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TR 321 - The Assault on Free Speech

TR 321 - The Assault on Free Speech

There is no graver threat to "democracy" than the government silencing citizens.

Think about it.

When weaponized government agencies begin to covertly censor the flow of information, secretly censor counter-narrative perspectives, and strategically target their political opponents, we only have a very narrow window of opportunity to address the issue. This is full-fledged tyranny, and with the help of the nimble public-private partnerships, it quickly blossoms into out-right oppression.

What happens next is unthinkable.

We are witnessing this right now. There is no question whether or not it’s happening. There is ample evidence to confirm the suspicion such activity has been taking place for years. There is evidence that this has already interfered with and captured our national elections. Those who were doing these things knew they were breaking the law, but they did it anyway, because the ends justify the means.

They knew it was wrong, but they did it anyway.

They did it because they believe they can get away with it. Just because they got caught doesn’t mean they’ll stop, they’ll just adjust their strategy. What’s most disturbing about all of this is that they actually believe they have a moral imperative to censor public discourse and shutdown free speech, in order to keep people safe from misinformation. They hold this belief with religious conviction.

To make matters worse, their are millions of Americans who are cheering them on, millions of useful idiots who don’t seem to comprehend the dire threat of this particularly pernicious form of government oppression. They fail to see how this leads directly to an inescapable tyranny. They are too shortsighted to realize that what they don’t know is actually the greatest threat to their precious safety, peace, and stability.

While it’s easy to lament these morons, and almost feel sorry for them, it would be wiser to realize this is a conditioned state—this passive acceptance of government control—and the alarming support for state censorship is actually being driven by the globalist agenda. In other words, not only is it not by accident, this is not just spontaneously happening, the public is intentionally being driven to fear free speech to justify censorship at the global level, as determined by the global cabal.

This is a necessary step in order to provide cover for the heinous crimes against humanity that are about to unfold. There will be a unifying story that gets told, repeatedly all around the world, about how the global leaders stepped in to save the day, to say the planet, to keep people safe from all the right-wing extremists who were a perpetual threat to peace and stability, who were trying to overthrow democracy.

The theme is already being weaved into the very fabric of society, so it should come as no surprise that the majority of people will believe this story—because they’ve heard it so many times before. And of course, just to point out the obvious, it doesn’t matter that the story is not true. It doesn’t matter if, in fact, the story was exactly the opposite—that these so-called “right-wing extremists” were actually freedom fighters, sacrificing their lives to protect humanity from the pure evil of global tyranny.

The only thing that matter is The Story.

The Story is the story that gets told most often, to most people. The Story is sacred because it is the very basis of personal beliefs. The Story is the source of one’s pride and sense of identity. The Story is also the source of national pride and identity.

The Story in Ukraine—of the brave freedom fighters fighting for democracy in the face of daunting odds—is a perfect example. It is unassailable. It is sacred. It is truth in the minds of those who have heard this story repeatedly and accepted it. It really doesn’t matter if there are other stories out there, because this is The Story.

The Story on par with The Science and The Experts, but it’s even more powerful. The Story is how both the science and the experts get sold to the public. The Story is what makes people believe. The Story is what makes people TRUST.

Trust we must.

Now, I say that—trust we must—knowing full well that might seem like a curve ball, but here’s where I’m coming from: We are hardwired to trust. We absolutely must trust, otherwise we’d all go insane. We must trust that a chair will hold our weight, that our car will get us where we need to go, and that our house will still be standing when we return home. We must trust our loved ones are looking out for us, we must trust the teams we work with, and the leaders who have stood by their word.

You see, not trusting is simply not possible, practically speaking. If we were suspicious of every little thing, if we never trusted anyone, we would lose our minds trying to prove that everyone was out to get us, trying to protect ourselves from the perceived threat of untrustworthy individuals. So, trust is a must, it’s natural, it’s good, and it’s something that we should all seek to build in our lives.

All that said, obviously we should NOT trust everyone. That’s kind of a no brainer, but it comes to bare on things like the Trusted News Initiative and the other globally coordinated efforts to exploit the natural need for people to trust. When people are confused and scared, who do they trust? They trust the government—or more accurately, they trust whomever promises to keep them safe—and the majority of people have been conditioned to trust the cunning deceit of statements such as:

“I’m from the government and I’m here to help.”

With that in mind, let’s connect some dots:

Does any of that sound important to you? It should. The U.S. government has been caught red-handed funneling money through global NGOs to censor free speech and interfere with American elections. Obviously, that’s kind of a big deal.

What’s remarkable to me about all these hearings about the Twitter Files, and about the Weaponization of the Federal Government in general, is that people still seem surprised to be learning all of this. Equally remarkable is the undeniable cognitive dissonance displayed by the progressive politicians who refuse to accept the reality of the situation. They are rejecting the evidence in favor of The Story they’ve been conditioned to believe—and their moronic minions will no doubt follow suit.


The issue is not only what they have done, the issue is what they’ve proven they can do, and more importantly, what they are currently planning to do in the future.

It’s important to understand that the framework is already in place and the techniques have already been perfected. I believe that is why this is all coming to light now, partly to deal with this potential speed bump early enough in the 2024 election cycle, and partly to formalize their plans to legitimize state censorship ahead of the elections.

Again, the push for this is happening at a global level. Just to prove the point, consider these initiatives being directed by the global cabal, all under the guise of the WEF’s Digital Trust Initiative:

I just want to point out the sequence of events: 1) The globalists start losing their grip on the narrative; 2) They launch an initiative on “Digital Trust”; 3) They promote this plan for state censorship in Davos; 4) The U.S. announces its plan to fall in line; and 5) Voila, now we have a new national cybersecurity strategy that will “keep people safe.”

Says the U.S. National Cybersecurity Strategy 2023:

“Combining organizational collaboration and technology-enabled connectivity will create a trust-based “network of networks” that builds situational awareness and drives collective and synchronized action among the cyber defenders that protect our critical infrastructure.”

Sounds great. How? With “collaborative nodes that fuse together whole-of-government capabilities” to ensure that no mis- dis- or mal-information makes its way into the minds of the masses. They are building a “trust-based network of networks” that is guaranteed to keep people safe from any information the government doesn’t want them to know. This should be a boon for the liberals in upcoming elections.

They won’t have to deal with anymore MAGA misinformation interfering with their mental manipulation of the American public. Our elections will finally be safe and secure, just like they promised. The only reason that anyone believes our elections are not safe and secure is because of the dangerous disinformation that’s being distributed by the radical right-wing extremists.

Hence this new “whole-of-government” approach to state censorship. Once they’ve got all the pieces in place, there will be no place for these extremists to hide, and their dangerous disinformation will never again disturb public peace and stability… that’s The Story that will be told. In time, all these violent racist domestic terrorists will simply disappear, and nobody will even notice, because that’s not part of The Story.

Friends, it’s not too late to re-write how this story ends… but we’re running out of time.

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