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TR 470 - Logical Evaluation of the Israeli Situation

TR 470 - Logical Evaluation of the Israeli Situation

Putting the war in Israel into a proper logical context and evaluating the implications.

There’s always more to the story.

The last couple of days I have been hammering on the religious triggers that have rapidly yanked the majority of Americans’ perspectives away from the political corruption at home, and trained it on the urgent need to support Israel at all cost.

I am well aware that I’ve been swimming against the current on this one, as if the whole of American society is swirling around the drain of a massive communal shitter and I was desperately trying to somehow escape the fate of getting sucked in.

As I’ve said, what’s happening in Israel is a tragedy, but it does not negate the very real issues we are dealing with on the American homefront. It does not negate the fact that the globalists recently accelerated their plans to forcibly impose the New World Order (a la The Great Reset and Agenda 2030), and it does not negate the fate of our nation in the face of these overarching trajectories.

It does not negate the fact that our economy is teetering on the brink of total collapse, the fact that the global cabal is trying to capture the food supply, the fact that the techno-elites are trying to systematically enslave the whole of humanity in an inescapable surveillance state, that our own weaponized government is working with these commie bastards and against the American people, or that the public psyche is being methodically manipulated and subconsciously tamed by some very bad people.

Despite the fact that most Americans are now fully fixated on what’s happening in Israel, none of these factors have gone away—and dare I say, yet again, that all these factors are much more important than what’s happening in the Middle East.

And yet, all of a sudden, it’s as if none of this matters.

The majority of conservatives are now entirely engrossed in the minutia of the Israeli conflict—because all of a sudden that is the only thing that matters. The majority of Christians have quickly become consumed with Biblical prophecy, the end of days, Armageddon and the second coming of Christ.

Many have resigned to the belief that we are in the “end times” and thus there is nothing we can do but throw up our hands and await the rapture. “Well, we know how all of this is going to play out, God wins”—which seems to imply that fighting for a future worth having has somehow become unnecessary or a lost cause, because Jesus is going to save us.

For the record, that mentality really pisses me off.

Not only is this a completely worthless mindset, it is a scripturally inaccurate cop out that leads directly to an apathetic acceptance of evil. Metaphorically, it’s hiding your light under a bushel. Militarily, it’s waving the white flag of surrender, dropping your weapons, and walking with your tail tucked, directly into the arms of the enemy.

To my Christian brothers and sisters, KNOW THIS:

“No one knows the hour or dayMatthew 24:6

“The Lord will come like a thief in the night… 1 Thessalonians 5:2

“Faith without works is DEAD… James 2:26

So, if you find yourself suddenly fixated on the events in Israel and consumed with reading the “signs of the times,” please understand this is all utterly fruitless. It does nothing to preserve the blessings of liberty for your children and future generations. It does nothing to root out the political corruption of our time. It does nothing to restore justice and the balance of power in our Constitutional Republic.

In short, it does nothing to stave off the advancing enemy.

Don’t stop fighting before the war is over. Many generations have thought they were living in the end times—and yet here we are. Please review the previous scriptures.

And if you’d like to better understand how your faith and religious convictions have been co-opted by the ruling class, for the purpose of political conditioning that is currently being used against you (and us), you might want to recap on my previous analysis:

Now then, with all that out of the way, rather than repeat and regurgitate all the sensational headlines that you will no doubt be bombarded with throughout the day, I want to pivot away from the religious triggers and frame the situation in a strictly logical fashion—starting with some cold hard numbers from the CIA Fact Book.

Let’s first place Israel within a proper geographical framework:

FACT: The nation of Israel is just slightly larger than the state of New Jersey.

Israel has about 21,937 square kilometers of land area, New Jersey has about 19,050 square kilometers.

Similarly, Israel has approximately 9 million inhabitants, and New Jersey has about 9.3 million inhabitants.

Thus, the nation of Israel and the state of New Jersey are about the same size, and they have about the same number of people living in them.

Now let’s put New Jersey in the context of the United States as a whole:

When you look at that map, try to imagine all of the states surrounding New Jersey viciously hating the people living in New Jersey. Imagine the people in New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Maryland, and Delaware actually hating the people in New Jersey so much, they didn’t believe the people in New Jersey even had the right to exist.

In fact, imagine the majority of these states swearing they will do whatever it takes to eradicate the people of New Jersey from the face of the earth.

It seems unthinkable, but this is exactly what’s been happening in the Middle East for thousands of years. Have a look at this map:

What is the significance of all the green versus that tiny red speck?

It’s Muslims versus Jews.

That green swath stretching throughout the Middle East, North African, and Western Asia are Muslim majority countries. They hate the Jews who live in Israel.

It’s a religious feud that goes way back, and just for the record, they hate us too.

Matter of fact, many of these very same countries have pledged to wipe Americans off the face of the earth as well—and it really doesn’t matter why, they have their reasons.

And just to be real, there is absolutely ZERO chance that we are ever going to change these people’s minds. This simple fact has very powerful implications.

Think about it militarily.

Hamas attacks Israel, Israel attacks Hamas. This is a highly predictable pattern.

It’s played out over and over again, in that tiny red speck, on the other side of the planet, with all those Muslim countries looking on.

But this time it’s different. THIS time some of the other Muslim countries are apparently getting in on the action, launching their own attacks against Israel, and the Israeli’s are bombing their airports in retaliation. Things are escalating quickly, over there in that tiny red speck on the other side of the planet.

It is in this context that the United States has pledged an unwavering commitment to provide military support for Israel—including sending aircraft carriers and warships halfway around the world to park in the back yard of our sworn enemies.

And, in reality, despite Biden claiming that the American economy is “vibrant enough” to simultaneously fund wars in both Ukraine and Israel, military officials have already been sounding the alarm about the dangerous depletion of our weapons arsenal—which means we are pledging endless military support for yet another war, despite the fact that our own military is running out of ammo.


Let’s ask the obvious question: why are we doing this?

If your answer is, “because it’s the right thing to do,” then why is it the right thing to do? If your answer is because these are “God’s chosen people,” please see TR 468 and TR 469 for clarification on the Biblical perspective on the underlying assumptions.

The truth is, American taxpayers send BILLIONS of dollars to Israel every single year, and we’ve been pledging this kind of support to the Israeli’s for the last 75 years. This is true, despite the concerns and push back by elected representatives from both sides of the political spectrum. That means that all of this support is being solicited by a very small percentage of the American population, which I find perfectly fascinating.

It makes sense though, if you think about it.

Let’s pretend everyone in New Jersey really wanted to have some fancy new gadgets that would make them feel safe and secure in the midst of their hostile neighbors. As such, they send out some ambassadors who schmooze and wine and dine the elected officials in the states on the other side of the country—states so far removed from New Jersey they really didn’t understand the complexity of the situation.

Let’s say the elected officials in several western states felt the pull on their heart strings, and in turn loosened their purse strings and started sending money—billions of dollars—to New Jersey, so that they could buy or build their fancy new gadgets. Since most people essentially pay no attention to the political process, this funneling of money goes on for a generation or so.

Then something bad happens, and New Jersey is suddenly attacked by their enemies. Now all of a sudden the billions upon billions of dollars worth of fancy new gadgets are not enough—and western citizens are told there is a desperate need to send even MORE military personnel and equipment all the way across the country, just in case New Jersey needs help fighting off its enemies.

Now citizens in the west are watching their sons and daughters getting shipped off to war on the other side of the country. Some of them begin to wonder: why are we going to war? What will our children be dying for again? And hey, aren’t we kinda sorta picking a fight, a long, long, ways away, with people that we really have no beef with?

Can someone please explain how this is in our best interest?

And besides, aren’t we running a little thin on our own defense systems? Aren’t we already facing an increasing unstable amount of debt? How can we afford this war given these simple facts? Even if we gave the government all our money, we still couldn’t support this war—and what are we fighting for again?

Haven’t these people been killing each other for eons? Isn’t it just a little foolish to think that sacrificing our sons and daughters, our economy, and our national security is somehow going to stop these people from hating each other? Isn’t this just going to make all those eastern peoples hate us all the more?

Doesn’t that worsen the risk of being attacked right here at home, even as our troops and equipment are spread abroad? Doesn’t that seem like a stupid idea?

And by the way… weren’t there some other issues that we were needing to deal with?

That’s right… let’s resist the urge to take our eyes off the ball.


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