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TR 420 - Buckle Up It’s About to Get Bumpy

TR 420 - Buckle Up It’s About to Get Bumpy

Crashing through the headlines in search of a higher truth.

This will be fun.

Setting aside the cultural pun, and the fact that we’re about to send the entire narrative up in smoke, Torch Report 420 is going to be fun for three reasons:

  1. We will mock the liberal insanity and the Democrats’ diehard faith in Biden.

  2. We will reckon the Republicans’ aversion to doing anything actually productive.

  3. We will call out the commies and connect the dots to what’s really going on.

Doesn’t that sound fun?

Surely you didn’t think that I would just settle for opining on all the spoon-fed drivel about Hunter “The Crack Pipe” Biden and his illegal dealings with the CCP or the drone attacks on Moscow, right? It’s not that these stories aren’t important, it’s just that they pull our attention away from more pressing issues, like the upcoming “hung election” and civil war that’s currently being facilitated by weaponized government agencies conducting fifth-generation psychological warfare.

In simple terms, they are mind-f*king the masses, manipulating public perception, and twisting the fabric of reality into some strange form of unfathomable lunacy.

And they are getting away with it — don’t lose sight of that.

So, before we dig into the meat of it today, let’s start out with a brief tribute to what the squawking heads are squawking about today:

And yet, while you will no doubt here every talking head on every mainstream channel obsessively pouring over all of this and hyping it for ratings for the rest of the week, in my opinion, it’s all going to prove irrelevant. Something is going to happen, but it’s not going to be any sort of actual accountability. Keep in mind, there were congressional investigations into Biden, Burisma, and Hunter’s illegal deals with the Chinese Communist Party over a year and a half ago.

Just to quickly recap, from TR 88 - The Toppling of Regimes:

Senate reports revealed there were other “significant events involving the Bidens” during the chaos in Ukraine. Joe Biden himself, then Vice-President under Obama, traveled to Ukraine in 2016 and threatened to withhold billions of dollars in aid, unless the Ukrainian government immediately fired the prosecutor who was investigating the man who had appointed his son to the board of Burisma.”

The point is, this news cycle is just a regurgitation of prior propaganda. Even the details of what’s out today are repeats of what was out in March of 2022 (TR 88):

So, now that we know this is nothing new, let’s change the channel.

Because, despite all of this, we are being told that Joe “The Sock Puppet” Biden is successfully shoring up Democratic support—as opposed to losing support due to scandal, for example—and the liberals are getting fed headlines like this:

In other words, the useful liberal idiots are still being told that Joe Biden is the very best candidate that the Left has to offer, which is so outrageously absurd it defies the thinking mind’s capacity to comprehend. This is a prime example of the pernicious effects of 5GW and the transformation of human consciousness, transforming the masses into mindless morons who accept any thought injected into the mush of their minds without so much as a fleeting sense of curiosity or skepticism.

You see, Joe Biden would beat Trump in a rematch, regardless of what you think, precisely because that’s what the ignorant hordes have been programmed to believe—which provides highly effective cover for the enormous and blatant fraud that must transpire to make that happen. They’ve done it once, and they’re doing it again.


Biden’s up in the polls. Polls show he can beat Trump even if there’s a third-party candidate like Senator Joe Manchin (D)—though some of the more uppity progressives are a little concerned that Cornel West (who is a world class jackass) might cripple Biden’s presidential prospects, but I’m guessing it’s only because he is black. Try to imagine if this guy was your president:

Call me crazy, but it almost seems like Idiocracy is becoming more real by the day:

It just gets crazier by the day.

For much of the public, critical thinking is dead. That is the result of menticide.

Thus, while there are truly terrible things actually happening in the world, the Biden administration is starting to actually enforce its nationwide ban on unapproved lightbulbs, and continues to accelerate the destruction of Americans’ way of life by banning everything from gas cook stoves and gas water heaters to portable gas-powered generators. You’d think people would be up in arms about this, right?

Here’s the twist: look at what the algorithms are feeding people:

That’s what came up when I searched for Biden banning gas stoves.

You see, Biden was only “weighing” the national ban, but now Biden is “not in favor” of banning stoves (because of polling and Delphi method analysis?), and anyone who claims Biden is trying to ban gas stoves has now been fact-checked into oblivion—and since saying otherwise is a “false claim,” any website that presents the truth of the matter can be banned for spreading “misinformation.”

See how nicely that works?

And it works with everything, from “Biden’s economy is booming” to “the news couldn’t be any better”—which aptly demonstrates the shear lunacy of Fifth Generation Warfare, as I’ve been documenting since the start of the year:


All of the above is coming to bare on the upcoming election, and some liberal outlets are now running stories about the threat of AI “taking over” the 2024 election:

Regardless of the friendly warning, the reality is that the algorithms and weaponized AI has been being used for hundreds of “election interventions” all around the world for at least the last five years—and there is absolutely no doubt that these Algorithmic Social Interventions are currently manipulating the American public. The Twitter Files and the Google Files blew the lid off of that, but people aren’t really talking about that anymore, are they?

That’s probably because the commies have their fingerprints all over it.

Regardless, just over one year after the rogue Google engineer announced that AI had become “sentient,” the White House is meeting with the top seven Big Tech companies to discuss “AI safety, security, and trust”—just in time for the most important election in American history. The U.S. government is already paying private companies to censor free speech, and private companies are happy to help state-backed hackers exploit your data, so why should we expect them to do anything different during this historic election? What could possibly go wrong?

The only outstanding question in my mind is this: what are the Republican party bosses doing about any of it? The answer: nothing. Why is that? Hmmm

Did you catch the fact that Burkina Faso is back in the news today? That’s okay, it’s probably not important, just an outlier. I first reported on Burkina Faso the last time I saw it pop up in the news, last summer, way back in TR 135 - The Importance of Believing Impossible Things. There I documented the fact that Burkina Faso had popped up in the headlines at nearly the exact same time the summer prior to that as well. This would make it three summers in a row, just coincidentally.

I wouldn’t expect anyone to recall, but all the reports were how political change in Burkina Faso was being driven by “civil society” and angry youth. I had to do a little more sleuthing to discover that the globalists were going after the gold—which accounts for three-quarters of the country’s economic exports.

That’s why I find it interesting that today’s article pointing to Burkina Faso presents a Western perspective about the looming expansion of Russian influence in Africa. Evidently the Pentagon and the CIA are pissed that these uranium and gold rich nations are looking to get out from under the thumb of their imperial western handlers—and that the Russians appear eager to help them out—especially given the recent revelations about the BRICS nations moving to a gold-backed digital currency.

Where will all that gold come from? Perhaps some of it will come from Burkina Faso. But can Russia fight a war in Africa and Ukraine, while getting directly attacked in Moscow? I’m guessing there are strategists who doubt their ability to do so, even though just yesterday Russia gave the West a “nuclear ultimatum”—stating rather bluntly that Russia simply cannot lose, simply because they have more nukes.

One might imagine a nuclear war could throw a wrench in the 2024 election, right?

Funny how Republicans want to keep funding and fueling this dumpster fire, isn’t it?

I suppose there’s more than one way to sweep all the current corruption into the dustbin of history, so how this all plays out is anyone’s guess. But all that said, it’s time to buckle up butter cup, because it’s about to get bumpy!

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