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TR 468 - Are Global Forces Gathering for Armageddon?

TR 468 - Are Global Forces Gathering for Armageddon?

Did the Palestinian terror attacks kick off the next phase of the last world war?

You take a day off and all hell breaks loose; that’s how it feels this morning.

By now I’m sure everyone is sufficiently riled up about the murdering of innocent women, children, and babies in Israel — there are now over 1,000 murdered civilians, according to latest reports. In the words of eyewitness accounts, “It’s not a battlefield, it’s a massacre.”

Israeli Defense Force Major General Vervu says this:

“You see the babies, their mothers and their fathers, in their bedrooms, and in their protected rooms, and how the terrorists killed them — it’s not a war.”

Hamas, which is a radical Islamic terrorist group (aka Palestinians), videoed themselves murdering innocent people in broad daylight. Over 40 babies were shot point blank, and some of them were beheaded—and yet Democrat members of “The Squad” are defending, instead of condemning the terror.

It’s sick. It’s sad. It’s wrong. It’s evil.

And of course, everyone is talking about it.

Just like that, it’s sucked up all the airwaves and captured the public psyche.

Is this the start of WWIII? Are we heading for Armageddon?

Is this the event that sets it all in motion?

Who the hell knows. We know for sure there is no shortage of opinions.

We also know this is absolutely NOT the most important thing happening in America today. It’s a terrible tragedy, sure. But does fixating on this atrocity do anything to fix the mess we’re in? Of course not. It simply provides a convenient cover for the continued political crimes against we the people.

Christian conservative support for the warmongers’ meat grinder in Ukraine was waning, but now there is no way Christian conservatives can resist rallying to the aid of America’s most beloved ally, right? Clashes are breaking out across the nation as supporters of Israel are being taunted as Nazi pigs by supporters of Hamas.

The line has been drawn. Sides have been taken.

Everywhere you look, it’s plain to see that people have been triggered.

They’ve been triggered.

Isn’t it strange how nobody seems to get triggered by rigged elections, a stolen presidency, massive government campaigns pushing toxic injections, state funded deep state censorship, and the utter destruction of the United States as we know it?

There are more issues directly affecting Americans than I could possibly list here—and yet all eyes are on Israel. We have to print more money and fund another war, in Israel. We have to stand in solidarity and “do whatever it takes” to defend Israel. But most importantly, we have to drop everything and pay attention to Israel.

No pundit worth their salt would dare to stray away from such a gripping story.

I mean come on, this is late-breaking news! Nothing else mattes, right?!


Beware the triggers.

Hey, did you hear how the media was freaking out because Amazon’s ‘Alexa’ apparently says the quiet part out loud, and admits the 2020 election was stolen?

Did you hear how Biden believes that climate change is a greater threat than nuclear war?

Did you hear the jackass Zelensky blaming Russia for undermining “world unity?”

Did you hear about the second Baltic Sea Bombing of an undersea gas pipeline?

Here’s the point: the timing of everything that’s happening in Israel is not by accident. It’s orchestrated chaos, and it’s happening in the broader context of everything else that we’ve been talking about since the Great Reset kicked off.

Do you think it is just a coincidence that all of a sudden the International Monetary Fund is warning of “economic uncertainty” because of the war in Israel? Really?

It’s as if they think it might lead to the collapse of the global economy and provide the perfect opportunity for the world to transition to a new global digital currency.

Isn’t it strange how the Palestinian leadership — who just launched these heinous attacks against innocent civilians — is already begging the United Nations for help defending themselves against the retaliation from Israeli forces?

I find it equally odd that the UN Human Rights Council has already held a moment of silence, not for the Israelis, but for the people killed in Gaza—home of the Hamas baby-beheaders—which is being bombed back to the stone age by Israeli Defense Forces.

The globalists have very clearly shown who’s side they are on. They are on the side of the baby-beheaders. They are on the same side as the radical democrats in congress. They are on the same side as the lunatic leftists all around the world—including these useful queer idiots:


Somebody should probably tell them that the Palestinians would happily behead them for being queer, which is strictly forbidden according to their radical Islamic beliefs.

Friends, I’m not a history buff. I haven’t obsessed over the history of the Middle East. I don’t have any particular fondness for Israeli’s or Palestinians. As far as I’m concerned, these people have been squabbling and killing each other over that tiny stretch of land since antiquity—so let them squabble and kill each other.

Clearly that’s what they want to do, right? They’ve been at it for thousands of years, so why should we have to cough up more of our hard-earned dollars to help them do it?

Why should we support Israel?

Aren’t I allowed to ask that question?

Note any emotional reaction that may come up for you, and let me ask another emotionally charged question:

Why should we try to ban abortion for every woman in the country?

If I had to guess, I’d say that the answer to both questions, for most people, boils down to a single imperative: because God says so.

This is predictable, is it not?

I believe that it’s this predictability that’s being exploited. More importantly, I believe this predictability has been programmed into the public consciousness. The purpose is to divide people into predictable camps—for the intent to divide and conquer.

Of course the globalists, the gays, and the godless democrats support the Palestinians.

Of course the Christians, the conservatives, and the republicans support the Israelis.

Both sides have been programmed for precisely that purpose.

I’ll tell you what. I don’t take either side. I think it’s all bullshit.

I believe we are facing MUCH bigger issues than supporting another war in some far off place, or deciding what a woman can do with her body in some far off place.

I do love my country. I am an American patriot.

And yet I reject these issues as having any more substance than mere propaganda.

Put differently, I don’t think God cares—and I state that boldly, knowing that most of my friends and family would tell me I’m wrong. They’d say something like this:

“Luke, what the hell is wrong with you, of course God cares about saving Israel and innocent babies!”

Fine. I don’t feel the need to argue.

Maybe God cares, maybe God doesn’t care.

I just want to point out that the issue is a highly divisive distraction that pits people against each other, instead of working together to stave off the globalist takeover.

Can you see where I’m coming from on that?

We’ve got bigger fish to fry.

After being off the radar for a few days and stepping back into the fray, I’d say don’t get lost in the distractions. Think about what you can do at the local level to prepare yourself for a bumpy road ahead. Think about what you can do to collaborate with other liberty loving constitutionalists to reclaim the reigns of local government.

And don’t forget there’s more that unites us than there is that divides us.

Don’t get lost in the weeds. Regardless of what’s happening in the geopolitical circus, regardless of the “wars and rumors of wars,” we need to focus forward and work for a future worth having. Practical action is more important than prophecy.

Don’t take your eyes off the ball!


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