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TR 404 - Will They Blame It On the Machines?

TR 404 - Will They Blame It On the Machines?

The threat of nuclear war has never been higher. What happens if AI gets the codes?

Let me see if I can just wade into this nice and easy…

As NATO leaders head to Lithuania this week to tackle several “crucial issues”—like training Ukrainians how to fly F-16s, equipping them with previously banned civilian killing cluster bombs, and dumping billions more dollars into a never ending war—China and Russia are leading the BRICS and 40+ other countries in rolling out a gold-backed “single currency” that is designed to destroy what’s left of the U.S. dollar.

Meanwhile, more Americans than ever before are digging through dumpsters trying to scrounge for scraps of food and frantically searching for “pawn shops near me” to hawk whatever they can to make ends meet. Just sit with that contrast for a bit.

Of course, our corrupt political class remains completely oblivious: as Democrats continue their assault on the Supreme Court and the White House Press Secretary claims that racial discrimination is an “important Constitutional right,” tone deaf Republicans are still bickering about Trump vs. DeSantis and trying to push Ukraine into NATO in order to escalate the potential of nuclear war with Russia.

I might add that this is all happening at the exact same time as a) Biden is downplaying his support for Ukraine joining NATO; and b) the brain-dead president just told the whole world that the U.S. military is running out of ammunition.

For those who’ve been keeping track, the U.S. military has been running low on munitions since last year, and in January 2023 the U.S. Navy Secretary stated we may run out of weapons “in the next six months”—which coincidentally brings us up to the current news cycle. And lest we forget, as previously reported, China is preparing for war and they have every military advantage, including more personnel, munitions, and equipment than we do, plus their bonus “neurostrike” brain weapons we learned about last week.

In fact, there is a report out today stating that one Chinese shipyard has more capacity than the entire U.S. fleet. But honestly, that’s not what concerns me the most.

All of this warmongering could just be political circus, albeit with potentially lethal consequences. Or, since the MIC wants war, the Neocons want war, and the global cabal wants war, we might just end up with another world war—but ultimately, it’s the perpetual threat of war that keeps the fear ratcheted up and the defense spending flowing. This warmongering propaganda also keeps the “free-floating anxiety” primed to maintain heightened suggestibility among the global population.

When everyone is worried and talking about war, the global elites can get away with murder in broad daylight and very few people will even notice. Worse yet, they can get away with rewriting history and reprogramming the public to accept whatever insanity they still have up their sleeves—which brings me to the issue of the day:

Exposed: UN Set to Launch ‘Global Shocks’ Plan Just Prior to US Presidential Election

I’ve gotta give the author credit for that catchy headline. It’s referring to the UN’s “Common Agenda” and their upcoming “Summit of the Future,” which is being touted as a once-in-a-generation chance for the global cabal to rule us all. Obviously they phrased it a little differently, but that’s the gist. Here it is in their own words:

“Major global shocks in recent years – including the COVID-19 pandemic, the Ukraine war, and the triple planetary crisis, among others – have challenged our international institutions. Unity around our shared principles and common goals is both crucial and urgent.

The Summit of the Future is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to enhance cooperation on critical challenges and address gaps in global governance, reaffirm existing commitments including to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the United Nations Charter, and move towards a reinvigorated multilateral system that is better positioned to positively impact people’s lives.”

It’s the timing of all of this that is most intriguing. Check out their timeline:

Understanding that Bill Gates is deeply entwined with all of these global initiatives, I find his predictions of a hung election and a civil war in 2024 highly disturbing. What better time to declare a global “Pact for the Future” than shortly after the whole world gets shocked by the utter implosion of what was once the greatest nation on earth?

Being that the Pact is set to be signed in September of 2024, just months prior to the U.S. presidential election, it lends credence to the statistical modeling that predicts we might not even make it to election before all hell breaks lose—per TR 389:

But let’s go ahead and set all of that aside.

What do we know for sure?

The truth is, we know very little for sure these days. With the rise of AI allowing for deepfakes that could dupe the FBI even five years ago, we can no longer trust what we see or what we hear online. And, as the UN’s “AI for Good” global summit correctly pointed out, AI has “enabled an uncontrollable spread of disinformation” all around the world—and you know what the solution for that is, right? More control.

Hence the global push for “AI Governance” and the fact that Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer is calling all 100 U.S. Senators in for a classified briefing this week to “get ahead of the rapidly advancing technology.” This comes at a time when congress is pushing for the “aggressive use of AI” in federal agencies, even as some lawmakers appear “rattled” by the possibility that artificial intelligence might be able to launch a nuclear attack all of its own volition.

Friends, this rapid advance of AI technology is already reshaping the world in ways we cannot even imagine. AI is a force multiplier: it’s accelerating this rate of change. With that in mind, we can interpret “AI Governance” in two different ways:

  1. That the global elites intend to “govern” artificial intelligence, for the greater good of course, to keep people safe, to make sure AI is inclusive, etc.

  2. That the global elites intend to let the artificial intelligence “govern” us—by automating the censorship, propaganda, and mental manipulation necessary to achieve their obscene depopulation agenda.

Then they can blame it on the machines.

Right this minute, world powers are making a mad dash to get “killer robots” onto the battlefield in a great global AI arms race. There’s talk that AI could soon be flying the F-16s and coordinating drone strikes autonomously, and that’s just the start of it. We’ve already covered the Flamebot 9000 flame-throwing robotic dogs, and the 7-ft tall humanoid robots that are training for combat.

Arnold Schwarzenegger has announced that Terminator 2 is officially reality, but I still believe the greatest threat from AI lies in the realm of information warfare.

On that note, I want to share this lengthy quote from TR 216 - The Threat of AI:

As we begin to consider the inevitable impact of AI on our everyday lives, don’t lose sight of the fact that anything a behavioral psychologist can do to manipulate you, a super intelligent AI-infused machine can do even better—again, whether you realize it or not. This is the premise for the concerns I’m about to express.

At the global level, organizations like the WHO are already actively using AI to track and silence dissent. They call it social listening, or sentinel surveillance, or algorithmic solutions—all of which are said to keep people safe from misinformation. By partnering with Big Tech, they intend to immunize humanity against the infodemic—and it’s how they have been controlling the narrative for years.

And they’re getting better by the day. Artificial Intelligence is self-learning and it never sleeps. While you’re catching some zzz’s the machines are studying your behavior and predicting your next move—even your next thought. If you think that’s creepy, consider the use of predictive policing and all that that implies.

Next, just for fun, try to imagine every crooked politician you’ve ever heard of or scorned—or any tyrant who’s ever walked the earth for that matter—and place all of this technology in the palm of their hands. Imagine them using this almost all-powerful technology for the greater good, to build the future of humanity.

Imagine a world where machines distributed justice and ensured equality was strictly enforced. Imagine a world where only the truth could be shared online. Imagine a world when every thought, belief, emotion, and behavior was not only anticipated by the machines, but also manipulated in advance—to help you make better decisions.

Imagine a world where algorithms determined the outcome of elections, where robots took care of the crime, and the AI did everything it could think of to keep us all safe.

What could go wrong?

Imagine if the AI was programmed to believe that humanity is the greatest threat to the planet, that the UN Sustainable Development Goals were worth achieving at all costs, that digital IDs were not optional but mandatory, that vaccines were compulsory, and that anyone who disagreed was a threat to peace and stability.

Imagine this AI was driving an army of drones and robots to enforce compliance.

Such a reality would certainly be a shock to the system, but every indication is that THAT day isn’t that far away. The wise will prepare accordingly!


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