the livelihood of farmers everywhere, but actually threaten our very ability to feed ourselves and our families. We learned that authoritarian rulers can lay grip to the dinner table and reach into our stomachs, restricting our ability to grow crops and raise livestock in order to sustain our communities.

  3. From the Irish uprising, we’ve learned that illegal immigration has terrible real-world consequences, and that at some point the good guys have to stand up and defend their communities from the senseless violence of foreigners. We also learned that globalist governments are willing to sacrifice their own people, shame and persecute the patriots who defend their women and children, and use these manufactured crises as a pretext to crackdown on free speech.

  4. From the Brazilian patriots, we learned that the global cabal was willing to use military force to overthrow the will of the people, install sock-puppet socialist dictators, and that “mathematically impossible” elections were now a global norm. We also learned that our own Deep State is being openly used to interfere in global elections, bolster Marxist tyrants, and systematically eliminate any political opposition that dares to defy the socialist New World Order.

  5. From the Chinese protesters, we learned that even peaceful people living under the boot of abject tyranny are willing to rise up when the government forcefully locks them in their homes for months on end, prohibits them from singing out the window, and demands that they control their soul’s urge for freedom. We learned that when governments bolt the door and prevent escape and innocent people burn to death, the story will be spun as the fault of the victims—in other words, we learned that there is no limit to the evils a government will do.

Working backward to form a synopsis, we must not forget the globalists’ have openly praised China’s response to the pandemic and declared the CCP is the role model for the world; that the events in Brazil perfectly mirror the guerilla tactics used against Trump and persecution of his supporters; that illegal immigration in the United States has generated similar violence against innocent women and children; that American farmers are also under attack from environmental regulations; and that restricting our right to travel, freezing bank accounts, seizing assets, and using brutal police force against peaceful protesters has also happened right here at home.

As I’ve said many times, what they do in one place, they assume they can do in another. And though patriots everywhere have been pushing back, the commie global cabal and their fascist public-private partnerships have no intentions of relinquishing control. These shysters are playing for keeps, and they’re close to winning for good.

Thus, we face the need to defend ourselves on multiple fronts.

  1. We must fight for our right to travel freely, to protest government overreach, and to not have the government freeze our accounts and seize our assets when we do.

  2. We must fight for our right to feed ourselves, to grow crops and raise livestock to support our communities, and to do so without government interference.

  3. We must fight for the right to retain our national identity and defend our families and our communities against hostile and violent foreign intruders.

  4. We must fight for the right to have representative government and secure our elections from radical subversion by actors both foreign and domestic.

  5. We must fight for the right to maintain our American traditions and quality of life to ensure our country remains a beacon of liberty for generations to come.

Perhaps more poetically, we must defend our flag and the freedom for which is stands. We must defend our right to live as free human beings, a right that countless patriots have fought and died to protect, not just in America, but in countries around the world. Now is the time to rise up, and it starts by raising our voice.

Talk to people. Share this truth. There is more that unites us than there is that divides us. United we stand, divided we fall, and we must heed the call to defeat the cabal.

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