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TR 88 - The Toppling of Regimes

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TR 88 - The Toppling of Regimes

Connecting the dots between the Biden's, Burisma, and unprecedented global corruption.

Crisis clutters thinking.

When there are too many things moving in too many different directions, the mind becomes scattered and begins to lose track of details. This is why politicians never let a good crisis go to waste. The fact that times of crisis tend to short-circuit critical thinking has not been overlooked, but instead, it’s actively exploited through the fomenting of a perpetual cycle of crisis being perpetrated by the global elite.

With that in mind, let's examine this little gem from Tucker Carlson, who brought to light telling comments made way back in 2014, when Nigel Farage (leader of the U.K. Independence Party) offered the following insights:

"This EU empire, ever seeking to expand, stated its territorial claim on the Ukraine some years ago. Just to make that worse, of course, some NATO members said they too would like the Ukraine to join NATO. We directly encouraged the uprising in the Ukraine that led to the toppling of the president, Yanukovych, and that led, of course, in turn to Vladimir Putin reacting and the moral of the story is if you poke the Russian bear with a stick, don't be surprised when he reacts."

Now, the admission that the U.K. had a hand in the "toppling of the president" in Ukraine, way back in 2014, may come as a bit of a surprise to many. This is clearly not the story that's been blaring across the U.S. headlines since Russia decided to "invade" Ukraine on February 24th, 2022 — a move that shocked the world.

Call it a hunch, but the next day, on the February 25th episode “What's The Bigger Picture?,” I presented this provocative question:

What if this was just another power grab by the global cabal?

Digging deeper, on February 26th I released The Ukraine Special Report to Patriot Club members, providing more historical context and exploring some of the strange curiosities surrounding the Ukrainian situation. Among other things brought to light in this report, was the connection between 2014 Ukrainian elections, the Burisma scandal, and Joe Biden's quid quo pro threat to withhold Ukrainian aid:

"Senate reports revealed there were other “significant events involving the Bidens” during the chaos in Ukraine. Joe Biden himself, then Vice-President under Obama, traveled to Ukraine in 2016 and threatened to withhold billions of dollars in aid, unless the Ukrainian government immediately fired the prosecutor who was investigating the man who had appointed his son to the board of Burisma."

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There is a video clip of Biden bragging about strong-arming the Ukrainians in the special report, but I want to turn attention back to today's headlines and identify a theme:

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